Car Foot Mat Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Car Foot Mat Price in Nigeria 2023-2024: Driving in Nigeria presents its unique set of challenges and delights. From the bustling city roads of Lagos to the serene landscapes of the countryside, your car is not just a vehicle but an extension of your personality. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about doing so in comfort and style. That’s where the humble yet essential car foot mat comes into play.

If you’ve ever stepped into a car during the peak of the Nigerian summer or after a heavy rain shower, you’ll appreciate the role of a good foot mat. It keeps the interior of your vehicle clean and adds a touch of personal flair. But with the wide array of options and diverse pricing, finding the perfect match for your car can be a bewildering journey.

Welcome to Nigerianprice, your one-stop destination for all things related to car foot mats in Nigeria. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the range of foot mats available in the market, delve into the factors that affect their pricing, and equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. So buckle up and join us as we take a trip through the world of car foot mats in Nigeria, where style meets function without breaking the bank!

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However, before I dive into the cost of Car foot mat in Nigeria, check out the introduction first.

How much is Car Foot Mat in Nigeria?

The cost of car foot mat in Nigeria ranges from NGN9000 to NGN150,000. You have to be aware that the price can vary depending on the region or seller you want to buy from. Also, the quality of car foot mat you intend to purchase will influence the price of it.

Car Leather Foot Mat- Suitable For ALL CARS- Black Color

The price of Car Leather Foot Mat- Suitable For ALL CARS- Black Color ranges from ₦ 10, 000 to ₦ 12,500.

Product details

A portable car leather footmat, crafted with the excellence of superior materials, stands as a hallmark of cutting-edge technology and enduring use. Made with top-notch synthetic leather, these footmats are not only a must-have in every vehicle but also a functional companion for in-car use. Their intelligent design gathers dust for easy disposal, blending style and practicality. The use of superior leather materials accentuates their durability, making them an essential part of your driving experience. Experience the blend of innovation and quality that sets these footmats apart, turning them into a vital accessory for any car.

Car Foot Mat Price in Nigeria

5 Pieces Designer PVC Foot Mat For Lexus Car/SUV

The cost of 5 Pieces Designer PVC Foot Mat For Lexus Car/SUV in Nigeria ranges from ₦125,500 to ₦135,500.

Product Details

Introducing a set of 5 customized Designer foot mats, designed to seamlessly fit all saloon/Sedan cars and 5-seater SUVs. Crafted from high-quality rubber material, these mats are not only durable but also a true emblem of quality that lasts. Their vivid, beautiful colors add a touch of sophistication and class to your car’s interior, elevating it beyond mere utility.

More than just aesthetics, these foot mats have a practical function. They expertly collect dirt and sand from your car’s floor, ensuring a cleaner driving experience. The design completely covers the car floor, leaving no area exposed, and cleaning them is a breeze.

Embrace this blend of style and function with the 5-piece Designer foot mat set. Transform your vehicle into a space that reflects both elegance and practicality, all while providing a perfect fit for your saloon/Sedan cars or 5-seater SUVs.

Car Foot Mat Price in Nigeria

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FAQs on Car Foot Mat Price in Nigeria

In section, you will be presented with the frequently asked questions car foot mat price in Nigeria below;

How much does car mats cost in Nigeria?

As have stated above, the price of car mat in Nigeria ranges from NGN9000 to NGN150,000.

Which foot mat is best for car?

Based on our research the best car mat in Nigeria is Car Leather Foot Mat- Suitable.

Why are car foot mats necessary for my vehicle?

Car foot mats are essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your car’s interior. They help collect dirt, sand, and other debris, protecting the floor of your car. Additionally, they add aesthetic appeal and can match the car’s design.

What are the common materials used in car foot mats, and how do they affect the price?

Car foot mats are often made of materials like rubber, synthetic leather, or fabric. Rubber mats are generally more affordable and offer great durability. Leather and customized designs tend to be more expensive but add elegance to your vehicle.

Can I find foot mats that will fit my specific car model?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customized foot mats designed to fit specific car models. These tailored mats might cost a bit more but ensure a perfect fit and often have a more refined look.

How do I maintain and clean car foot mats?

Car foot mats usually require simple cleaning. Rubber mats can be hosed down, while fabric or leather mats might need vacuuming or gentle scrubbing with appropriate cleaning products. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Where can I buy quality car foot mats in Nigeria?

Car foot mats are available at car accessory shops, online marketplaces, and sometimes at dealerships. Ensure you purchase from reputable sellers who can provide information about the product’s quality and compatibility with your vehicle.

How much do car foot mats typically cost in Nigeria?

Prices can vary widely based on material, design, and brand. Basic rubber mats might start as low as NGN 5,000, while high-end customized leather mats could cost NGN 20,000 or more. Always compare prices and quality to find the best deal for your needs.

Are there benefits to choosing more expensive foot mats?

While budget-friendly options are often suitable for general use, investing in more expensive mats made from superior materials can provide additional benefits such as enhanced comfort, better aesthetics, and improved durability.

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Wrapping Up Car Foot Price in Nigeria

And that is it, we have delved through the world of car foot mat in Nigeria. However, it is worth noting that the cost could vary in different location or seller. This implies that the price of car foot mat in Nigeria is not fixed in all locations.

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