2000 Watts Stabilizer Prices in Nigeria in 2023-2024

The prices of 2000 Watts Stabilizer in Nigeria is between the range of N30,000 and N65,000 depending on the type and brand you are buying from.

2000 Watts Stabilizer Prices in Nigeria

Are you looking for the cost of 2000W stabilizer in Nigeria? Nigerianprice has looked into the market to find out how much these important electronic devices cost. Here is our

Stabilizers are like reliable friends in our daily lives. They help protect our electronic gadgets from power problems, like when the electricity is not stable. But how much is stabilizer 2000 Watts in Nigeria?

Stabilizers come in different sizes and with different features, depending on what you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your home, office, or business; we’re here to tell you the price range so you can make a good decision.

If you’re a homeowner, business owner, or just someone who wants to keep their electronic stuff safe, we’ll let you know how much you might need to spend on a 2KVA stabilizer. No surprises!

Let’s find out how much it costs to keep your power steady.

How much is Stabilizer 2000W in Nigeria?

There is a wide variety of stabilizer brands available in Nigeria, each offering different features and specifications. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of popular 2000VA/2000W stabilizer products along with their prices:

Qasa AVR-Pro 1.5hp Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Wall Mount)

This device is tailor-made for your 1.75HP or 1.5HP air conditioner, offering specialized support. But its capabilities extend beyond just air conditioners. It effortlessly accommodates a 1.5 Horsepower AC at 140V or higher and a 1.0 Horsepower AC at 110V or higher, making it one of Nigeria’s top stabilizers.

Key Features:

Wide Input Voltage Range: 110V-280V

Power Consumption: 2000W

Durable relays with zero-cross switching technology

Digital display with user-friendly icons

110V assist output

Stability selection buttons

Resettable circuit breaker

Digital monitoring through the LCD display

Wall-mounted with an elegant design that enhances the environment’s aesthetics

Advanced and precise Output Voltage Regulation

Priced at ₦45,100, 

2000 Watts Stabilizer Prices in Nigeria

Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB 2000VA

The Century 2000W TUB Stabilizer, available in Nigeria, is your reliable guardian for safeguarding home and business appliances from unpredictable voltage fluctuations. 

When your appliance is connected to this stabilizer, it acts as a protective shield. In the event of erratic power supply, the stabilizer steps in, regulating the voltage before safely delivering it to your appliance. 

Key Features:

Capacity: 2000VA

Output: 230V,50hz

Suitable: For TVs, Home Theatre, Fans, Computers, small One Horsepower Fridges

Colour: Comes in blue or red color

Delay Mechanism for extra protection: Yes

With a price tag of ₦35,000,

2000 Watts Stabilizer Prices in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool Automatic Voltage Regulator 2000VA Digital Stabilizer

2000watts free standing Voltage Stabilizer, Digital Display. 6s or 180s delay start option. Wide input voltage range. Square transformer. Resettable overload switch and cooling fan. 

Recommended for medium and large freezers or refrigerators and all types of electronics home appliances

Key feature:

High Voltage Protection (Input): 275V

Input Voltage Range: 91-279V

Output Voltage Range: 180-250V

Switch Rating: 25A Power Switch

Delay: 6s/180s

Fan: Yes

Voltage Display Type: Digital Display

Frequency (Hz): 50

Power Capacity: 2000W

Price: ₦ 55,400

2000 Watts Stabilizer Prices in Nigeria

Scientek 2KVA Digital Display Stabilizer

The Scientek 2KVA Stabilizers in Nigeria are equipped with advanced control technology and top-notch components. 

These AC automatic regulators feature an automatic control system that ensures a stable input voltage, protecting your valuable appliances from potential damage.

Key Features:

Voltage Range: 100V – 260V

Frequency: 50/60Hz (Auto-sense)

6-Second Safety Delay

6 Months Warranty (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Digital Display

Priced at ₦35,000,

Scientek 2KVA Digital Display Stabilizer

Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS-2001

Equipped with an advanced CPU control circuit, it offers 100% protection against high voltage, low voltage, high temperature, and short circuits. With a robust capacity of 2000VA, it stands as one of Nigeria’s finest stabilizers.

