Office Chairs Prices in Nigeria 2023-2024

Office Chairs Prices in Nigeria 2023-2024: Have you ever walked into an office furniture store or browsed online, and wondered, “Why do office chair prices vary so much in Nigeria?” Well, you’re not alone. With the surge of people setting up home offices or growing their businesses, everyone’s on the lookout for the best chairs at the right price.

First off, let’s agree on one thing: a chair isn’t just a chair. Some are basic, offering you a place to sit without much fuss. Others? They’re like the luxury cars of the furniture world, with plush padding, sleek designs, and all those ergonomic features that promise hours of comfortable work.

But let’s get back to the price. In Nigeria, several factors influence how much you might pay for an office chair. Maybe it’s a renowned brand, and you’re paying for quality and reputation. Or perhaps it’s a local masterpiece, crafted with unique materials that add to the cost. Import charges can also play a role, especially if the chair or its parts come from another country.

We’ve all got different budgets and needs. Some of us might be okay with a simple chair that does the job, while others might be looking for an investment piece that’ll last for years. Whatever your preference, understanding the price range of office chairs in Nigeria can help you make an informed choice.

So, buckle up! This blog post is your guide to navigating the world of office chairs in Nigeria, helping you find the best fit for your workspace and wallet.

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What is Office Chairs?

Simply put, an office chair is a chair that we typically use when we’re working, especially at a desk. Unlike regular chairs, office chairs are designed to make long hours of work more comfortable. They often come with features like adjustable height, wheels to move around easily, and sometimes even support for our lower back. Think of it as the trusty sidekick that’s got your back (literally!) during those long work hours.

Office Chairs Prices in Nigeria

The cost of Office Chairs in Nigeria ranges from NGN15,000 to NGN500,000. Kindly note that price can vary slightly across all states in Nigeria. Check out the price list of different office chairs in Nigeria below;

