Martell Price in Nigeria 2023/2024

Martell Price in Nigeria ranges from N20,000 to 50,000 upward. Some factors like location, market trend, and exchange rate may cause a slight alter in the cost you will see in the real market.

Hey Mate! We’ve brought what you’ve been waiting for, which is the price of Martell product in Nigeria. As it is, this post mainly answers the questions from fun lovers and research enthusiasts.

In this article, we will do justice to those who find Martell cognac nourishing while having fun, and those who are just interested in finding out about the cost of Martell in Nigeria.

Not only will you have access to information about how much Martell cognac is sold for in Nigeria, we will also take you on a journey to explore about the “Martell” itself, its existence and where it originated from. Sit up, let’s explore!

A Must Read About Martell

Martell is a cognac house founded in 1715 by Jean Martell. It is the oldest of the “big four” cognac houses who together produce most of the world’s cognac. (others are Hennessy, Rémy Martin and Courvoisier).

Martell Price in Nigeria

It was formerly owned by the Seagram spirits empire, it is now part of the Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët (MMPJ) subsidiary of the French wines and spirits conglomerate Pernod Ricard.

Martell’s flagship Cordon Bleu, introduced in 1912, was for many years the world’s highest-selling premium cognac.

By 2015 Martell was producing around 14 million bottles of its cognacs a year, making it the world’s second-largest cognac producer behind Hennessy.

Martell Cognac is the superb French brandy, and it has gained recognition worldwide, and Nigeria is no exception. Among the prestigious cognac houses, Martell holds a special esteem.

However, finding out about the price of Martell in Nigeria can be quite a riddle, and that’s why we are here for you. In this post, we will also delve into the factors that influence Martell’s price in Nigeria, helping enthusiasts and lovers make informed choices.

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Factors Influencing Martell’s Price in Nigeria

The price of Martell in Nigeria is influenced by different factors. Here are some key factors that contribute to the pricing of Martell in Nigeria:

Currency Exchange Rates

The fluctuation of Naira value against other foreign currencies serves as a major determinant in the pricing of many products in Nigeria, and Martell is no exception.

This means that if you go to the shopping outlet today and they ask you to pay N30,000 for a bottle of Martell, you may go tomorrow and be asked to pay N32,000. If this happens, check the naira value or other factors, you will know the culprit.

Importation taxes and tariffs

Instability in the amount of importation tariff can also cause a shift in the cost of Martell. Everything being equal, if the importation tax on Martell increases, the price of Martell in Nigeria also increases and vice versa.

Demand rate

Prices can vary depending on the demand momentum for Martell.  If demand is high for Martell’s consumption, then the price is likely to be increased.

Market Competition

Competition among Martell suppliers/retailers can lead to price variations. When multiple suppliers offer similar products, they may adjust prices to attract customers.

Martell Price in Nigeria

Martell Cognac Blue Swift 75cl (VSOP) — N50,000

Martell Price in Nigeria
  • A sensation of fullness and generosity with notes of ginger and candied fruit, followed by distinctive hints of toasted oak from the Kentucky bourbon casks.
  • 75cl
  • Martell Blue Swift is a spirit drink made of cognac VSOP then finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks
  • 40% alcohol volume

Martell Cognac XO 70cl — ₦ 160,000

Martell Price in Nigeria
  • 70cl
  • Power
  • Intensity
  • XO
  • Best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water
  • Ideal for special occasions

Martell Cognac VS Single Distillery 70cl — 20,000

Martell Price in Nigeria
  • Remarkably smooth and fruity.
  • Martell VS is perfect to be enjoyed in cocktails.
  • Distilled from clear wines, this cognac offers a richer aromatic experience. 
  • 70cl 
  • Alcoholic drink

Where to Buy Martell in Nigeria

You can get Martell for purchase on any of the popular e-Commerce platforms like Konga, Jumia, and Jiji or any other physical outlet near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Martell expensive than hennessy?

A 750ml Martell VS costs between ₦20,000.00 to ₦25,000.00 while Hennessy’s ranges between ₦21,000.00 to ₦26,000.00, making Martell cheaper than Hennessy cognac prices. 

How much is martell xo brandy?

Lowest price for Martell XO Cognac in Nigeria is ₦ 160,000.

How much is Hennessy in Nigeria?

ProductSizeUnit Price (NGN)
Hennessy V.S70cl21,850
Hennessy V.S.O.P70cl44,100
Hennessy XO70cl151,000
Hennessy XO Luminous70cl151,000

Is Martell a brandy or whiskey?

Martell Cognac is the superb French brandy, and it has gained recognition worldwide, and Nigeria is no exception. Among the prestigious cognac houses, Martell holds a special esteem.

Is Martell a vsop?

Martell vsop is a French cognac classified as vsop cognac. It has 40% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Which is more expensive Remy Martin or Hennessy?

Hennessy is expensive than Remy Martins. The reason why Hennessy is slightly more expensive than Remy Martin is because of their age-old tradition and the quality of their product. Hennessy has been owned by the same family ever since its inception and continues to be one of the most recognizable brands with an impressive history.

Is Martell a good drink?

Martell VS is the result of more than 300 years of expertise translated in a fine, luscious cognac that is the hallmark of the Martell style. Martell VS offers a rich aromatic experience. Remarkably smooth and fruity, this cognac is the perfect addition to any cocktail.

What does XO stand for in Martell?

Extra Old

XO stands for “Extra Old”: XO cognacs are made only from eaux-de-vie at least six years old. Cognacs such as “Napoleon” or “Old Reserve” are equivalent to XO cognac. Incidentally, the reason these abbreviations are in English is because cognac has been exported for many years and the first importers spoke English.

Conclusion on the cost of Martell in Nigeria

In a country where culture, celebration, and luxury intersect, understanding Martell’s price in Nigeria is essential for both enthusiasts and those new to the world of cognac.

By considering the factors discussed in this post, consumers can make informed choices when indulging in Martell’s exceptional range of cognacs. Cheers to savoring the finer things in life!

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