Key Features:

Capacity: 2000 VA (max)

Input Voltage Range: 110 – 280V

Output: 230V~50Hz

Advanced CPU Control Circuit

Default 6-second delay time, extendable to 180 seconds with “Delay” mode

Full Protection Against: High Voltage, Low Voltage, High Temperature, and Short Circuit

Accurate Output Regulation

Ideal for Fridge and Freezers up to 500L

110V Socket for Connecting 110V Appliances

USB Port for Charging Mobile Phones and Power Banks

Priced at ₦55,800

Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS-2001

SOELIX 2000VA Stabilizer Automatic Voltage Regulator SAVR2000R

This Soelix 2000VA Auto Voltage Regulator SAVR2000R helps keep the voltage current consistent and protects your household appliances against power surges.

Key Features

Capacity: 2000VA


Output: 230Vac

Output precision: -/+10%

Protection: high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, overheat, overload

Smart delay with automatic restart function after overload

Input: 1.35M cable with BS plug

Output: 1*S03 universal socket

5VDC 1A USB charger

Weight (kg): 5.5

price: N38,000

SOELIX 2000VA Stabilizer Automatic Voltage Regulator SAVR2000R


The PC-SVR series relay AC control regulator is a high-performance voltage regulator independently developed by our company. It has the characteristics of wide capacity, wide range and low loss. The product has good loadability and can adjust the voltage balance output. 

At the same time, it also has automatic protection devices such as overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overload, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit, etc. 

Built-in Smart and High Speed Protector

Digital Display Input/output Voltage ,Protection Wide Input Voltage Range

Industrial Strength MUC ,Digital Circuit

Patented Coolmate Protection for Compressors

Heavy Duty Design

High/low Output Voltage Protection

Overload Protection

Digital Delay FunctionNYSC Portal

Price: ₦ 39,000


Proton Stabilizer 2000VA – (90V-270V)

Stabilize and Protect all electrical appliances in your premises: Air Conditioners, Fridges, Freezers, TV, Home Theatre, DVD, Satellite Decoder, Electronics, Lights, Fans, Washing Machine, Microwave, Pumping Machine, Photocopier, Printer, Desktops, Notebooks, etc.

Key Features

Central Stabilizer for your entire Home/Office.

Input Voltage (90V-270V)

Overload protection(on PCB)≥120%

Motor protection (Unique function)

Over voltage & Under voltage protection

LED display/ Colorful LED display

Price: N40,000

Proton Stabilizer 2000VA – (90V-270V)


Get this Power Deluxe 2000VA TUB Stabilizer for better voltage regulation. It is specially made to regulate high or low voltage and supply your appliances with normal current and make them work more effectively.


Brand: Power Delux

Model: PDX-2000-VA

Capacity: 2000VA

Output: 230V 50hz

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Efficient & Durable

Variable Range Control

Complete Output Regulation

Dual Metres for Input & Output Voltage

Delay Time for Extra Protection

Color: Blue

For LCD TVs, Fans, Computers, Home Theater, ACs, Freezers.

Price: N35,000


Blue Gate BLUEGATE 2KVA Stabilizer-2000VA

This AVR-series has adopted the advanced control technology made with reliable components. It is a new type of AC automatic regulator with a fully automatic control system. 

It has the features of wide input voltage range from 100v to 260v, high reliability, more stabilized output voltage, energy saving, etc.

Key Feature:

2000VA or 2kva (1600watts) Power

Wide input voltage range (100V – 280V) 

Over-voltage, Low –voltage, delayed output, short circuit and High temperature protection

Classic series, EI transformer, relay type

Circuite Breaker

Input and output voltage meter display

Efficiency: 98%

Spare fuses

Price: N65,000

Blue Gate BLUEGATE 2KVA Stabilizer-2000VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online retailers offer better prices than local stores for 2000W stabilizers?

Online retailers often have competitive prices, but it’s a good idea to compare both online and local options to find the best deal.

What features should I consider when buying a 2000W stabilizer within my budget?

ook for features like voltage regulation, surge protection, digital displays, and warranty terms to get the best value for your money.

Are there any recommended brands known for affordable and reliable 2000W stabilizers?

Yes, brands like Century, Binatone, and Blue Gate are known for offering reliable stabilizers at reasonable prices.

Can I find 2000W stabilizers with USB ports for charging devices at this price range?

Yes, some 2000W stabilizers come equipped with USB ports for convenient device charging.

Wrapping up on 2000W Stabilizer

When buying a 2000W stabilizer in Nigeria, research, compare brands, and explore both online and local options. Ensure you consider warranties and reviews to make a wise investment for the safety and longevity of your electronic devices.

Keep surfing Nigerianprice for the latest product’s price guide!

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