  • 1.6 M Executive 233 Table and Reclining Chair: From N297,800
  • 2 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Black: From N50,800
  • 2-Seater Airport Metal Reception Bench Padded-Black: From N52,750
  • 2-Seater Reception Metal Bench-Grey: From N48,300
  • 2-Seater Reception(Airport) Metal Bench-Wine: From N42,700
  • 3 Seater Reception Bench-Partly Leather Red: From N61,180
  • 3 Seater Reception Bench-Partly Leather: From N74,800
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Black: From N190,900
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Blue: From N87,800
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Wine: From N62,800
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench-Grey: From N46,800
  • AARIA Executive Visitor Chair: From N84,500
  • Affordable Senior Executive Chair-107S: From N40,990
  • Affordable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair – Red: From N24,300
  • Affordable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair –Blue: From N24,300
  • Affordable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair: From N24,300
  • Affordable Visitor Chair -LK107C: From N44,500
  • Alexa Plastic Chair: From N9,711
  • Amber Visitor Chair: From N29,300
  • Atviet Swivel Chair: From N75,302
  • Balt Spine Align Executive Chair-Araam: From N159,800
  • Black Executive Swivel Chair-909A: From N74,800
  • 4 feet Office Desk + 107 swivel chair + 601 visitors chair5: From N111,832
  • Blaze Black & Chrome High Back Executive Office Chair-LK248A: From N52,000
  • Blaze Black Visitor’s Chair-LK248C: From N64,800
  • Breath Ergonomic Mesh & Fabric Chair-R (K9008H): From N83,320
  • Brown Leather Recliner Chair-G5:From N171,925
  • CALIPSO Managers Chair-H-R (EM9003H): From N92,575
  • Celine Plastic Chair: From N12,000
  • Chair With Writing Pad-Black: From N17,750
  • Chairman Office Chair: From N62,300
  • Champion Plastic Table: From N13,880
  • DE-Mighty Plastic Chair: From N6,500
  • Diplomat Office Chair: From N64,800
  • Diva Plastic Chair: From N12,515
  • Durable Senior Executive Chair-107S: From N48,590
  • Durable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair: From N24,300
  • Easy-XL-4L-Visitors Chair – Leather: From N34,800
  • Embrace Low Back Visitors Chair: From 33,800
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK108: From N45,885
  • Ergonomic Mesh & Fabric Chair: From N103,330
  • Ergonomic Mesh Swivel Office Chair – Vigor-BP364R: From N28,750
  • Ergonomic Mesh Swivel Office Chair – Vigor-Sk224(EM423): From N24,300
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK230-Black: From N54,708
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK282: From N66,125
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK290-Black: From N51,175
  • Ergonomic Mesh Manager Chair – SK309A: From N83,145
  • Ergonomic Mesh Visitor Chair – Victory-SK279C: From N26,200
  • Ergonomic Mesh Visitor Office Chair – Vigor-BP421: From N19,500
  • Executive Bonded Leather Swivel Chair-Pentagon: From N77,600
  • Executive High Back Office Chair: From N144,800
  • Flexi mesh H Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair-ORG: From N143,750
  • High Back Executive Office Chair – 9926/9927: From N64,800
  • Black Blaze & Chrome High Back Executive Office Chair: From N64,300
  • High Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair: From N72,000
  • Java Medium Executive Visitors Chair: From N91,988
  • M2 Plastic Chair: From N7,525
  • Manager & Secretary Chair ELITE High back: From N54,700
  • Manager & Secretary Chair ELITE-Low-BC02: From N48,300
  • Manager Executive Swivel Chair: From N123,800
  • Mesh Swivel Chair: From N31,000
  • Mikey Plastic Chair: From N11,645
  • Mimi Plastic Chair: From N8,620
  • Money Penny Office Chair: From N48,800
  • NIFTY Mesh Swivel Chair-H-R (EM6019-H): From N73,000
  • Office Chair Swivel-Fabric – S51: From N38,500
  • Office Desk-4ft and 601 Leather Visitors Chair Combo: From N61,700
  • Office Fabric Chair Showbiz-S409:From N41,900
  • Office Fabric Chair-309: From N43,900
  • Breath Ergonomic Mesh & Fabric Chair-R (K9008H): From N83,317
  • Racing Rocker Gaming Chair SK2113: From N50,800
  • Racing Rocker Gaming Chair: From N51,800
  • Black Leather Recliner Chair-FF: From N171,925
  • Recliner Leather Chair: From N144,800
  • Secretary/Receptionist Chair – A14: From N33,000
  • Single Seater Reception Bench – Partly Cushioned: From N46,300
  • Sleeky Visitor Chair- EM114W: From N29,900
  • Soho Mesh Swivel Chair-Blue: From N96,542
  • Soho Visitors Chair –Blue: From N25,070
  • Stainless Steel Bench – Silver: From N72,600
  • Stainless Steel Bench with Leather Cushion-Black: From N79,800
  • Stout Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – R – EM6061-Black: From N34,385
  • Valfrid Executive Chair: From N179,500
  • Visitor Chair PRSD-BC03: From N36,300
  • Visitor Chair SLEEK-SLK -601: From N23,500
  • Office Desk-4ft and 601 Leather Visitors Chair Combo: From N61,700
  • Visitor Fabric Chair-Em-ED03: From N31,050
  • White Executive Swivel Chair-909A: From N74,900
  • White House Visitors’ Chair: From N50,700
  • Winner GF Visitor Chair – Black-S16: From N14,300
  • Wood With Leather Padded Swivel Chair: From N59,700

Prices of Different Office chairs in Nigeria

Check out the prices of office chairs in Nigeria, and see the images of each below;

Victory R Swivel Office Chair

The cost of a Victory R Swivel Office chair ranges from ₦40,000 to ₦70,000. There are different sizes and the price is proportional to the size. So, you go for the one that best fit your body!

Office Chairs Prices in Nigeria 2023-2024

Ergonomic Mesh Headrest Office Chair

The price of Ergonomic Mesh Headrest Office chair ranges from ₦50,000 to ₦80,000. Also, there are different sizes and their prices depend on the size! 

Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria

Office Executive Mesh Chair

The Price of an Office Executive Mesh Chair ranges from ₦70,000 to ₦120,000. 

