Thermocool Washing Machine Price in Nigeria [2023/2024]

Thermocool Washing Machine Price in Nigeria: You will get detailed information about Thermocool laundry machine prices in Nigeria in this page. You’re probably on this page just to find out how much a Thermocool washing machine costs in Nigeria, its specifications, and how much the newest Thermocool washing machine costs in Nigeria in 2023. Thermocool washing machines have been priced differently in different parts of Nigeria.Although there are many washing machines available in Nigeria, you will only find the Thermocool washing machine price list on this page. Other washing machines, such as the Scanfrost and Hisense, will be covered in a separate article. They won’t be covered in this article. We’ll instead focus on the Thermocool washing machine cost in Nigeria.

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As you already know, laundry is one of those difficult household tasks you have no choice but to complete.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest time in finding the best washing machine.

If you decide you want a washing machine, invest your money in one from a reputable manufacturer that makes machines that wash your clothing to the highest standard.

If you’re looking for a top-notch washing machine, Thermocool Company is a great name to consider along with Haier Thermocool, LG, Samsung, and Scanfrost.

Our study goes into great detail about Thermocool washing machine prices in Nigeria, which is very helpful if you’re seeking a good deal.

Cost of Thermocool Washing Machine in Nigeria Introduction Continues below

It’s a bright sunny day in Nigeria, and the scent of clean laundry is in the air. I can picture the freshly washed shirts and pants hanging in the balmy breeze, gently swaying as they dry. The secret to this idyllic scene? None other than the Thermocool washing machine. But just how much will one of these machines set you back? Welcome to our latest blog post where we dive into the fascinating world of Thermocool washing machines and their prices in Nigeria.

The journey to immaculately clean clothes is often overlooked, yet it is a crucial part of our daily routines. And while the hustle and bustle of Nigerian life rarely slows down, there’s a level of tranquility found in the hum of a washing machine, methodically doing its job. Thermocool washing machines, renowned for their durability, efficiency, and innovative technology, stand out in the Nigerian market as a leading choice for many households.

However, making an informed decision about such a significant purchase isn’t just about understanding the features and benefits of the product. It’s about knowing the cost and assessing whether the investment is worth it for you and your family. Hence, we have curated this comprehensive guide to give you an insight into the prices of various models of Thermocool washing machines available in Nigeria. We’ll help you navigate through this journey to find the perfect balance between functionality and affordability.

So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the vibrant landscape of laundry solutions. Whether you’re a busy professional looking for a machine to take the load off your hands, or a large family with mountains of clothes to conquer each week, we’ve got all the information you need right here. By the end of this blog post, we aim to have you feeling as fresh and clear as your laundry will be with your new Thermocool washing machine. Stay tuned!

Thermocool Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

The amount of Thermocool washing Machine in Nigeria range from #70,000 to #400,000. You have the option of purchasing the most affordable or the most expensive model of the Thermocool washing machine, as there are many different versions available. It is also important to note that the quality of the equipment improves in direct proportion to the level of expenditure required to purchase it.

Below, you’ll find each Thermocool washing machine that’s available in Nigeria highlighted;

Haier Thermocool Front Load 8kg Washer & 5kg Dryer Automatic Washing Machine

In Nigeria, you can expect to pay between ₦300,000 and ₦387,140 for the Haier Thermocool Front Load 8kg Washer & 5kg Dryer Automatic Washing Machine. This high-performing appliance is known for consistently delivering cleaner, brighter clothes load after load, cementing its place in households across the country. Haier Thermocool has built a stellar reputation by designing a range of intelligent washing machines that enhance the efficiency and convenience of your laundry routine.

The standout features of these front-loading washing machines include their robust build, user-friendly design, environmental friendliness, and sheer practicality. With their ample capacity and ability to tackle a wide array of fabrics, these machines are engineered to clean a substantial volume of clothing in one go, making laundry a breeze.

The Thermocool HWD80-BP14636S “FL 8/5Kg” Front Load Automatic Washing Machine exemplifies these characteristics. Boasting a large porthole for easy loading and unloading, it offers a generous washing capacity of 8 kg and a drying capacity of 5 kg – perfect for meeting the needs of a bustling household. The LED Display is the cherry on top, personalizing your laundry experience by alerting you when each cycle is complete. This washing machine is truly tailored to your washing requirements, bringing a whole new level of convenience and effectiveness to your laundry duties.


  • Capacity: 8kg Washer and 5kg Dryer
  • Wave Drum Technology
  • Colour: Silver
  • ABT Technology – Eliminates 99.9% Bacteria
  • Electronic Washing Magnet
  • Automatic Regulation Of Water Consumption
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • A+++ Energy Save
Thermocool washing machine price in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool 6KG TLSA06 Semi Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine

The cost of Haier Thermocool 6KG TLSA06 Semi Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine in Nigeria is between the range of #80,000 to ₦ 95,580.


  • 6Kg washing capacity
  • 30 mins soaking function
  • Rain and dry season spinning option
  • Basin pulsator
  • Lint filter
  • Low energy consumption
Thermocool washing machine price in Nigeria [2022/2023]

Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 7KG SLV

The price of Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 7KG SLV ranges from #350,000 to ₦ 420,000.


