Best Front Load Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Best Front Load Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria 2023-2024: Welcome to another insightful post on Nigerianprice, the one-stop site that answers all your questions about the price of various products in Nigeria. Today, we’re diving into a topic that is a pivotal part of every modern home, the cornerstone of clean laundry – front load washing machines.

In Nigeria, where the dynamic lifestyle often leaves little room for tedious tasks like hand washing clothes, having a reliable, efficient, and economical washing machine isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. But with a plethora of options in the market, how do you choose the perfect one for your needs? That’s where we come in! We’ve sifted through the market, scrutinized countless models, and evaluated features to bring you a comprehensive guide to the best front load washing machines in Nigeria, paired with their most recent prices.

Whether you are a first-time buyer navigating the bustling appliance market, or an experienced shopper looking to upgrade your existing machine, our post will offer you in-depth knowledge to make an informed decision. Stick with us as we venture into the world of spin cycles, drum capacities, energy ratings, and the intricate dance of quality and cost. With our help, you’ll be well-equipped to find the washing machine that not only fits your laundry needs but also aligns with your budget.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the washing machine industry, shedding light on top models, their standout features, and just how much they’ll cost you in the bustling Nigerian market. Buckle up for a journey that promises to be as enlightening as it is exciting. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started. The world of front load washing machines in Nigeria awaits!

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Introduction to Best Front Load Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria Continues below

Before acquiring any product, it is critical to seek out relevant and credible information. In the Nigerian market today, you may choose from a variety of front load washing machines. This means that several companies produce a large number of front load washing machines. However, the main question here is;

Which of these front-loading washers is the best?

In any case, your quest for the top Front load washing machine price in Nigeria will be satisfied.

The front-loading washing machine spins and vibrates filthy clothes while utilizing the appropriate amount of water and detergents to make laundry comfortable. However, we will not only highlight the best Front load washing machine in Nigeria, but we will also supply you with the machine’s price. NAIRAPRICE.COM.NG will provide you with precise and dependable information regarding the greatest washing machine.

The introduction to the best front load washing machine and pricing in Nigeria continues below.
Moving on, as you are already aware, washing is one of those necessary household jobs that you must complete.

As a result, it is worthwhile to spend time studying the finest Front load washing machine and pricing. If you decide you want a Front load washing machine, invest your money on a reputable firm that manufactures units with greater washing capabilities and the best Front load maintenance. Scanfrost Company, along with Haier Thermocool, Samsung, and LG, is a terrific company to consider if you’re looking for an amazing Front load washing machine.

Best Front load washing machine and price in Nigeria

  • Midea 6KG Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • Haier Thermocool Front Load 8kg Washer & 5kg Dryer Automatic Washing Machine
  • Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 7KG SLV


Midea MFC70-ES1201 7KG SILVER FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINES- can be purchased for between #170,000 and 210,000 in Nigeria. The Midea MFC70-ES1201 is a front-loading washing machine from the Crown series. Silver is silent in operation, so you may do laundry whenever it’s convenient for you. Because of its compact size, it won’t clutter up your laundry area. It has 16 distinct wash cycles to accommodate a wide variety of materials. This washer is powerful enough to remove stubborn stains while also being gentle on clothing. By employing it, you can save effort and time.

Key features

  • Model: MFC70-ES1201.
  • 16 wash programme
  • Quick wash
  • Anti-foam control
  • Delay start
  • Power off memory
  • LED display
  • Colour: Silver
  • Size DхWхH mm: 600x440x850
  • Temperature adjustment: Mechanical
  • Class of energy saving: А+  
Best Front Load Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria

Midea 6KG Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Imagine stepping into your laundry room, not with a sigh, but with a smile. That’s the experience the Midea 6KG Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine promises, all for a pocket-friendly price range of #200,000 to #230,000.

Our everyday lives are packed with chores and tasks. So, isn’t it lovely when a household appliance not only simplifies one of these tasks but also does so while conserving energy? That’s exactly what this Midea machine does. It’s like having an efficient laundry assistant at your service, designed with separate wash and spin tubs for optimal care of your clothes.

This machine isn’t just about efficiency, though. It’s also about capacity. Imagine being able to toss in a heap of clothes and have them all washed in one go! No more time-consuming multiple loads. Plus, it’s gentle on your clothes, featuring non-removable coverings to shield your favourite garments from any damage during washing.

But it gets better. This Midea machine nearly dries your clothes with its spin tub, giving you the luxury of time to put your feet up or focus on other tasks. And to keep you in control, it offers a timer and easy-to-use buttons, making it simple to adjust settings to suit the fabric you’re washing.

But what about the dreaded draining issues many washing machines face? Well, the Midea washing machine says, “No worries!” With its built-in drain pump, your laundry routine will run as smooth as a lullaby.

In a nutshell, with the Midea 6KG Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine, doing laundry becomes less of a task and more of a joy. So why wait? Turn laundry days into happy days!


  • Capacity: 6KG
  • Washer type: Fully Automatic Front Load
  • 15 wash programme
  • Quick wash
  • Anti-foam control
  •  Delay start
  •  Power off memory
  • LED display
Best Front Load Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria 2022/2023

Haier Thermocool Front Load 8kg Washer & 5kg Dryer Automatic Washing Machine

If you’re on the hunt for a washing machine that ensures crisp, clean clothes after every wash, look no further. The Haier Thermocool Front Load 8kg Washer & 5kg Dryer Automatic Washing Machine, priced between #300,000 and ₦ 387,140 in Nigeria, fits the bill perfectly. Renowned for its high quality, durability, and effectiveness, Haier Thermocool goes above and beyond to make your laundry routine a breeze.