Office Chairs Prices in Nigeria 2023-2024

Breathable Office Chair Ergonomic Lifting Armrest

The cost of the Breathable Office Chair Ergonomic Lifting Armrest ranges from ₦105,000 to ₦150,000. 

Breathable Office Chair Ergonomic Lifting Armrest

After check the how much is office chair in Nigeria, let’s take a look at feature to check when buying an office chair.

Features to Look for in an Office Chair

Ever sat for hours and felt like the chair was out to get you? A bad chair can give you a sore back, mess up your posture, and make your whole body feel out of whack.

When shopping for an office chair, keep an eye out for these features:

  • Armrests: So your arms aren’t left hanging.
  • Stability: You don’t want a chair that’ll dump you on the floor.
  • Seat Pan Details: This is all about how the main part you sit on feels and fits.
  • Material: Whether it’s leather or some other fabric, it should feel good and last.
  • Backrest: For proper back support.
  • Seat Height: Being able to adjust this means finding the perfect height for your desk.
  • Comfort: At the end of the day, you want a chair that feels good to sit in.

Where to Buy an Office Chair in Nigeria

Looking for a place to buy that perfect chair? You can check online. There’s a bunch of sites, but I’ve found Jiji to be a reliable one.

However, if you’re someone who likes to try before you buy, furniture stores are the way to go. That way, you can give the chair a test sit and really know what you’re getting!

Office Chairs prices in Lagos

The cost of office chairs prices in Lagos ranges from NGN15,000 to NGN500,000.

FAQs on Office Chairs Prices in Nigeria

In this section, you will get to see the answers to frequently asked questions you might have in mind regarding prices of office chairs in Nigeria.

How much does a good office chair cost?

You can get a convenient office chair for as low as NGN20,000.

Why do office chair prices vary so much in Nigeria?

Prices can be a funny thing, especially with office chairs. In Nigeria, it’s not just about the chair itself, but where it’s made, the brand behind it, and the materials used. Plus, if a chair’s imported, those costs can get tacked on too.

What’s the average cost of a basic office chair in Nigeria?

For a no-frills, get-the-job-done kind of chair, you might be looking at a more budget-friendly range. But keep in mind, prices change based on where you’re shopping and the brand you’re eyeing. Thus, the cost of office chairs in Nigeria ranges from NGN15,000 to NGN500,000.

Are pricier chairs always better?

Not always! While it’s true that a higher price can sometimes mean better quality or more features, it’s essential to focus on what you need. Sometimes a mid-range chair can offer just as much comfort and durability as a high-end one.

Why might some chairs be super cheap?

Good question! Super cheap chairs might be on sale, or they could be made with lower-quality materials. They might not last as long or be as comfortable. Always check reviews and do a bit of homework before grabbing a deal that seems too good to be true.

Is it cheaper to buy online or in a furniture store?

Both have their perks. Online, you might snag some deals or discounts, especially during sales. In a store, though, you might be able to negotiate or find clearance items. The big advantage of physical stores? You can try before you buy.

Do imported chairs cost more?

Usually, yes. Imported chairs often come with extra costs like shipping, import duties, and other fees. They might also be from well-known global brands, which can hike up the price. But they can also bring unique designs or features that local chairs might not have.

Are there hidden costs to watch out for?

Sometimes! If you’re buying online, check for delivery charges. Some stores might also offer assembly services for a fee. It’s always a good idea to read the fine print or ask questions before making that final purchase.

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Wrapping Up Office Chairs Prices in Nigeria

And that is it, we are done with the prices of office chairs in Nigeria. However, choosing the right office chair in Nigeria isn’t just about finding something that looks good. It’s about blending comfort, functionality, and value. With such a wide range of prices and features available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But remember, the best chair for you is the one that meets your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re shopping online, diving into the world of e-commerce, or strolling through local furniture stores, arm yourself with knowledge. Know what you’re looking for, keep an eye on those essential features, and you’re sure to find a chair that makes those long working hours a tad more comfortable. Happy chair hunting!

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