Echolac Luggage Price List 2023/2024

Echolac Luggage Price list ranges from N7,000 to N800,000. Echolac makes variety of luggage, so it depends on your preference. Nonetheless, we are going to publish a list of Echolac luggage products and their price list in this post. So hang around!

Have you read about the post we specially wrote about the price of Echolac box? Believe when we say it’s the best guide you that can’t get somewhere else other than Nigerianprice.

However, today we’ve come with another gossip about Echolac. It is the brand’s full price list this time. If you are worried about the kind of Echolac luggage product that you can get with your intended budget, worry less, we’ve come to your aid.

ECHOLAC is a luggage producing brand that is recognized for quality and good design by institutions such as the German Stiftung Warentest, the Japanese Good Design Award, the China Red Star Design Award, and the Red Dot Award for product design.

Echolac Luggage Price List

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So if you are planning to blend into the depth of modernism, where convenience meets innovation, in terms of a stylish storage gear that gives users their rights to keep their belongings in a modernized way, we advise you to patronize Echolac luggage.

Patronizing this almighty brand is easy because it’s all over the internet, now “how can you get their price list?” That’s why we came up with this guide.

Just try not to skip any section of this post because it will give you all the knowledge that you need about the price list of Echolac luggage. Let’s face it!

Echolac Luggage Price List

Echolac Luggage Price list ranges from N7,000 to N800,000. This brand makes variety of travel accessories, so it depends on your preference. Check Echolac Products and their prices below.

Echolac Luggage Price List
Echolac Fusion Box Price
Echolac FusionN200,000
Echolac Fusion Suitcase, Medium 66 cm N203,000
Echolac Fusion Suitcase, Large 76 cm  N219,000
Echolac Shogun Box
Echolac Shogun Suitcase, Large 76 cm N260,000
Echolac Shogun Suitcase, Small 55 cm  N219,000
Echolac Shogun Suitcase, Medium 67 cm  N235,000
Echolac Celestra Box Price
Echolac Celestra Suitcase, Large 75 cm  N301,000
Echolac Celestra Suitcase, Medium 65 cm  N276,000
Echolac Celestra 3 piece Suitcase Set  N765,000
Echolac Dynasty Box Price
Echolac Dynasty Suitcase, Small 55 cm N211,000
Echolac Dynasty Suitcase, Medium 67 cm  N227,000
Echolac Dynasty Suitcase, Large 76 cm  N243,000
Echolac Travel Accessories Price list
Xroads ErgoFlex, 3-in-1 Travel PillowN15,000
Xroads Luggage ID-tags 2piecesN6,000
Xroads Luggage Strap with TSA-LockN15,900
Xroads ErgoForm, Ultra-cush Memory PillowN17,000
Xroads Luggage Strap with LockN11,000
Xroads Pack CubeN18,000
Xroads Sleep Mode, Eye Mask & Ear Plug KitN7,000
Xroads TSA-Lock for LuggageN10,200
Xroads Ultralight Foldable Duffel BagN21,000
Xroads washPACK, Compact Personal Care BagN22,500
Xroads ShoeSafe, Packing Pouches for ShoesN12,000
Xroads Ultralight Foldable BackpackN24,000
Xroads tech pack, Digital Accessory PouchN21,000
Xroads SoftSafe, Security Neck Pouch & OrganizerN8,200

Meet Echolac

ECHOLAC was founded in Tokyo in 1964 by Mr. Reizo Koseki as a part of Kodama Chemical under the Mitsubishi Corporation. Driven to innovate from the very beginning, Echolac developed the world’s first ABS attaché case in 1965.

After more than 50 years, Echolac embody the same spirit of excellent manufacturing with an attention to beauty, elegance, detail, precision and quality that is true to its legacy.

Echolac apply the cumulative experience that it has gained through more than 50 years of design, development, manufacturing, and quality assurance, together with its true and authentic drive to do things better every single day in order to help consumers power their journey like no other luggage brand can.

Style and beautiful balance has always been a cornerstone of the brand. ECHOLAC has been recognized for quality and good design by institutions such as the German Stiftung Warentest, the Japanese Good Design Award, the China Red Star Design Award, and the Red Dot Award for product design.

FAQs about Echolac luggage Price List

Is ECHOLAC a good luggage brand?


ECHOLAC is a luggage producing brand that makes quality and good design travel accessories. Institutions like the German Stiftung Warentest, and the Red Dot Award for product design recognise the brand.

Is ECHOLAC luggage durable?

Yes! Echolac luggage makes products with tough and quality materials which enhances their durability in every way.

Where is ECHOLAC luggage from?


ECHOLAC was founded in Japan in 1964 by Mr. Reizo Koseki.

Who owns Echolac?

Echolac currently belongs to Conwood International Ltd., specialised in travel goods. Conwood International Ltd., holds two in-house brands and has two manufacturing facilities in China and one in Thailand.

How do I know if my luggage is good quality?

Check the wrist angle and the feel of the grip on the suitcase’s handle. For maximum durability, the handle should have little to no wiggling or rattling as you pull the bag. Also, check for smooth movement as you pull it up and retract it. The suitcase’s wheels should roll smoothly and stay in place.

Wrapping up on Echolac Luggage Price List

That’s all there is to know about Echolac luggage Price list in Nigeria. Let us know what you think in the comment section. Remember, your feedback goes a long way to help us improving.

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