Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria: The phrase, “When one door closes, another opens,” is a timeless quote that holds a lot of wisdom. However, in the practical world of Nigerian home improvement, we might cheekily add, “and sometimes, that other door slides!”

In recent years, the trend of incorporating sliding doors into home and office designs has been gaining momentum in Nigeria. One cannot help but be charmed by the blend of functionality, space-saving design, and aesthetic appeal these doors offer. Whether it’s for that serene balcony view, partitioning spaces within offices, or simply adding an element of sophistication to homes, sliding doors have become a quintessential feature in modern Nigerian architecture.

Notably, among the various materials used in crafting these doors, aluminium has particularly stood out due to its durability, ease of maintenance, and affordability. Aluminium sliding doors offer a confluence of practicality and elegance that can’t be overlooked, making them an excellent choice for anyone considering this upgrade.

But you may be wondering, “What exactly are the costs involved?” “How much would I need to set aside for an aluminium sliding door?” If these questions resonate with you, then you’re in the right place!

This blog post will give you all you need to know about the current market prices of aluminium sliding doors in Nigeria, taking into account varying factors like size, design, and the intricacies of installation. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive understanding that will guide your decision-making process, ensuring you get the best value for your money. So, let’s slide into the world of aluminium sliding doors together!

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Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria

The cost of Aluminium sliding door ranges from ₦ 25,000 to ₦ 200,000. However, the cost can vary due the quality of the Aluminium you want to purchase. Also, the width, and height can also influence the price of the Aluminium sliding door you intend to purchase. In regards to this, I have highlighted the price list of Aluminium sliding door below;

Aluminium Sliding Bathroom Door

Aluminium Sliding Bathroom Door price in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 25,000 to ₦ 30,000 depending on the size.

After checking the Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria, let’s see the different sizes of door below.

Aluminum sliding door sizes in Nigeria

The followings are the sizes of aluminum doors available in Nigeria measured in height by width.

  • 2100 mm x 1800 mm – mostly aluminum sliding doors
  • 2100 mm x 1500 mm – mostly aluminum casement doors
  • 2100 mm x 900 mm – mostly aluminum toilet and swing doors
  • 2100 mm x 750 mm – mostly aluminum toilet doors

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Benefits of Aluminum Doors

Affordability and Longevity: When it comes to cost, aluminum doors are the unsung heroes, offering a budget-friendly alternative to many other door materials. Their stellar durability coupled with low maintenance costs makes them a wallet-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on style. Plus, they have a knack for staying good-looking, practically paying for themselves over time when well-kept.

Remarkable Durability: No matter the weather—be it sun, rain, or a particularly harsh Harmattan season—aluminum doors stay steadfast. They’re rust-resistant, impervious to UV radiation, and won’t bend out of shape. Their frames are as tough as they come, refusing to crack, swell, or warp. You could say they’re the Superman of doors!

Easy Maintenance: Day in and day out, our doors endure so much. Aluminum doors, though, take it all in stride. They’re undemanding, needing little more than a gentle clean a few times a year with a mild detergent.

Energy Efficiency: If you’re in a place where the cold bites and heating’s a must, aluminum doors can be your secret weapon against high energy bills. They keep the heat cozy indoors, and their frames are champions at insulating, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature without overworking your heating systems.

Stunning Aesthetics: With a wide array of gorgeous designs, particularly when paired with glass shutters, aluminum doors are a feast for the eyes. Their shiny frames and clear glass shutters are like a home’s jewelry – always ready to impress!

Eco-Friendly: Want to show Mother Earth some love? Opt for aluminum doors! They can be recycled, which drastically reduces carbon emissions. Plus, recycling aluminum only uses about 5% of the energy required to produce it initially. They’re 100% recyclable and reusable, making them a smart choice for our planet.

Superb Sound Insulation: If your home is your sanctuary, and you’d like to keep it noise-free, aluminum doors are the way to go. Their design can keep the hustle and bustle of the outside world, well, outside! They’re great at absorbing sound, making your home a haven of tranquility.

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FAQs about Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria

Read about the frequently asked questions about Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria below;

How much is Aluminium sliding doors in Nigeria?

Aluminium sliding doors in Nigeria costs around ₦ 25,000 to ₦ 200,000 depending the size.

Are aluminum doors expensive?

Well, this is not a YES or NO answers. It depends on your budget for the project. While Aluminum can be expensive or not for some people, it is best to say aluminum doors price is at normal range.

How long do Aluminium sliding doors last?

Aluminium sliding doors offer an impressive lifespan that reflects their durable nature. With an expected life expectancy of 45 years, they significantly outlast other options such as uPVC frames, which typically last between 25 to 35 years, subject to the level of maintenance provided. Thus, in terms of longevity, aluminium sliding doors provide an exceptional return on investment, making them a worthwhile consideration for any homeowner or builder. It’s important to note, though, that regular upkeep can extend this lifespan even further, reinforcing the lasting value of this choice.

Why is there such a large price range for aluminium sliding doors?

It’s all about the details! The size of the door, the type of aluminium, the thickness and quality of the glass, and even the intricacy of the design can all influence the price. You’re paying for materials and craftsmanship, so a larger or more complex door will generally cost more.

Are aluminium sliding doors more expensive than regular doors?

Initially, yes. Aluminium sliding doors tend to cost more upfront than standard doors. But remember, these doors are a long-term investment. They’re durable, requiring less frequent replacement, and they’re also low maintenance, which can save you money in the long run.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace aluminium sliding doors?

It really depends on the damage. Small issues like a faulty lock or a bit of wear and tear can often be repaired at a relatively low cost. However, if the door frame or glass is severely damaged, it might be more cost-effective to replace the entire door.

I’m on a tight budget. Is there a more affordable alternative to aluminium sliding doors?

Yes, uPVC sliding doors are generally cheaper than their aluminium counterparts. But do bear in mind that they have a shorter lifespan and may not offer the same level of durability and aesthetic appeal as aluminium sliding doors.

Remember, while price is an important factor, it’s also worth considering the value you’re getting in terms of durability, maintenance, and aesthetics. When seen as a long-term investment, aluminium sliding doors offer great value for money!

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Wrapping Up Aluminium Sliding Door Price in Nigeria

In conclusion, the exploration into the world of aluminium sliding doors, and more specifically, the aluminium sliding door price in Nigeria, reveals that these doors are a cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing option for both homes and offices. The initial cost, which varies between ₦20,000 to ₦200,000 depending on the size, design, and quality, may seem a bit steep, but when viewed as a long-term investment, it’s clear that the value far outweighs the cost.

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