American Steel Door Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

American Steel Door Price in Nigeria: Welcome back to, where we give you the lowdown on all sorts of products across Nigeria. You know, one of the most frequent questions people keep asking us is, “how much is American Steel Door in Nigeria?” and it’s a pretty important question! We get it; you want the best security for your home, office, or store. And when it comes to durability and protection, American Steel Doors are like the superheroes of the door world.

So, we decided to put together a detailed guide about American Steel Doors, diving into not only the cost of American Steel Door in Nigeria but also things like installation, benefits, and where to snag the best deals. But for now, let’s stick to the introduction. Before we dive into the main course, let’s have a little appetizer.

Why are American Steel Doors such a big deal? Well, the reasons are many. First off, these doors are renowned for their durability. We’re talking about doors that laugh in the face of rust and practically give burglars a hard time. Yep, they’re that strong! Plus, they come with this modern, sleek look that can make any entrance look like it’s right out of a magazine. These are not just doors; they’re statements. When someone walks through an American Steel Door, they know they’re walking into a place that values quality.

But let’s talk numbers because we all know that quality comes with a price tag. You may have heard various rates and wondered about the actual cost of American Steel Door in Nigeria. Well, spoiler alert, prices can range widely based on different factors like size, design, the grade of steel used, and the company selling it. However, don’t stress; we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of all that. You’ll leave this post with a clear idea of how much you should set aside for an American Steel Door, and why it’s worth every Naira.

But wait, there’s more to consider. How about installation? Yep, that’s another thing we’re gonna chat about. Trust us, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a fantastic door and then cut corners when it’s time to put it in place. Nah, we won’t let that happen to you.

By now, some of you might be thinking, “Hey, why not just get a regular door and call it a day?” Well, stick around, because we’re going to address that too. We’ll compare American Steel Doors with other types of doors in terms of longevity, maintenance, and overall value for money. And by the end of it, you’ll see why so many people keep asking, “how much is American Steel Door in Nigeria?”

In a nutshell, we’re not just throwing numbers at you; we’re giving you the complete package, the A to Z on American Steel Doors. So sit back, grab a cuppa, and let’s unravel this together, shall we?

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American Steel Door Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

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American Steel Door Price in Nigeria

When you think of American Steel doors, you’re talking about the perfect blend of good looks and rock-solid durability. Most of these doors come with a wooden core, but they’re wrapped up in a steel layer for that extra toughness. So, not only are you getting a door that’ll stand up to wear and tear, but you’re also adding a dash of elegance to your space.

Curious about how much you’ll need to invest in one of these American Steel doors in Nigeria? Keep reading; we’ve got the latest pricing info for you right here.

Bowdeu’s American Steel Interior Doors with Fancy Handles

Looking to add a modern touch to your interiors? Expect to spend around N50,000 to N55,000 for these beauties.

TechTop’s Iron Entrance Doors with Twin Designs

Get that grand entrance look with doors from TechTop. These cost between N70,000 and N75,000.

High-Speed Aluminium Roll-Up Doors for Warehouses

If you need speed and durability, these roll-up doors range from N2.2 million to N2.9 million. Perfect for commercial settings!

Automatic High-Speed Elevator Doors

Going up? These will cost you between N1.1 million and N1.6 million, but they’re worth every kobo!

Fangda’s Glass and Steel Interior Doors

Stylish yet sturdy, these doors will set you back N100,000 to N107,000.

TechTop’s Latest Composite Steel Security Doors

Priced at N50,000 to N55,000, these doors bring both security and style to your home.

Custom Luxury Black Double Security Doors

Talk about making an entrance! Expect to pay N110,000 to N115,000.

Simple Steel and Wood Doors for the Nigerian Market

Great for any home and affordable too, ranging from N40,000 to N47,000.

Budget-Friendly Apartment Steel Doors

You won’t break the bank with these, as they cost between N35,000 and N45,000.

Multi-Functional American Panel Doors Made in China

These unique doors come in at N110,000 to N112,000.

Mother-Son Leaf Steel Doors with Soundproof Features

Yes, you read that right—mother-son leaf designs, priced at N112,000 to N120,000.

Fangda Bedroom Door Designs

For a bedroom refresh, these doors are priced between N57,000 and N65,000.

Bulletproof Double Stainless Steel Front Doors

Stay safe without compromising on style. These go for N100,000 to N106,000.

Budget Chinese-American Steel Doors

Affordable and functional, costing N35,000 to N42,000.

Phipulo’s Stylish yet Affordable American Panel Doors

Priced at N50,000 to N55,000, these are a bargain for the quality you get.

