Habib Yoghurt Price List 2023-2024

The cost of Habib Yoghurt in Nigeria is N900 per bottle. Today we’re diving into something creamy, delicious, and close to our hearts, Habib Yoghurt. Yoghurt has always been one of those items that you can enjoy any time of the day, and it comes with a lot of health benefits to boot. But let’s be real for a second, the question on most of our minds is, “how much is Habib Yoghurt?”

In Nigeria, when you say yoghurt, Habib is one of the brands that immediately pops up in our minds. But finding a concrete “Habib Yoghurt Price List” can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Prices vary from store to store and sometimes even from one city to another. So, we decided to put together this definitive guide to address the ever-popular query, “habib yoghurt price in Nigeria.”

Yoghurt prices can go up and down due to various reasons like production costs, demand, and even seasonality. So keeping tabs on the pricing can help you make better buying decisions. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal?

Now, a lot of you have asked, “is Habib Yoghurt good for a pregnant woman?” Well, we will definitely tackle that as well. Nutrition is super important during pregnancy, and we want to ensure that you’re getting the information you need to make the best choices for you and your baby.

So, whether you’re planning to incorporate Habib Yoghurt into your daily routine or just curious about how much a cup of Habib Yoghurt cost you, stay tuned. We’re about to answer all these burning questions and more. Grab a spoon and let’s dig in!

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Habib Yoghurt Price List 2023-2024

Habib Yoghurt Price List

Check out the list of their Habib Yoghurt popular packages and their prices below:

  • Habib Yogurt Pet Bottle: From N900
  • Habib Yogurt 330ml : From N1,300
  • Habib Yogurt 500ml : From N1,600
  • Habib Yogurt 550ml : From N1,800
  • Habib Yogurt (Vanilla Flavour) 550ml : From N1,800
  • Habib Yogurt (Strawberry Flavour) 550ml : From N1,800
  • Habib Yogurt (Banana Flavour) 550ml : From N1,800
  • Habib Yogurt (Unsweetened) 550ml : From N1,800
  • Habib Yogurt One liter: From N2,800
  • Habib Yogurt Two liters: From N4,800

You’ll see we provided a price bracket for the items we’ve listed, and that’s no accident. Prices can shift a little depending on where you’re shopping, who’s selling it, and a bunch of other elements. But don’t worry, we’ve got our eyes peeled for any new info on other products from the brand. As soon as we get the scoop on those, we’ll update this post to include those products and how much they cost. So keep checking back for the latest!

Health Benefits of Habib Yogurt

Let’s talk about the health perks of chowing down on some Habib Yoghurt. You already know yoghurt is good for you, but what makes Habib Yoghurt stand out? This tasty treat is packed with all kinds of good stuff like calcium, protein, and a variety of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12 and phosphorus. It’s also a great source of other essentials like potassium, zinc, and even selenium.

What’s in it for you, you ask? Well, let’s get into it.

Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

First off, Habib Yoghurt is a vitamin and mineral powerhouse. A single scoop gives you a solid dose of calcium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin, among others. That means it’s not just a tasty snack; it’s like a protective shield for your bones and teeth. It also helps you ward off heart issues and certain birth defects. Pretty cool, right?

Packed with Protein

Another awesome thing about Habib Yoghurt? It’s rich in protein. And don’t worry, all their stuff is made from natural sources, so you’re getting the good kind of protein. This not only helps with digestion but also adds some quality calories to your diet. Plus, protein is a natural appetite regulator. It helps you feel full, which means less aimless snacking.

Boosts Your Immune System

Having a cup of Habib Yoghurt daily is like giving your immune system a little pep talk. The probiotics in it are proven inflammation fighters, which can help keep you from getting sick as often. They also do a great job at fending off things like the common cold.

Keeps Your Bones Strong

And let’s not forget about your bones. Habib Yoghurt is full of nutrients that are crucial for bone health, like vitamin D, phosphorus, and potassium. So, it’s not just your grandma who needs to worry about osteoporosis; we all do. Luckily, this yoghurt helps keep your bones strong, especially as you get older.

So, next time you’re enjoying a cup of Habib Yoghurt, you’ll know you’re doing more than satisfying a craving, you’re giving your body some much-needed love.

Is Habib Yoghurt Good for a Pregnant Woman?

Yes, Habib Yoghurt is nutritious and safe choice during pregnancy, but as with anything, moderation is key, and listening to your body is crucial.

First of all, Habib Yoghurt isn’t just any yoghurt; it’s a probiotic powerhouse. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s jam-packed with all sorts of nutrients that are beneficial for both mom and baby. One of the cool things it does is help maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in both the gut and vaginal area.

What does this mean in plain terms? Well, it can help fend off those annoying yeast infections and general tummy troubles that can make pregnancy even more challenging than it already is. Plus, the calcium in Habib Yoghurt plays a vital role in your baby’s developing teeth and bones. So, it’s a win-win.

But hold on, we’re not saying go ahead and down a tub of Habib Yoghurt without a second thought. Pregnancy can be unpredictable, and bodies react differently. If you notice anything off or weird after having some, it’s best to hit up your doctor right away. Better to be safe, for both you and the little one, right?

habib yoghurt price in nigeria

FAQs on Habib Yoghurt Price List

What Factors Influence the Price of Habib Yoghurt?

So the price of Habib Yoghurt isn’t set in stone; it changes based on a bunch of stuff. Like, which store you’re buying from, the city you’re in, or even if there’s a yoghurt craze happening. And let’s not forget seasonal stuff like holidays, where prices might go up a notch.

Is Habib Yoghurt More Expensive Than Other Brands?

You’d think so, but not really. Habib Yoghurt is pretty much in the same ballpark as other brands. However, the price might tip a bit higher or lower depending on promotions or where you’re shopping.

How Often Do Prices Change?

Don’t worry, you won’t wake up to a whole new price list tomorrow. But yeah, prices can shift a bit over time, think production costs, demand, or even what’s happening with the currency. Keep an eye on our blog, and we’ll keep you posted.

Is the Price the Same Across All Flavors?

No, not really. Some of those fancy or seasonal flavors might cost you a bit extra. If you’re into the more exotic tastes, just know you might be paying a smidgen more.

Does the Price Include Added Costs Like Delivery?

Usually, the price you see is just for the yoghurt, nothing else. If you’re getting it delivered, that’s a different cost and it can vary. Always a good idea to double-check this before hitting the ‘buy’ button.

Does Habib yoghurt have unsweetened?

Yes, Habib Yoghurt have unsweetened product of the Yoghurt.

Is Habib yogurt Greek yogurt?

No, Habib yogurt is not Greek yogurt. Habib yogurt is a popular type of yogurt in Nigeria, often enjoyed as a drink rather than the thicker, spoonable texture you might associate with Greek yogurt. It’s traditionally made with local techniques and is often consumed with a special grain called “fura.” Greek yogurt, on the other hand, is known for its thicker texture and higher protein content.

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Wrapping Up Habib Yoghurt Price List

Today, we’ve covered all the details about “Habib Yoghurt Price List” and even delved into whether “is Habib Yoghurt good for a pregnant woman.” From learning about its many health benefits to addressing the ever-so-common question “how much is Habib Yoghurt,” we’ve tried to give you the full scoop. Oh, and we didn’t forget to explore the “habib yoghurt price in Nigeria” and what factors can make it change.

We hope this has been a helpful guide for all you yoghurt lovers out there. And remember, the prices can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, so keep checking back on our blog for the most current updates. Until next time, stay healthy and keep enjoying your yoghurt!

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