Listening to the needs of their Nigerian customers, Haier Thermocool has designed a range of smart washing machines. Their goal? To transform your laundry chores into an efficient, convenient, and quick task. These front-load washing machines are built with practicality and strength in mind, ensuring you get the best out of your investment.

These machines are designed to handle heavy loads effortlessly, being eco-friendly, easy to use, and extremely handy. With its ability to cater to a wide variety of fabrics and its generous capacity, the Thermocool Front Load Washing Machine is your reliable partner for tackling those hefty laundry piles.

The Thermocool HWD80-BP14636S “FL 8/5Kg” Front Load Automatic Washing Machine is a standout in the lineup. It features a large porthole for easy loading and unloading, saving you the struggle of stuffing and retrieving clothes. The machine’s capacity speaks volumes about its utility – with a washing capacity of up to 8 kg and a drying capacity of 5 kg, it’s tailor-made for the demands of a busy household.

But it doesn’t stop at performance. The machine ensures a user-friendly experience, boasting an LED display that makes customizing your wash cycles a piece of cake. It’s your personal laundry assistant, keeping you updated on when each wash cycle wraps up. So why not invest in a Haier Thermocool washing machine and transform your laundry day into a smooth, efficient affair?


  • Capacity: 8kg Washer and 5kg Dryer
  • Wave Drum Technology
  • Colour: Silver
  • ABT Technology – Eliminates 99.9% Bacteria
  • Electronic Washing Magnet
  • Automatic Regulation Of Water Consumption
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • A+++ Energy Save
Thermocool washing machine price in Nigeria [2022/2023]

Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 7KG SLV

The price of Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 7KG SLV ranges from #350,000 to ₦ 420,000.


  • 7kg capacity
  • Sleek Silver Design
  • Wave Drum Technology
  • Delicate Garment Protection
  • Quick Wash Programme
  • ABT Treated
  • Reserve Wash Program
  • Quick Wash Program
Thermocool washing machine price in Nigeria

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FAQs on Best Front Load Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria

Now that we have a ballpark figure for the Front load washer price in Nigeria, there are a few more frequently asked questions we should address.

Where to buy Front load washing machine in Nigeria at Best Prices?

Do you want to know where to buy a front-loading washer? The lowest deals on front-loading washing machines can be found on Jumia.

Which front-loading washer is the best, and why?

We found that the Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic 7KG SLV Washing Machine was the best Front Load washing machine overall. Keep in mind that all the aforementioned front-loading washers are reliable options.

How long do Front load washers usually last?

If cared for properly, a front-loading washing machine can survive for up to ten to fifteen years.

What is the price of Front load washing machine?

In Nigeria, you can expect to pay anywhere from #70,000 to #400,000 for a front-loading washing machine.

Are Front load washing machines any good?

Our research shows that when it comes to the quality of both their products and their customer service, Front Load stands head and shoulders above the competition. View Best Washing Machine and Price in Nigeria as an alternative.

What is the Best Shopping Store to Purchase Front load washing machine Online in Nigeria?

The solution is the Nigerian online marketplace Jumia, where you can buy a front-loading washing machine at a discount.

Is Jumia a Trustworthy Site to Shop Front load washing machine?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy online marketplace, go no further than Jumia. It is encrypted with SSL and only accessible over HTTPS. Our payment system uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques to ensure the complete security of our customers’ personal information and financial transactions. You can trust Jumia for your front-load washing machine purchase.

Why should I choose a front-load washing machine?

Great question! Front-load washing machines are known for their efficiency and superior cleaning power. They’re also more energy-efficient and gentle on clothes than their top-loading counterparts. Plus, many models come with additional features like steam settings and sanitize cycles. They might be a bit more expensive initially, but you’ll save in the long run with lower energy and water bills.

What’s the average price range for a front-load washing machine in Nigeria?

Well, it all depends on the brand and the features it offers. But typically, you might have to shell out anywhere between #200,000 to #400,000 for a good quality front-loader.

Which brands offer the best front-load washing machines in Nigeria?

Tell me about it, so many options! But hey, don’t fret. Brands like Midea and Haier Thermocool are pretty popular amongst folks for their performance and durability. They’re worth a look!

What should I consider when buying a front-load washing machine?

First up, think about the machine’s size. Will it fit into your laundry space? Next, look at the capacity (how much can it wash at once), spin speed, and energy efficiency. If it has any cool extras like a steam setting or a built-in dryer, that’s a bonus!

Are front-load washing machines worth the investment?

Absolutely! They might seem a little pricey initially, but trust me, their efficiency and lower running costs will make up for it. Plus, they’re typically gentler on your clothes, so you won’t need to replace them as often.

Where can I find the best prices for front-load washing machines in Nigeria?

Look no further! You’re already at Nigerianprice, your best buddy for finding the most competitive prices on a range of products, including front-load washing machines. Just stick around, and you’ll find the best deals right here!

Wrapping Up Front load washing Machine price in Nigeria

Keep in mind that the Front load washing machine price in Nigeria may vary slightly from one state or retailer to the next. Choosing a washing machine is all about finding the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions. We’re here to help make your buying process as smooth as possible!

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