Crocs Price in Nigeria 2023/2024

The current Crocs price in Nigeria varies on the type and other determinants like location and market trends. However, the cost of original Crocs in Nigeria ranges from N2,000 to N40,000.

Crocs Price in Nigeria

Hi! You must be a lover of Crocs for you to make this research, and in order to quench your thirst about the price of Crocs in Nigeria, we’ve made this post as explanatory as possible, so follow the lead as we roll.

In our other post, we have discussed other brands of crocs like Yeezy. Thus, you can check it out by searching for Yeezy Crocs price in Nigeria on our site or click the red highlighted here. However, this content will be only be focused on the general cost of Crocs.

It is clear that everybody is created with peculiarities and different preferences, meaning as you fancy crocs, another person is out there who loves to roll with simple slides. It’s just a norm, but this particular article is for crocs enthusiasts.

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Initially, Crocs footwears are known to only be fancied by ladies because it gives them some stunning sense of casual appearance. Crocs have always been known to be that sort of sandal that has a mouse-like head, more like a half-covered sandal.

The evolving demand for Crocs footwears in the market is now startling in the sense that both genders now find it pleasing to slay and drip with everywhere.

Either you are also looking forward to get your own or you are planning to start a business on Crocs sales, trust us; you need to see read this post from genesis to revelation because it contains every rule of thumb that you need about how much Crocs are sold in Nigeria.

What You Will Love About Crocs

Crocs Price in Nigeria


There is this irresistible feeling of convenience when you put on some soft-texture foot wears like Crocs. Aside the fact that it gives casual appearance, it also give comfortability to users through its soft and cozy texture.


Crocs is made in such a way that they can not be damaged by water easily. Crocs can be used anywhere in the house. But it is not advisable to use it in the bathroom because it has an inner part that is capable of storing wasted drops of water, and this can cause water stagnation in the inner part.


With rate at which Crocs is trending now, it is always safe to refer to it as a trend. Both genders, kids and adults find solace in wearing crocs to rock the street. So if you join the caucus, you join trend.

Great Appearance

This is one of the important reasons why you should consider wearing a crocs, it keeps peace with your feet and lets you move comfortably.

Using Crocs does not only fits you into the trend, it also gives you a friendly appearance wherever you rock it to. It enhances a free movement and casual appearance.

Crocs Price in Nigeria

The cost of Crocs in Nigeria is determined by location, brand and market trends like we’ve said earlier. So if there is any iota of differences in the price you are asked to pay in the market, just know that your location and the current trends are in action.

Nonetheless, see the price range of Crocs in Nigeria below.

  • Crocs Unisex Classic Hiker Clog — ₦33,000
  • Crocs Yellow Crocs Clog — ₦25,000
  • Crocs Unisex Beach Sneakers — ₦16,000
  • Crocs Bistro Clog — ₦25,000
Crocs Price in Nigeria
  • Crocs Literide Clogs — ₦20,000
  • Crocs Literide Splash Sandals — ₦22,000
  • Crocs Literide Authentic Sandals — ₦24,000
  • Crocs All Terrain Clog — ₦34,000
  • Crocs Men’s Crocs Clogs — ₦25,500
  • Crocs Crocband Clog — ₦21,000
  • Crocs Echo Clog Sandals — ₦38,000
  • Crocs Unisex Beach Sneakers — ₦16,000

Frequently Asked Questions About Crocs Price in Nigeria

Do Crocs have type?

Of course! There are different types of crocs in the market and these include, literide, All terrian, Bistro and others.

How much does the average croc cost?

The average cost of crocs in Nigeria is N7,000.

How do I stop my Crocs from smelling?

To ensure that your Crocs don’t smell, just sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the interior of the shoe and then seal it in a big bag with a zip-lock closure. You should wait from 12 to 24 hours before drying your Crocs with a paper towel and rinsing off the baking soda with warm water to get rid of the smell.

How much is Literiade Crocs in Nigeria?

  • Crocs Literide Clogs — ₦20,000
  • Crocs Literide Splash Sandals — ₦22,000
  • Crocs Literide Authentic Sandals — ₦24,000

Why is Crocs so expensive?

Crocs are expensive due to their unique, patented Croslite material, which offers comfort, durability, and odor resistance. Their popularity and brand recognition also contribute to the higher price. The premium features justify the cost for many customers.

What is the highest price of Crocs?

Based on our research, the highest price of crocs still remain the price of HardCrocs which is sold for $1,000.

What are Crocs best for?

Crocs were originally designed as waterproof boating shoes with non-slip soles and foamy material. By design, they are an excellent choice for the beach, pool, or waterpark and are ideal for short-term usage

Wrapping Up on Crocs Price in Nigeria

That seems to be all there is to know about the price of Crocs in Nigeria. Nevertheless, the cost of crocs can be slightly different depending on the location or seller.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything you are confused about in the comment section. Toddles!

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