Nikon d850 Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

The price of Nikon d850 in Nigeria starts from N1,900,000 depending on the store or vendor  you are buying from.

Nikon d850 Price in Nigeria

If you’ve ever dreamt of capturing the world in breathtaking detail, the Nikon D850 might just be your ticket to that photographic journey. But, there’s one question that’s probably been echoing in your mind: “What’s the price of the Nikon D850 in Nigeria?”

In the world of photography, the Nikon D850 stands tall as a masterpiece, suiting both professional photographers and passionate enthusiasts alike. 

With its 45.7-megapixel full-frame sensor, impeccable ISO range, and lightning-fast autofocus, this camera isn’t just a tool; it’s a portal to a universe of stunning imagery.

As you navigate the bustling markets of Nigeria in search of this photographic marvel, you’ll want to know precisely what to expect when it comes to pricing. 

Whether you’re an aspiring wildlife photographer, a portrait artist, or a landscape enthusiast, the Nikon D850 holds the promise of turning your vision into reality.

So, let’s embark on this photographic journey together, unveiling the price of the Nikon D850 in Nigeria, and discover the gateway to a world of limitless creativity.

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Nikon d850 Price in Nigeria

According to recent market reports, the Nikon D850 is available for purchase in Nigeria at prices starting from approximately N1.9 million. These price variations can be attributed to several factors, including the location and timing of the purchase. 

Additionally, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can impact the final price of the camera. So, it’s good to check out the price with local sellers and vendors before concluding on the price. You should be prepared to pay something around that market price.

Nikon d850 Key Features

The Nikon D850 boasts an impressive array of key features that make it a top choice for photographers and videographers:

  • 45.7MP BSI CMOS Sensor: This high-resolution sensor delivers stunning image quality with exceptional detail.
  • 7 fps Continuous Shooting: With AE/AF, you can capture fast-paced action. With a battery grip and EN-EL18b battery, the rate increases to 9 fps.
  • 153-Point AF System: The camera’s autofocus system is linked to a 180,000-pixel metering system, ensuring precise focus and exposure.
  • UHD 4K Video: The D850 can capture UHD 4K video at up to 30p from the full sensor width, providing outstanding video quality.
  • 1080 Video at High Frame Rates: It can record 1080 video at up to 120p, allowing for high-quality slow-motion footage.
  • 4:2:2 8-Bit UHD Uncompressed Output: While recording to the card, it offers 4:2:2 8-bit UHD uncompressed output for professional video production.
  • Dual Memory Card Slots: The camera has one XQD slot and one UHS II-compliant SD slot, providing flexible storage options.
  • Long Battery Life: The D850 has a remarkable battery life, rated at 1840 shots on a single charge.
  • 3.2″ Tilting Touchscreen: The touchscreen LCD with 2.36M dots offers convenient navigation and composition.
  • Illuminated Controls: Illuminated buttons make shooting in low-light conditions easier.
  • 19.4MP DX Crop: You can switch to a DX crop mode for increased reach, or capture 8.6MP at 30fps for short bursts.
  • SnapBridge Connectivity: It features a full-time Bluetooth LE connection system with Wi-Fi for seamless image transfer and remote control.
  • Advanced Time-Lapse Options: The D850 offers advanced time-lapse features, including in-camera 4K video creation.

These features combine to make the Nikon D850 a versatile and powerful camera suitable for a wide range of photography and videography applications.

Nikon d850 Price in Nigeria

Nikon D850 review

The Nikon D850 is a camera that stands out in the world of photography with its impressive features and capabilities. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this camera a remarkable choice.

Body and Design

The D850’s body is crafted from a sturdy magnesium alloy, reminiscent of the D810. However, it introduces some improvements, such as a flip-up/down cradle for the rear screen. This high-resolution touchscreen enhances usability, allowing for touch control in live view and menu navigation, a feature not present in the D5 and D500 models.

Notably, the D850 does not have an inbuilt flash, making room for a flash sync socket or the option to use a WR-radio control trigger set. This design choice caters to users seeking advanced lighting control.

Time Lapse

The Nikon D850 continues the tradition of inbuilt intervalometer functions, making time-lapse photography accessible without external accessories. These functions can be combined with live view mode to minimize vibrations from the mechanical shutter.

Additionally, the D850 can compile images into a 4K video format while retaining the full-resolution image files. This allows for the creation of high-quality time-lapse sequences in post-processing, leveraging the camera’s high resolution to deliver impressive 8K time-lapses.

High Resolution

Equipped with a backside-illuminated sensor, the D850 enhances low-light performance by improving sensor sensitivity and efficiency. It excels in ISO 64 mode, which enables optimal light capture in bright conditions. The camera’s dynamic range rivals that of medium format sensors found in cameras like the Fujifilm GFX 50S and Pentax 645Z.

Video Capabilities

The D850 is a game-changer in the realm of Nikon DSLRs. It’s the first to capture 4K video across the full width of its sensor. It records at bit rates of approximately 144 Mbps at various frame rates. Moreover, it offers uncompressed 4:2:2 eight-bit UHD output to external recorders while simultaneously recording to the card.

For slow-motion enthusiasts, the D850 can shoot at up to 120 frames per second in 1080p. This offers flexibility in frame rates. Additionally, the camera provides focus peaking for 4K shooting in 1080p mode, enhancing focus accuracy in video recording.

In summary, the Nikon D850 is a versatile camera designed to meet the demands of both photographers and videographers. With its advanced features, high resolution, and exceptional video capabilities, it’s a valuable tool for creative professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nikon D850 shoot 4K?

The D850’s FX BSI CMOS sensor allows 4K UHD output at the full sensor width to 16:9, which gives video shooters a true field of view when shooting video. This is exceedingly rare in any full frame camera.

Is Nikon D850 the best camera?

The Nikon D850 is Nikon’s highest resolution full-frame DSLR, with a 45.7MP sensor, and exceptional build quality, making it a tough DSLR to beat. It’s arguably Nikon’s best DSLR ever camera

Is Nikon D850 a professional camera?

The D850 is aimed at an advanced amateur and professional readership which will undoubtedly look at other options too, of course. It’s closest rival from the Canon stable is the EOS 5D Mark IV, but the D850 outclasses the Canon for resolution, continuous shooting speed and – crucially – full-frame 4K video.

Is D850 waterproof?

Yes, water can not interfere with the camera operation in any way, and you can easily remove it by dabbing it with a towel, after removing the eyepiece optic.

Wrapping up on Nikon D850

Nikon D850 stands as a pinnacle of photographic innovation, offering a remarkable blend of high-resolution photography and advanced video capabilities. 

For passionate photographers and videographers in Nigeria, the investment in a Nikon D850 goes beyond monetary considerations. It represents an entry into a world of limitless creativity, where every frame tells a story and every video captures life’s most exquisite moments.

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