15KVA Generator Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

The price of 15KVA Generator in Nigeria Ranges between N400,000 and N6,000,000 depending on the type, brand and store you are buying from.

15KVA Generator Price in Nigeria

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Today, we’re going to talk about 15KVA generators in Nigeria. These generators provide a good amount of power for homes and medium scale businesses. We’ll explore their prices, brands, and what you need to know if you’re thinking about getting one.

Imagine having a reliable source of electricity that can keep your lights on and your essential devices running smoothly, whether you’re at home or running a small business. That’s what a 15KVA generator can do for you.

But here’s the important question: How much does a 15KVA generator cost in Nigeria?

Different brands and models have different prices, and it’s essential to know how much you might need to spend if you’re considering buying one. 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a small business owner, we’ll give you the details on the price range so you can plan your budget.

Let’s get started and find out how much it costs to bring a 15KVA generator into your life in Nigeria!

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Price of 15KVA Generators in Nigeria

There is a wide variety of generator brands available in Nigeria, each offering different features and specifications. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of popular 15KVA generator products along with their prices:

Here are the latest price of 15kva generators models in Nigeria:
Elepaq 15kva Key Start Generator SV28000E2 100% Copper Constant: From ₦405,000

Firman 15KVA FIRMAN GENERATOR FPG 15000SE Generator (Subaru Engine): From ₦1,950,000

15 KVA Saifang Generator with Alternator: From N760,000

Firman 15KVA Generator Key Starter + Oil – ECO12990ES: From ₦640,000

Perkins 15kva Soundproof Generator: From ₦3,500,000

Sumec Firman 15KVA Generator – ECO12990ES: From ₦530,000

Soundproof 15kva Denyo Generator: From N5,339,000

15 KVA CAT Soundproof Generator: From N2,000,000

15 KVA Denyo Soundproof Japanese Generator: From N5,339,000

Fairly Used 15 KVA UK Perkins Soundproof Generator: From N1,500,000

Fairly Used 15 KVA Mantrac CAT Diesel Generator: From N1,750,000

15 KVA Vikings Basic Generator (100% Copper Coil): From N750,000

15 KVA Yanma diesel Generator: From N1,900,000

Kamagra 15KVA KAMAGE GENERATOR KM13000E2 With Key 100% Copper: From N520,000

Senci GENERATOR 15KVA: From N650,000

Ipower 15kva IN 13000 Generator 100% Copper Coil: From N550,000

KEMAGE 15kva Petrol Generator With Remote Control 100% Copper-KM13000E2: From N484,000

Please note that these prices are subject to change due to factors like location, brand, vendor, customs duty, and exchange rates. It’s advisable to check with your local vendor for the most current prices.

Popular 15 KVA Generators in Nigeria and their Specifications

When considering a 15 KVA generator, understanding its specifications and features is crucial. 

Perkins 15 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generating Set

Here’s a breakdown of the key specifications and features of the Perkins 15 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generating Set:


  • Durability: Perkins is known for its long-lasting generators.
  • Reliability: It offers dependable power supply.
  • Effective Cooling System: Reduces overheating during operation.
  • Efficient Lubricating System: Ensures proper machine lubrication.
  • Soundproof Generator Casing: Reduces noise during operation.
  • Quality European Parts: Built with components sourced from the UK and other European countries.



Colour: White

Model: 15kva

Weight: 630 kg

Stand-by Ratings: 15KVA/12.5KW

Prime Ratings: 15KVA/12.5KW

Voltage: 230/400V

15 KVA Firman Diesel Generating Set

The 15 KVA Firman Diesel Generating Set is a robust addition to Firman’s product lineup, known for its quality. Here are its key features and specifications:


  • High Durability: Built to withstand extended usage.
  • Efficient Water Cooling System: Helps maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  • Mechanical Turn Adjustment: Allows for precise tuning.
  • Diesel Generator: Utilizes diesel fuel for efficient operation.
  • Automatic Voltage Controller: Ensures stable voltage output.
  • Synchronous and Brushless Generator: Provides reliable power generation.


Brand: Firman

Fuel Type: Diesel

Rated Output Power: 12 KW

Frequency: 50 Hz

Engine: 4 Cycles

Fuel Tank Capacity: 150 Liters

Fuel Consumption: 6.25 liters per hour

FG Wilson 15 KVA Generator

The FG Wilson 15 KVA Generator is designed for versatile power solutions, suitable for both business and residential applications. Here are its key features and specifications:


  • Generous Fuel Capacity: Equipped with a 2000-liter fuel tank for extended runtime.
  • Super Silent Enclosure: Provides quiet operation to minimize noise disruption.
  • Telematics Availability: Allows for remote monitoring and management.
  • Efficient Cooling System: Maintains optimal operating temperatures.


Model: P16.5-1S

Minimum Rating: 15 KVA / 15 KW

Maximum Rating: 16.5 KVA / 16.5 KW

Emissions/Fuel Strategy: Fuel-Optimized

15KVA Generator Price in Nigeria

Denyo 15 KVA Generator

The Denyo 15 KVA Generator is a rising star in the market, known for its versatility and reliability. Here are its key features and specifications:


  • Economical Operation: Highly fuel-efficient for cost-effective power supply.
  • Quick Response: Easy cranking and rapid engine response for immediate power.
  • Low Fuel Consumption: Ensures efficient energy usage.
  • Reliable Engine: Built with a dependable engine for consistent performance.
  • Noise Suppression: Equipped with a noise suppression system for quieter operation.
  • High Performance: Delivers reliable and high-performance output.


Brand: Denyo

Power Factor: 3 Phase 0.8

Engine: Kubota D1703-K3A

Fuel: Diesel

Tank Capacity: 62 Liters

Rated Output: Prime 12.5/15 KVA, Standby 13.8/16.5 KVA

Emission Regulation: Tier 3

Weight: 516 kg

Sound Level: 50Hz 60 dB, 60Hz 63 dB

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a 15 kva generator run?

A 15kVA generator will provide a reliable source of regular power for small scale construction sites, commercial shops, rural roads, commercial and civil works.

What does 15 KVA generator mean?

Essentially, the higher the kVA rating, the more power the generator produces. A kVA is 1,000 volt-amps. It’s what you get when you multiply the voltage (the force that moves electrons around a circuit) by the amps (electrical current). Kilovolt-amps measure what’s called the ‘apparent power’ of a generator.

Can a 15kW generator power a house?

In general, a 15kW generator has the energy potential to power a significant portion of a typical residential home, including essential appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, lights, heating, and cooling systems.

How do I know if my generator is original?

A good generator will make a regular, continuous sound, while a fake generator may have a “rough” or uneven sound. If the generator doesn’t sound right, don’t buy it. It’s also a good idea to ask the seller to unpack the generator so you can see and hear it for yourself.

Wrapping up on 15KVA Generator Price

15 KVA generator market in Nigeria provides a variety of options to meet different needs and budgets. Prices are influenced by factors like brand, specifications, and location of purchase. 

Your choice should align with your specific requirements and financial constraints, ensuring a reliable power source for your Nigerian home, business, or other purposes.

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