OK Plastic Table Price 2023-2024

OK Plastic Table Price in Nigeria 2023-2024: Nigeria, a nation of vibrant cultures, delicious cuisines, and bustling markets, has a peculiar fascination with furniture. From the beautifully carved wooden pieces found in Calabar to the sleek metal designs of Lagos, Nigeria’s furniture story is as diverse as its population. In the midst of this diverse backdrop, there’s a simple yet essential piece of furniture that has found its way into most Nigerian homes – the plastic table. More specifically, the OK Plastic Table. A popular brand, known for its durability and affordable prices, has become an almost staple household item. One question I hear asked often, and maybe you’ve asked it too, is “how much is OK Plastic Table in Nigeria?” The cost of furniture, especially something as ubiquitous as the OK Plastic Table, is a relevant topic of interest. But why is there such curiosity around the cost of the OK Plastic Table in Nigeria?

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If you’ve ever strolled through a Nigerian market, you’ll realize that bargaining is a significant part of the shopping experience. People don’t just want to know the price; they want to ascertain the value. They are keen on understanding what they’re investing in. With the rise of online platforms and the digital revolution sweeping Nigeria, many consumers are now turning to the internet to determine the value of products before they make a purchase. This is where our site comes in. We aim to shed light on the intricacies of furniture prices, to help you make informed choices.

Now, let’s rewind a bit. For those who might be unaware, what exactly is the OK Plastic Table?

The OK Plastic Table is a product of the globally recognized OK brand, known for its commitment to producing quality plastic products that cater to everyday needs. The simplicity of the design combined with its functionality has made it a favourite choice for homes, events, and businesses alike. Imagine attending a local outdoor event, be it a birthday party, a community meeting, or a casual get-together with friends. The chances are high that you’ll be setting your plate or drink on an OK Plastic Table. Its lightweight nature, combined with its durability, makes it the preferred choice for settings that require quick setups and teardowns.

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Back to our initial question, “how much is OK Plastic Table in Nigeria?” To answer this, it’s essential to consider various factors. The cost of production, shipping, taxes, and vendor markups all contribute to the final retail price. Moreover, with the fluctuating economy and the ever-present impact of global trends on local markets, prices can vary. Hence, it’s not just about the current price but understanding the nuances that influence these costs.

Here, on our site, we are committed to bringing you the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on the cost of OK Plastic Table in Nigeria and many other products. We understand that when you search for a product’s price, you aren’t merely looking for a number. You’re seeking clarity, assurance, and often a comparative context. Does the value of the OK Plastic Table justify its cost? How does it compare to other brands or even other types of tables? These are the underlying questions many consumers have, and we’re here to help answer them.

Stay with us as we delve deeper into the intricate world of Nigerian furniture pricing. By the end of our exploration, not only will you know the cost of OK Plastic Table in Nigeria, but you’ll have a broader perspective on how this simple piece of furniture fits into the grand tapestry of Nigeria’s dynamic market landscape.

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OK Plastic Table Price in Nigeria

The cost of OK Plastic Table in Nigeria ranges from NGN 5,000 to NGN 90,000. Kindly note that price of OK Plastic Table can vary greatly depending on the size, and inches of the chair. However, check out the price list of OK Plastic Table below;

Strong Plastic Table – 4Ft

The cost of Strong Plastic Table – 4Ft in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 24,990 to ₦ 26,990.

Among the myriad of options available in the market, tables with detachable legs truly stand out, becoming a favorite for many customers. These versatile tables and chairs, available in an array of products and hues, can seamlessly fit both indoor and outdoor settings. Their adaptability ensures that picking the perfect set for any occasion becomes a hassle-free experience. Envisioning a temporary patio seating for the summer soiree? These tables and chairs fit the bill perfectly. Beyond their elegance, these banquet chairs add a touch of sophistication to any space they adorn. Rest assured, when it comes to durability and quality, these tables are unparalleled, offering the best in class.

OK Plastic Table Price in Nigeria

4 Feet Foldable Plastic Table

The cost of 4 Feet Foldable Plastic Table is ₦ 40,000 to ₦ 45,000.


  1. Durable
  2. Reliable
  3. Foldable
  4. Easy to fold and unfold
  5. Multi purpose
  6. Economical
  7. Can be use both indoors and outdoors
  8. Can accommodate 6 sitting arrangements 
OK Plastic Table Price 2023-2024

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Wrapping Up OK Plastic Table Price

In our journey through OK Plastic Table Price in Nigeria, the robust plastic tables with detachable legs have undoubtedly marked their territory. Their adaptability, aesthetic appeal, and unwavering quality are what make them an exceptional choice for any setting, be it a casual summer gathering or a grand banquet. Remember, the right furniture not only meets your functional needs but also resonates with your personal style and the ambiance you wish to create. With these tables and chairs, you’re equipped to do just that. Here’s to making informed choices and elevating your space, one piece at a time!

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