Kedi Product Price List 2023-2024

Kedi Product Price List: Today we’re diving into something many of you have been asking about; how much is Kedi Product? I get it; you’ve heard a lot about Kedi’s range of healthcare and lifestyle products, and you’re itching to know if they fit into your budget. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got the inside scoop on the Kedi Product Price List that’ll answer all your burning questions.

Kedi Healthcare has been making waves in the health and wellness industry, not just in Nigeria but across the globe. They offer a wide array of products, from herbal supplements to skincare and household items. But let’s face it, no one wants to dive headfirst into buying something without having some idea of what it’ll do to their wallet, right? That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you an in-depth look into the Kedi Product Price List. This way, you know what you’re getting into before you take the plunge.

Think of it like going shopping armed with the best information. No more getting home and wondering if you’ve gotten value for your money or if you should’ve looked a little harder. Our rundown will help you decide whether Kedi’s products are right for you and if they fit into your lifestyle without breaking the bank.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself Googling ‘how much is Kedi Product,’ look no further. We’re dissecting prices, giving our honest opinions, and offering tips on how to get the best deals. Stick around, you won’t want to miss this!

Alright, enough talk! Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Kedi Product Price List 2023-2024

Kedi Product Price List in Nigeria

Kedi Healthcare is on a mission to improve lives by offering cost-effective healthcare solutions. Given the recent fluctuations in the Naira to US Dollar exchange rate, they’ve updated their pricing. So, even if you’re familiar with the old Kedi Product Price List, you’ll want to take a look at the updated figures we’ve got for you below. Yep, there have been a number of changes that you’ll definitely want to be in the know about. Here’s the freshly updated list showcasing Kedi Healthcare’s new product prices in Nigeria:

  • A01 Golden Six: From N6,100
  • A02 Magilim: From N12,600
  • A03 Re-Vive: From N18,700
  • A031 Packet Re-Vive: From N6,600
  • A032 Mini Packet Re-Vive: From N7,800
  • A04 Vigor Essential: From N10,100
  • A05 Cordy Active: From N9,100
  • A051 Small Cordy Active: From N4,800
  • A06 Golden Hypha: From N19,400
  • A061 Small Golden Hypha: From N6,800
  • A07 Constilease: From N11,100
  • A08 Reishi: From N13,900
  • A081 Small Reishi: From N5,100
  • A091 Small Gastrifort: From N5,800
  • A09Gastrifort: From N16,700
  • A10 Cordy Royal Jelly: From N14,200
  • A101 Small Cordy Royal Jelly: From N4,800
  • A11 Qinghao: From N3,600
  • A12 HAEMOCARE: From N10,100
  • A13 EYE BETA: From N11,100
  • L01 Gynapharm Capsule: From N16,200
  • L02 EVE’S COMFORT Capsule: From N12,100
  • L05 Jointeez Capsule: From N6,100
  • L06 Diawell Capsule: From N6,600
  • L07 Cardibetter Capsule: From N13,100
  • L08 Lirich: From N8,100
  • M04 BLOOD CIRCULATORY: From N252,000
  • M12 VIP Massage Chair: From N2,016,000
  • P01 GUM CARE TOOTHPASTE: From N2,600
  • PP6 Liushen Self-Care Combo: From N7,400
  • SS01 KEDI GUN MASSAGER: From N126,000
  • T01 Refresh Tea: From N5,800
  • T02 Colon Cleanser: From N6,300
  • V01 ULTRAMEGA: From N8,600
  • V02 CALMAZINE: From N9,100
  • V03 LYCOVITE:From N10,600
  • V04 CELLO Q10: From N14,700
  • W017-LAYER (DAY USE): From N8,600
  • W027-LAYER (NIGHT USE): From N8,900
  • Y01 V-Ca: From N5,100
  • Y02 Multivitamin + Zinc: From N5,300

Keep in mind that these prices aren’t set in stone. If there’s a shift in the official Naira to US Dollar exchange rate, you can expect some adjustments to the Kedi Product Price List. And it’s not just currency rates that can shake things up. Location, the specific vendor you’re buying from, company rules, and even government regulations can also affect the final price tag. So, stay alert and keep an eye out for any changes.

