Price of Office Tables in Nigeria 2023-2024

Price of Office Tables in Nigeria: Imagine you’re setting up a brand new office space in the heart of Lagos or perhaps refurbishing an existing one in Abuja. You’ve painted the walls, arranged the lighting, and even picked out the perfect office chairs. But there’s still one essential item left on your checklist – the office table. And like many before you, the question that springs to mind is, “how much is an office table in Nigeria?” A seemingly simple question, but the answer might surprise you.

Welcome to the intricate world of office table pricing in Nigeria, where the cost can vary as widely as the designs themselves. Today, we’ll delve deep into what sets these prices, and the factors influencing the cost of office tables in Nigeria. But before we explore further, let’s understand why this piece of furniture is such a pivotal part of any office setting.

An office table is more than just a piece of wood or metal that holds your files and computer. It’s the hub of productivity, the nucleus of creativity, and often, the very emblem of your professional identity. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur, a well-established CEO, or a diligent employee, your office table plays an integral role in defining your work environment. It’s no wonder then that selecting the perfect one isn’t just a matter of aesthetics but also a significant investment decision.

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Now, when it comes to investment, two phrases are constantly sought-after by prospective buyers: “how much is office tables in Nigeria?” and “cost of office tables in Nigeria”. These phrases echo the collective curiosity of a nation that’s rapidly embracing modern office culture. Nigeria, with its booming business sector and flourishing economy, has a growing demand for office furniture that mirrors its ambitious spirit. With urban centers like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt becoming hubs of global business, the importance of having a well-furnished office has never been more pronounced.

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This rising demand has led to a diverse market of office tables. From luxury executive desks made of rich mahogany to functional workstations designed for collaborative environments, Nigeria’s office furniture scene is as varied as it is vibrant. Such diversity, while offering a plethora of choices, also means that pricing isn’t always straightforward.

It’s not just about the material or size; the brand, craftsmanship, functionality, and even the region play a crucial role in determining the price. So, if you’re someone who’s ever wondered about the cost of office tables in Nigeria, know that you’re venturing into a world of fascinating intricacies.

Here at Nigerianprice, we understand the importance of making informed decisions, especially when it involves substantial investments like office furniture. Our mission has always been to guide our readers, provide insights, and offer a comprehensive perspective on subjects that matter the most to you. And today, we’re embarking on a journey to unravel the mystery behind the pricing of office tables in the heart of Nigeria.

Stay with us, as we break down the factors, delve into the market trends, and offer practical tips on getting the best value for your money. Whether you’re setting up your dream office or simply curious about the furniture industry in Nigeria, this guide promises to be an enlightening read.

Price of Office Tables in Nigeria

The cost of Office Tables in Nigeria ranges from NGN15,000 to NGN300,000. Kindly note that price can vary slightly across all states in Nigeria. Check out the price list of different office tables in Nigeria below;

Modern Office Table Desk Computer Table Furniture-v2

The price of Modern Office Table Desk Computer Table Furniture-v2 in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 25,990 to ₦ 30,990.

This desk, crafted from high-quality wood, promises not just beauty but also lasting strength and durability. Built to stand firm, its robustness ensures stability in every corner. With side cabinets designed for ample storage, you can easily stow away essential office items, whether in a home setup or a professional environment. Adorn its surface with a charming lampshade, a memorable photo, or a unique decor piece to infuse your personality into it. Pair it with a complementary chair, and watch your office space transform in its aesthetic appeal.


  • Material: Wood
  • Color: white
  • Great Value For Money
  • Affordable
  • Wood

Office Writing Table – Brown

The price of Office Writing Table – Brown in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 54,999 to ₦ 57,999. A premium-quality office table isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement. Whether gracing your office or enhancing the appeal of your shop, this table, meticulously crafted from top-tier wood, epitomizes the very essence of professionalism. The true character of an office often lies in its furnishings, and the audacious charm of any workspace starts with this remarkable table. Exceptionally durable, yet surprisingly easy to assemble, its stellar quality stands out in any setting. The unique design, complemented by its vibrant and lustrous hue, not only meets but elevates your desire for a polished ambiance. Give your space the perfect form and function it deserves with this unparalleled office table.

Office Writing Table - Brown

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Wrapping Up Price of Office Tables in Nigeria

And that is it, we are done with the prices of office tables in Nigeria. Lastly, kindly note that the price of office table in Nigeria will vary in different locations or stores.

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