Samsung Washing Machine Price in Nigeria [UPDATED 2023/2024]

Samsung Washing Machine Price in Nigeria: This post will provide you with detailed information on the price of Samsung laundry machines in Nigeria. I’m sure you’ve arrived at this page because you want to know how much a Samsung washing machine costs in Nigeria, the specifications of a Samsung washing machine, and how much the latest Samsung washing machine 2022/2023 costs in Nigeria. However, the current pricing of Samsung washing machines in Nigeria varies by location. There are other washing machines available in Nigeria, however this post will solely cover the Samsung washing machine price list. Other washing machines, such as the Scanfrost and Hisense, will be covered in a subsequent post. They will not be discussed on this page. We’ll instead focus on Samsung washing machine pricing in Nigeria.

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Moving on, as you are aware, laundry is one of those tedious household duties that you have no choice but to perform.

As a result, devoting time in studying the best washing machine is important.

If you decide you want a washing machine, invest your money on a reputable manufacturer who creates machines with exceptional washing capabilities and the best care for your clothes.

Samsung Company, along with Haier thermocool, Hisense, and Scanfrost, is a terrific company to consider if you’re looking for an outstanding washing machine.

This piece of writing will go through the Samsung washing machine pricing in Nigeria in depth. You’ll learn more about the Samsung washing Machine cost in Nigeria, the amount for the Samsung washing Machine price, the characteristics, and other details.

The Samsung washing Machine price in Nigeria is well covered in our research, especially if you’re looking for a decent offer. But, before we get into the latest Samsung price in Nigeria, a quick recap is in order.

Cost Of Samsung Washing Machine Price in Nigeria Introduction Continues below

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to our blog where we constantly delve into the exciting and ever-evolving world of consumer electronics. Today, we’re rolling up our sleeves and plunging into a topic that’s not just close to our hearts, but also fundamental to our daily lives – laundry. And when it comes to laundry, Samsung, the global electronics giant, has made our lives immeasurably easier with its diverse range of washing machines.

Navigating through Nigeria’s bustling electronic market, you might have come across various models of Samsung washing machines, each with a unique price tag. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to upgrade your old machine, or merely curious, you may find yourself asking, “How much does a Samsung washing machine cost in Nigeria?”

This post is designed to serve as your definitive guide, shedding light on the various factors shaping the prices of Samsung washing machines in Nigeria. From understanding the influence of model variations, technological features, market dynamics, to exchange rates, we will explore it all.

So, whether you’re searching for a budget-friendly model to take care of your basic laundry needs or you’re splurging on a high-end, feature-packed machine, we’ve got you covered. Let’s embark on this fascinating journey together, unraveling the intricacies behind the price tags of Samsung washing machines in Nigeria.

What is Samsung washing machine price in Nigeria

A Samsung washing machine can be purchased in Nigeria for anywhere from #20,000 to #500,000, depending on the model. There is a wide variety of washing machines manufactured by Samsung; you have the option of purchasing the most affordable or the most expensive model. It is also important to note that the quality of the equipment improves in direct proportion to the level of expenditure required to purchase it.

Each Samsung washing Machine in Nigeria is highlighted below;

Samsung DV90TA240AE, Dryer With OptimalDry Technology, 9 Kg

This price ranges of #500,000 to #650,000 for the Samsung DV90TA240AE, which is a dryer with OptimalDry technology that holds 9 kg. Reduce your overall power consumption to help the environment and save money on your monthly bills. Your garments will be dried using heat pump technology, which is not only affordable but also efficient in its use of energy and gentle on the textiles. The highest possible classification for energy efficiency, A +++, was accomplished by heating the air with a coolant rather than with electricity.


Check out the amazing cool features of Samsung DV90TA240AE, Dryer With OptimalDry Technology, 9 Kg below;

Drying capacity

  • Drum Capacity (drying:  9.0 kg


  • Dryer type:  Condensing with heat pump technology
  • Duration of the cycle (min):  220 min
  • Energy efficiency class:  A +++
  • Energy consumption (per year):  194 kWh / year
  • Condensation efficiency class:  B
  • Noise level during drying:  65 dB
  • Refrigerant (type):  R134a (Fluorinated greenhouse gas, GWP = 1.430)
  • Refrigerant (Charging, kg):  0.43
  • Refrigerant (Charging, tCO2e):  0.6149

Additional functions

  • Internal drum lighting:  Yes
  • Changing the door:  Yes
  • Parental lock:  Yes
  • Delayed end of washing:  Yes
  • Type of drum:  Diamond
  • Drying levels:  3 levels
  • Water drainage kit:  Yes
  • Drying time selection:  Yes
  • MIX ready notification:  Yes
  • “Anti-crease” function:  Yes
  • Smart OptimalDry function:  Yes


