Thermocool Generator 3.5KVA Price in Nigeria in 2023-2024

The price of Thermocool Generator 3.5KVA in Nigeria typically falls between N220,000 and N350,000 depending on the variety and store you are buying from. 

Thermocool Generator 3.5KVA Price in Nigeria

Curious about the cost of powering your home or business with a dependable 3500VA Thermocool Generator in Nigeria? Today, we’ll explore the prices of these reliable power solutions.

Thermocool generators, known for their efficiency and performance, are like the reliable guardians of your electricity needs. Whether it’s during a blackout or for continuous power supply, they’ve got you covered. 

Thermocool generators come in various sizes and specifications, but when you need a 3.5KVA generator, it’s essential to know how much it will cost you.

If you’re considering investing in a Thermocool Generator 3500 watts and want to plan your budget accordingly, we’re here to provide you with the price details so you can make an informed decision.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a backup power solution or a business owner aiming to keep operations running smoothly, this exploration of Thermocool Generator 3.5KVA prices in Nigeria is for you. 

Let’s dive right in!

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Price of 3.5KVA Thermocool generator in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool is a well-established brand with a long history in the market. Their popularity can be attributed to several factors, including high-quality products, durability, and attractive designs.

If you’re considering buying a 3.5KVA Thermocool generator, it’s essential to know the prices of their various models. This information will not only help you budget for your purchase but also assist in planning and making an informed decision. 

The price of Thermocool Generator 3.5KVA in Nigeria typically falls between N220,000 and N350,000 depending on the variety and store you are buying from. 

Specification and Features of Thermocool Generator 3.5KVA

This is a perfect generator with superior loading quality.Featuring a low-noise design, fuel efficiency, and an automatic voltage regulator, the Haier Thermocool MED HUSTLER 4000MS 3.5KVA/3.0KW  is engineered with features that you can trust when you need power.

Key Features of 3.5KVA Thermocool Generator 

  • 100% Copper Coil: The 3.5KVA Haier Thermocool generator features a 100% copper coil, ensuring efficient power generation and enhanced durability.
  • Low Noise: This generator is designed for quiet operation, minimizing noise pollution in your environment.
  • Fuel Efficient: It is engineered to be fuel-efficient, helping you save on fuel costs while providing reliable power.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): Equipped with an AVR, it delivers stable voltage, protecting your sensitive appliances from voltage fluctuations.
  • Superior Loading: The generator can handle a wide range of appliances and devices, making it suitable for various power needs.
Thermocool Generator 3.5KVA Price in Nigeria

Key Specifications of 3.5KVA Thermocool Generator

Power Output (Rated) | KW: 3.00

Power Output (Max) | KW: 3.30

Rated Kva: 3.75

Max Kva: 4.13

Voltage | V: 230

Frequency | Hz: 50

Noise Level (7m From Front Side) | DB(A): 72

Start Method: Recoil

Battery Type: No

Remote Controller: No

One Touch Start: No

Tank Capacity | L: 18.0

Full Load Continuous Running Time | Hours: 10.5

Half Load Continuous Running Time | Hours: 17.2

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Where can you get 3.5KVA Thermocool Generator in Nigeria

You can find a 3.5KVA Haier Thermocool generator at various places in Nigeria. Here are some common options:

  • Authorized Haier Thermocool Outlets: One of the most reliable sources is to visit authorized Haier Thermocool outlets or showrooms. These outlets typically have a wide range of Haier Thermocool generators, including the 3.5KVA model.
  • Electronics and Appliance Stores: Many electronics and appliance stores across Nigeria stock Haier Thermocool generators. You can check with popular retail chains or local stores in your area.
  • Online Retailers: Numerous online retailers and e-commerce platforms offer Haier Thermocool generators for sale. Websites like Jumia, Konga, and others often have a variety of models available. Make sure to read product descriptions and reviews before making a purchase online.
  • Generator Dealers: There are specialized generator dealers and suppliers in various regions of Nigeria. These dealers often carry a selection of generator brands, including Haier Thermocool. You can inquire about the availability of the 3.5KVA model at these dealerships.
  • Classified Ads and Marketplaces: Websites like OLX and local classified ads may have listings from individuals or small businesses selling generators, including Haier Thermocool models. Exercise caution when buying from individual sellers and ensure the product’s condition and authenticity.

Remember to verify the authenticity and warranty of the generator when making a purchase. It’s also a good practice to compare prices and features from different sources to get the best deal on your 3.5KVA Haier Thermocool generator.

Frequently Asked Questions on Thermocool Generators 3.5KVA

What can 3.75 KVA generator power?

Its 3.75KVA power output and 4 stroke engine makes it capable of handling high workload. It can comfortably power your refrigerator, televisions, light bulbs, blenders and other home appliances.

Can 3.0 kVA generator carry 1.5 HP AC?

Also, a 3.0KVA or 3.5KVA generator can simultaneously power a 2500W pressing iron, a 1HP non-inverter AC, a 1.5HP inverter AC, and a fridge and freezer with a few extra light bulbs and fans.

Can 3.5 kVA generator power a fridge?

So this 3.5KVA generator would be able to power your fans, bulbs, 1 TV, 1 Home theatre, fridge or freezer, to mention a few. However, it is essential to load generators cautiously to prevent overload.

How strong is 3.5 KVA?

A 3.5kVA generator is an electrical device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It has a power output of 3,500 watts or 3.5 kilovolt-amperes. This type of generator is usually powered by gasoline or diesel engines, and it is designed to be portable and easy to move around.

Wrapping up on 3.5KW Thermocool Generators

3.5KVA Haier Thermocool generator boasts 100% copper coil, ensuring durability and efficient power generation. It operates quietly, making it suitable for various settings, and is highly fuel-efficient. With an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and superior loading capacity, it’s a versatile choice for reliable power supply.

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