Dental Chair Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

The price of Dental Chair in Nigeria is determined by some important factors like brand, location, quality, and so on. Nonetheless, the current cost of dental chair in Nigeria ranges from N500,000 to N2,000,000.

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Dental Chair Price in Nigeria

Our teeth are not just tools for chewing; they’re a reflection of our general well-being. Visiting a dentist is important if you want to maintain a good oral health. And at every dental clinic, there exists an apparatus that is as important as the dentists themselves, Dental chair.

Dental chairs are more than just seats for patients; they are also multi-functional devices that give comfort, support, and stress-free access during dental procedures. These chairs are where patients spend a required amount of time while receiving treatment.

However, for dental practitioners and healthcare facilities in Nigeria, understanding the prices associated with dental chairs can be a critical decision-making issue.

In this explicit blog post, we will embark on a journey to disclose the details behind dental chair prices in Nigeria. We’ll delve into the factors that determine these prices and provide adequate insights that can guide dental professionals, clinic owners, and even patients who are curious about the investments involved in maintaining oral health infrastructure.

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Factors that determine the cost of Dental Chairs in Nigeria

Quality and Functionality

Dental chairs are produced with different qualities and functionalities, and this diversity often reflects in their prices. Basic models of dental chairs offer standard features for routine check-ups.

While more sophisticated chairs incorporate ergonomic design, great patient comfort, and multifunctional capabilities. Higher-end chairs can include integrated LED lights, digital controls, and even massage options.

The quality and functionality you choose will impact the chair’s cost, as well as the quality of care provided in your dental practice.

Brand and Reputation

Just as with any other product, the brand name and reputation of the manufacturer play an important role in pricing. Established dental chair manufacturers with a history of producing reliable, innovative equipment often command higher prices due to their reputation for durability high performance.

Additional Equipment

Dental chairs don’t work in isolation. Dental chairs are part of a broader dental unit that includes various gears like dental lights, delivery systems, and suction units. These additional components can significantly impact the overall cost of setting up a dental chair.

Regulatory Compliance

Dental chairs must meet certain regulatory standards for safety and hygiene. Chairs that meet or exceed these standards may come with a higher price tag but offer peace of mind regarding patient safety and clinic compliance.

Components of Dental Chair

Dental Chair consists of different components that make it a whole. We implore you to check for all these components before you purchase any dental chair.

Dental Chair Price in Nigeria

Dental Light/Operator Light

  • The dental chair allows the dentist to execute the tasks comfortably by putting lights straight to the mouth.
  • It provides optimum illumination to see what is going on in the darker oral cavity.
  • The light has dimmer switches and other controls to adjust its intensity as per requirement.
  • Dental chair’s handles and switches are wrapped in plastic or aluminum foil to act as a protective barrier.

Control Buttons

These controls on the chair allow the dentist to move it upwards or downwards and adjust it according to their comfort.

X-Ray Viewer

  • An X-ray view helps to examine the patient’s oral cavity and the position of their teeth.
  • It lets the dentist see the radiograph while carrying out the examination.
  • It highlights the possibility of decay which are areas that appear darker on the X-ray

Disposable Glass Holder

  • Patients need a disposable cup or glass during the examination to sip water and gargle and then spit in the spitoon bowl.
  • Gargling removes the debris and blood in the mouth that has been accumulating during the treatment.

Spittoon Bowl

  • Spittoon bowl is a bowl or a basin where patients spit after gargling or simply spit their saliva
  • It has a water pipe that flushes down the contents into a drain and keeps the basin cleaner.

Air Water Syringe

  • The air-water syringe releases water or compressed air to clean the surface of the tooth
  • Its components include; Bracket Table, Foot Control, and Aspirator.

Instrument Tray

  • This tray holds all the instruments that the dentist needs during the procedure.
  • It is also known as the bracket table.
  • It holds hand instruments and diagnostic medical equipment.
  • There are instruments such as the dental mouth mirror, cotton holders, cement mixtures, and cotton.

Foot Control Motor

  • This motor delivers power to use the dental equipment.
  • It is especially useful whenever the dentist’s hands are full.
  • The electric foot or pedal has a similar operating button that a manual one does.
  • It operates using the foot press while the instruments remain sterilized as they do not touch hands that frequently.


  • The suction machine sucks the saliva that keeps accumulating in the mouth during the procedure.
  • During the treatment, saliva can keep building up in the mouth as well as the small particles in the cavity.
  • It removes easily using the machine that generates negative pressure.
  • A vacuum creates due to that negative pressure.
  • Then, the plastic catheter on the machine suctions and pulls the saliva from your mouth.
  • It gives the dentist clarity while treating your condition and your mouth also does not fill up.

Dental Chair Cost in Nigeria

The price of Dental Chair in ranges from N500,000 to N2,000,000. It is important to know that costs may vary base on location disparities and market trends. This means that Dental chair price in Lagos may be different from its cost in Abuja, this happens because of the location and transportation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental chairs last?

How long should a dental chair last? With proper maintenance and service, A-dec dental chairs are designed and tested for a “service life” of 20 years under normal use.

What is the difference between dental unit and dental chair?

A dental unit is the necessary work tool of every dental professional. This dental unit consists of specific parts that include the dental chair, stool, lighting, hydric box, aspiration, cuspidor and other elements that we will explain below.

What are dentist chairs called?

The dental chair, also called a treatment chair or patient chair, is crucial to a positive experience for both patients and practitioners.

Can you fall asleep in the dentist chair?

A larger dose may be given to produce moderate sedation. This is the type of anesthesia most commonly associated with sedation dentistry. Some people become groggy enough from moderate oral sedation to actually fall asleep during the procedure. They usually can, though, be awakened with a gentle shake.

Conclusion on the cost of Dental Chair in Nigeria

The post you just read now is about the price of Dental chair in Nigeria. In this post, we succinctly talked about the price of dental chair, the significance of dental treatment, the possible factors that influence the pricing of dental chair in Nigeria, as well as the parts of dental chair that you must consider when buying a dental chair. If there is anything you are not cleared about, kindly put it in the comments.

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