  • 7kg capacity
  • Sleek Silver Design
  • Wave Drum Technology
  • Delicate Garment Protection
  • Quick Wash Programme
  • ABT Treated
  • Reserve Wash Program
  • Quick Wash Program
Thermocool washing machine price in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 6kg Wash 4.5kg Spin

In Nigeria, the Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine with a 6kg Wash and 4.5kg Spin capacity is priced between ₦75,000 and ₦113,500. This robust yet unassuming machine, the Thermocool TLSA06, is a valuable addition to any home. With a 4.5 kg spin capacity and an added soak option, it ensures your clothes are thoroughly washed and perfectly spun every time.

One of the distinguishing features of this semi-automatic machine is the magic lint filter, which effortlessly collects all the lint from your clothes during the wash. This means not only can you anticipate a seamless washing experience, but you can also be confident that your clothes will come out pristine after each wash cycle. This machine truly makes laundry an uncomplicated, efficient task, freeing up more of your time for the things that truly matter.

FAQs about Thermocool Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

Navigating through the wide range of Thermocool washing machines and their prices in Nigeria can sometimes feel like a maze. As a result, a few questions may pop up along the way. Don’t worry – that’s absolutely natural, and we’re here to help!

In a bid to address your concerns and make your washing machine shopping experience easier, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Thermocool Washing Machine prices in Nigeria. So, whether you’re unsure about how much to budget for a new machine, curious about why prices vary, or simply wondering about the benefits of owning a Thermocool washing machine, we’ve got you covered.

Sit back, grab a cup of tea (or coffee, if that’s your thing), and let’s dive right into the answers to some of your most pressing questions about Thermocool washing machines. Your journey to finding the perfect appliance for your laundry needs just got a whole lot easier!

Where to buy Thermocool washing machine in Nigeria at Best Prices?

Do you want to know where you can get a Thermocool washing machine? Thermocool washing machine can be found at the greatest prices on Jumia.

Which Thermocool washing machine model is the best?

Thermocool 16Kg Energy Saving Top Loader Twin Tub Washing Machine is the greatest Thermocool washing machine, according to our research. Take note that all Thermocool washing machines are excellent.

How long do Thermocool washers usually last?

If properly maintained, thermocool washing machines can last up to 10-15 years.

What is the price of Thermocool washing machine?

Thermocool washing machines cost between #70,000 and #400,000 in Nigeria.

Are Thermocool washing machines effective?

According to our rigorous research, Thermocool is one of the most dependable washer companies, rating first in the American Customer Satisfaction Index for both product and service quality. You may also be interested in Best Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria.

What is the best online store in Nigeria to buy a Thermocool washing machine?

The answer is Jumia Nigeria, where you can easily get a Thermocool washing machine on the global market for a very low price.

Is Jumia a Reliable Place to Buy Thermocool Washing Machine?

Jumia is a well-known e-commerce website that has been in operation for a long time. For security, it employs HTTPS and is SSL-certified. Our payment system is protected using cutting-edge encryption measures to ensure the safety and security of our critical customer data and money. Purchasing a Thermocool washing machine from Jumia is risk-free.

Why do prices of Thermocool Washing Machines vary in Nigeria?

The prices can vary due to several factors including the model, features, load capacity, and whether the machine is fully automatic, semi-automatic, front-loading, or top-loading. For instance, front-loading fully automatic machines typically cost more due to their advanced features and efficiency.

What is the price range for Thermocool Washing Machines in Nigeria?

As of mid-2023, the price range for Thermocool Washing Machines in Nigeria is roughly between ₦75,000 and ₦400,140. The final price depends on the specific model and its features.

Are Thermocool Washing Machines worth the price?

Absolutely! Thermocool Washing Machines are known for their durability, innovative technology, and efficiency. While they might seem a bit pricey compared to other brands, their longevity, low maintenance, and energy-saving features make them a great long-term investment.

Where can I buy Thermocool Washing Machines in Nigeria?

Thermocool Washing Machines can be purchased from authorized appliance stores nationwide. They are also available online on e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Konga.

Does the price of a Thermocool Washing Machine include installation and service?

This varies from retailer to retailer. While some sellers may offer free installation, others may charge an additional fee. It’s advisable to confirm these details at the point of purchase.

Is it cheaper to buy a Thermocool Washing Machine online or in a physical store in Nigeria?

Prices can vary depending on the platform or store. It’s worth comparing prices both online and in physical stores to ensure you get the best deal.

What is the average lifespan of a Thermocool Washing Machine?

With proper use and maintenance, a Thermocool Washing Machine can last between 10-15 years.

Remember, when shopping for a washing machine, consider not only the initial cost but also the machine’s energy efficiency, durability, and maintenance costs over time. Happy shopping!

Wrapping Up Thermocool washing Machine price in Nigeria

You should be aware that the price of a Thermocool washing machine in Nigeria may vary slightly depending on the state or retailer.

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