About Kedi Healthcare

So, let’s talk a bit about Kedi. The name “Kedi” actually comes from the Chinese language and translates to “Science is Unlimited.” Pretty cool, right? Founded back in 2005 and kicking off operations in 2006, Kedi Healthcare started in China but didn’t stay put. Oh no, they’ve gone global, making a big splash here in Nigeria too.

What’s their game plan? To improve lives using healthcare as their tool of choice. And they’re not just throwing a bunch of random stuff at us. They’re tapping into Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with pharmaceutical products, to get the job done. From life essentials to specialized solutions, beauty items, herbal teas, and even massaging equipment, Kedi’s got a wide range of stuff designed to make you feel good inside and out.

And before you start worrying about safety, let me ease your mind. All of Kedi’s products are up to snuff, meeting the guidelines laid down by the National Agency for Food and Drug Control (NAFDAC). And let me tell you, people are singing their praises. There’s a heap of positive testimonials out there about how effective Kedi products are in tackling various health issues. So, yeah, they’re doing something right!

How to Become a Kedi Distributor

Want to become a Kedi healthcare distributor? Good choice! Here’s how you can make it happen:

  • First off, find a Kedi office that’s near you and grab an application form from there.
  • Fill that form out and hand it back in.
  • Pay the membership fee, which is N5,500.
  • Pick up your registration kits once everything’s squared away.
  • And boom! You’re now officially a Kedi Independent Distributor.

FAQs on Kedi Products Price List

What Determines the Prices of Kedi Products?

Well, a lot of factors come into play when setting the prices for Kedi products. Think along the lines of exchange rates, location, and vendor-specific pricing. Company and government policies can also have an impact.

Is the Kedi Product Price List Fixed?

No, the price list isn’t fixed. Prices can change depending on shifts in the exchange rate between the Naira and the US Dollar, among other factors like vendor policies and location.

Where Can I Find the Most Current Kedi Product Price List?

Your best bet is to check this page or reach out to an authorized distributor. Keep in mind that prices might differ a bit depending on where you’re buying from.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Generally, what you see on the Kedi Product Price List is what you get. But be cautious of additional charges like delivery fees, especially if you’re buying from a third-party distributor.

How Can I Become a Kedi Distributor?

To become one, you’ll need to visit a Kedi office near you, fill out an application form, pay a N5,500 membership fee, and then grab your registration kits. After that, you’re good to go!

Are Kedi Products NAFDAC Approved?

Absolutely! All Kedi products meet the guidelines and requirements set by the National Agency for Food and Drug Control (NAFDAC). So you can put your safety concerns to rest.

What Types of Products Does Kedi Offer?

Kedi’s product range is pretty broad. They offer life essential items, specialized solutions, beauty products, natural herbal teas, and even massaging equipment. Basically, they’ve got a lot to choose from.

Do Kedi Products Really Work?

Going by the numerous positive testimonials, it’s safe to say that Kedi products are pretty effective for a variety of medical conditions. So, yeah, they do seem to get the job done.

Wrapping Up Kedi Products Price List

Alright, that wraps up our deep dive into the Kedi Product Price List. We’ve answered a ton of your questions, from “how much is Kedi Product” to all the factors that can shake up those prices. We’ve also spilled the tea on how you can become a Kedi Independent Distributor if you’re looking to get more involved.

Remember, prices are never static; they can change based on exchange rates, location, and even who you’re buying from. And don’t forget, Kedi is all about making lives better through healthcare, offering a wide range of products that meet NAFDAC guidelines.

So whether you’re a longtime fan of Kedi or just getting to know what they’re all about, we hope this post has been super helpful. Stick around us for more insights and up-to-date info on all things product pricing in Nigeria.

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