Safety First with these Steel Front Doors

Security doesn’t have to be boring. These doors cost between N57,000 and N63,000.

Back Steel Doors for Russia and Nigeria

International style for N60,000 to N65,000.

Arch-Style American Steel Doors

Classic and affordable at N53,000 to N55,000.

Low-Price White Flat Exterior Doors

Unbelievably priced between US$10.00 and US$30.00 per set!

Hot Sale Factory Wholesale Entrance Doors

Get them for N90,000 to N97,000.

Simple and Cheap American Steel Doors

Value for money at N67,000 to N70,000.

Interior Panel Doors for Nigerian Homes

Stylish and affordable, ranging from N40,000 to N50,000.

JL822 Steel Wood Doors

Both modern and traditional, priced at N53,000 to N57,000.

Hot Selling Egg Arch Doors

Unique designs for N64,000 to N70,000.

CBMmart’s Sliding Balcony Doors

For those who love outdoor living, these cost N80,000 to N85,000.

Yijia’s Factory Direct American Panel Doors

Get them for N120,000 to N128,000.

High-End Villa Doors

Sophistication comes at a price of N220,000 to N225,000.

Standard Size American Panel Interior Doors

Tailored for the Nigerian market, these range from N115,000 to N118,000.

BD Black Interior Bathroom Doors

Stylish and functional, priced between N50,000 and N55,000.

Luxury Wood Doors from China

Step up your home’s look for N70,000 to N77,000.

Fangda Steel Doors with Soncap Certification

Safety and style for N80,000 to N85,000.

Wood Grain American Panel Doors

These unique doors come in at N114,000 to N118,000.

Long Handle Walnut Steel Bedroom Doors

Upgrade your bedroom for N75,000 to N85,000.

High-End American Panel Steel Doors with Lock

Talk about luxury! These will cost you N150,000 to N155,000.

Jiangxi Fangda Interior Metal Doors

Quality meets affordability at N70,000 to N78,000.

Wholesale American Steel Doors

Get them at a competitive price of N80,000 to N85,000.

Contemporary Armoured Turkey Steel Doors

Secure your home for N90,000 to N94,000.

Wooden Panel Doors with Lock

Wood meets steel for N100,000 to N110,000.

2022 Bowdue Metal Bedroom Doors

Modern designs for N56,000 to N59,000.

There you have it! A wide range of door options for various needs and budgets. Choose wisely!

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FAQs on American Steel Door Price in Nigeria

What Factors Affect the Cost of American Steel Doors in Nigeria?

There are a bunch of things that can swing that price tag around. Stuff like how big you want the door to be, the quality of the steel, and even where you’re buying it from all play a part. So yeah, prices can differ quite a bit from place to place.

Is the Installation Cost Included in the Price?

That’s a classic question, right? Most of the time, you’re looking at paying for the door first and then coughing up more for installation. But hey, some sellers package it all together, so it’s worth asking when you’re shopping.

Why Are American Steel Doors More Expensive Than Other Types?

Look, when you’re going for the gold, it’s not gonna be cheap. American Steel Doors are like the VIPs of the door world—top-notch durability, super stylish, and they make your place secure like Fort Knox. So, you’re not just paying for a door; you’re investing in peace of mind.

How Do I Know I’m Getting a Genuine American Steel Door?

You’re smart to wonder about that because, yeah, there are some fakes out there. Stick to the well-known sellers, and don’t be shy—ask for certifications or any docs they’ve got to prove it’s legit.

Can I Customize My American Steel Door?

Absolutely! Want a door that screams ‘you’? Many places will let you pick out colors, styles, and even add on some cool security features. Just remember, the more you pimp it out, the more it’s gonna cost you.

Are There Any Maintenance Costs to Consider?

The cool thing is, these doors are pretty low-maintenance. Most of the time, a good wipe down is all they need. But if you’ve got fancy features like electronic locks, you might need to swap out batteries or something from time to time.

Do American Steel Doors Come With a Warranty?

Yep, most of them do. It’s like a safety net for your investment. The warranty length can differ from one seller to another, so double-check that when you’re buying.

Are American Steel Doors Suitable for All Types of Buildings?

Yes! Whether it’s a cozy home or a high-rise office building, these doors fit in just about anywhere. That’s why so many people are keen to know how much they cost.

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Wrapping Up How Much is American Steel Door Nigeria?

Feel free to reach out to us at Nigerianprice if you have any more questions regarding American Steel Door Price in Nigeria or need further assistance with your American Steel door purchase!

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