  • Cold air:  Yes
  • For ironing:  Yes
  • Outerwear:  Yes
  • Time program:  Yes
  • Towels:  Yes
  • Warm air:  Yes
  • Wool:  Yes
  • List of options:  Anti-crease, Dryness level, Time, Mix, Light, Delay end, Sound off / on
  • Linen:  Yes
  • Quick Dry 35 ‘:  Yes
  • Cotton:  Yes
  • Delicate:  Yes
  • The mix program:  Yes
  • Shirts:  Yes
  • Synthetics:  Yes

Physical parameters

  • Dimensions:  600 x 850 x 600 mm
  • Libra:  50 kg
  • Depth with protruding elements:  650 mm
  • Finishing the drum:  stainless steel
Samsung washing Machine price in Nigeria


The Samsung WASHING MACHINE WT70H3200MG TWIN TUB 7 KG can be purchased in Nigeria for anywhere between #100,000 and 165,000. The Samsung Washing Machine WT70H3200MG Twin Tub 7 Kg is capable of washing your clothes thoroughly, rapidly, and while spinning them till the water runs clean since it is equipped with a few special capabilities that make this possible. This top-loading washing machine has a capacity of 7 kilograms and comes equipped with the following features and functions: 700 revolutions per minute, active dual wash function, water jet function, wobble technology, magic detergent dispenser, smart service check, automatic restart function, diamond drum, 2 water inlets, 10 water level options, digital display panel, delay end function, child lock, softener dispenser, and provided rat proof base.


The price of Samsung WASHING MACHINE FRONT LOADER WW60J3280HX in Nigeria ranges from #190,000 to ₦ 260,000.


  • 6 Kg Front Load Washing Machine 
  • Eco Bubble Technology (70% Energy Savings)
  • 1200 Rpm
  • Inbuilt Stabilizer with Auto Restart
  • VRT Plus reduces noise & vibration
Samsung washing Machine price

Frequently Asked Customer Queries About Samsung washing machine price in Nigeria

After knowing the estimated amount of Samsung washing machine price in Nigeria, there are still some frequently asked questions we will need to answer.

What’s the deal with Samsung washing machine prices in Nigeria? Why are they different?

Just like you, we’ve noticed that the price tags on Samsung washing machines aren’t all the same. Why is that? Well, it mostly comes down to the type of washing machine you’re eyeing. For instance, a top-loader with basic features might cost less than a high-tech front-loader. Other things like where you’re buying it from, and more ‘invisible’ costs such as exchange rates, import taxes, and delivery costs also play a part in setting the price.

I’ve heard Samsung washing machines can be pricier in Nigeria than elsewhere. Is that true?

That’s a great question! And yes, sometimes the price of Samsung washing machines can be a bit higher in Nigeria compared to other countries. This usually comes down to things like shipping and import duties, local taxes, and fluctuations in currency exchange rates. It’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s part of doing business globally.

Do Samsung washing machine prices change a lot in Nigeria?

You know what they say, change is the only constant! While Samsung washing machine prices don’t usually shift from day to day, over time you might notice some changes. This could be because of shifts in the economy, changes in exchange rates, or even when Samsung brings out a fancy new model. Also, keep your eyes peeled for sales or discounts, which can bring prices down temporarily.

When’s the best time to grab a Samsung washing machine in Nigeria?

While there isn’t a set ‘Samsung washing machine sale season’, you might be able to score a good deal during certain times of the year. Think festive periods, end-of-year sales, or special promotion events. So, stay alert for these potential deal times – your wallet will thank you!

How much should I expect to pay for a Samsung washing machine in Nigeria?

With the variety of Samsung washing machines out there, there’s a pretty broad price range. If you’re after something basic and budget-friendly, there are models for you. On the other hand, if you’re ready to splurge on a machine with all the bells and whistles, you can find those too. The exact price will depend on the model and where you decide to buy it.

Can I haggle over the price of a Samsung washing machine in Nigeria?

If you’re someone who loves a good negotiation, this one’s for you! While you might not have much luck bargaining at an official Samsung store (their prices tend to be fixed), independent retailers might be open to a bit of haggling. Just remember, always ensure that you’re buying from a reputable source so you can be sure your washing machine is authentic and comes with a valid warranty.

We hope this FAQs helps clear up any questions you have about Samsung washing machine prices in Nigeria. As they say, knowledge is power – and being in the know will help you score the best deal on your new washing machine. Happy shopping!

Wrapping Up Samsung washing Machine price in Nigeria

You have to take note that the cost of Samsung washing Machine in Nigeria can be slightly different in each state or store.

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