Longrich Price List 2023-2024

Longrich Price List: Welcome back to Nigerianprice.ng, your go-to resource for staying updated on product prices across Nigeria. Now, we’ve been talking a lot about various products and their costs, but today we’re diving deep into a brand that’s been making waves in the wellness and beauty sectors, yes, I’m talking about Longrich.

I know many of you have been on the hunt for a reliable source to find out about Longrich Product Price List. You’re not alone; the demand for this information is sky-high. Longrich has an array of products, from healthcare to skincare, that many Nigerians are curious about. It’s like that mystery novel you just can’t put down, right? But instead of flipping pages, you’re scrolling through the internet asking, “How much does this Longrich stuff really cost?”

Just to throw in a curveball, some of you might have also been asking, “how much is Kedi Product?” Well, we’ll be touching on that too in future posts, but for now, let’s stick to unraveling the enigma that is Longrich. I’m talking about stuff for your skin that makes you feel like you’re fresh out of a spa, healthcare items that your grandma would approve of, and home care products that just make life easier.

Longrich has this way of providing quality without ripping your pockets, but the real question remains: How much are we talking about? Well, that’s exactly what this post aims to answer. So, grab a notepad or open a new tab on your phone; you’re going to want to jot down some of these figures.

Stick around as we get into the details of the Longrich Product Price List, breaking it down item by item. We’re going to make sure you’ve got all the deets before you make that trip to the store or hit that “add to cart” button online. Ready? Let’s get this show on the road!

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Longrich Price List 2023-2024

The listed below are the price list of Longrich;

S/NProductPartner’s PriceRetail Price
1Antipersperant Dew2,100.002,400.00
2Aplus Energy Shoes (Female)327,000.00376,000.00
3Aplus Energy Shoes (Male)403,000.00463,500.00
4Artemisin Body Wash1,900.002,200.00
5Artemisin Conditioner2,200.002,500.00
6Artemisin Deodorant (Female)1,500.001,750.00
7Artemisin Deodorant (Male)1,500.001,750.00
8Artemisin Hand Soap1,900.002,200.00
9Artemisin laundry detergent4,900.005,600.00
10Artemisin Laundry Soap900.001,000.00
11Artemisin Mouth wash1,900.002,200.00
12Artemisin Nourishing Soap900.001,000.00
13Artemisin Shampoo2,200.002,500.00
14Artemisin Toothpaste (120ml)1,000.001,150.00
15Artemisin Toothpaste (200ml)1,500.001,750.00
17Baby Shampoo & Body Wash3,900.004,500.00
18Baby Cream2,200.002,500.00
19Bamboo Soap3,400.003,900.00
20Berry Oil22,500.0024,700.00
21Black Ginger33,900.0038,900.00
22Black Tea and Tremella11,900.0013,700.00
23Body Cream (SOD Milk)2,800.003,200.00
24Body Wash4,100.004,700.00
25Calcium Tablet9,500.0011,500.00
26Cordyceps Coffee2,900.003,300.00
27Cordyceps Militaris Capsules45,900.0052,800.00
28Cup Filter8,600.009,900.00
29Demo Kit4,800.005,500.00
30Energy Baby Diapers (L)5,600.006,500.00
31Energy Baby Diapers (M)5,600.006,500.00
32Energy Baby Diapers (S)5,600.006,500.00
33Energy Baby Diapers (XL)5,600.006,500.00
34Energy Necklace (Female)137,000.00157,500.00
35Energy Necklace (Male)137,000.00157,500.00
36Energy Pan (24 cm)113,500.00130,500.00
37Energy Pan (28 cm)118,500.00136,300.00
38Evergreen (120ml)69,000.0079,400.00
39Evergreen Facial Mask12,300.0019,500.00
40Fast Rich Pack A57,000.0065,500.00
41Fast Rich Pack B115,000.00132,200.00
42Fast Rich Pack C115,000.00132,200.00
43Fujian/Pi Cup29,900.0034,400.00
44Hand Cream2,300.002,650.00
45Hand Sanitizer1,600.001,850.00
46Heat Powder3,900.004,500.00
48Libao (Male)22,500.0025,700.00
49Mengqian (Female)19,200.0021,500.00
50Mini Combo 221,000.0024,000.00
51Mosquito Repellant2,700.003,000.00
52Mouth Freshener1,500.001,700.00
53Nutri-V-Rich Blue55,000.0063,200.00
54Nutri-V-Rich Pink55,000.0063,200.00
55Panty Liners31,500.0036,200.00
56Platinum Combo 2113,000.00130,000.00
57Power Bank11,500.0013,200.00
58Product Form1,000.001,850.00
59Registration Form1,000.001,850.00
60Rejuvenating Body Lotion2,900.003,300.00
61Sanitary Napkin (4 in 1)34,500.0039,700.00
62Sanitary Napkin (Night Use)31,500.0036,200.00
63Seed Box5,700.006,500.00
65Slimming Tea3,700.004,300.00
66Snake Oil No. 11,800.002,000.00
67Starter Combo14,000.0016,000.00
68Starter Combo 314,000.0016,000.00
69Starter Pack3,800.003,800.00
71Test Pass Gadget500.00600.00
72TianJiang (Brown Tea)3,700.004,300.00
73Toothpaste (100gm)1,300.001,500.00
74Toothpaste 200gm2,400.002,750.00
75Travel Pack2,200.002,500.00
76VIP Combo 2249,000.00286,400.00
77Vitamin Drink1,500.001,700.00
78Water Tester350.00400.00
79White Tea Shampoo2,800.003,200.00
81XinChiang (Green Tea)3,700.004,300.00

Now that we’ve broken down the Longrich Product Price List for you, let’s dig into what really counts — the benefits. Trust me, you’re going to want to hear this because Longrich products are not just about the price; they pack a punch in the benefits department too.

Cordyceps Militaris Capsules

So, let’s kick off with the Cordyceps Militaris Capsules. These bad boys are more than just antibiotics; they’re like your body’s best friends when it comes to fighting off those nasty bacterial infections like staphylococcus and even tuberculosis. What’s in it for you? Well:

  • Say goodbye to those annoying dry coughs and body aches when you’ve got a cold.
  • Your brain gets a healthy treat, improving memory and all that.
  • You’re talking about more oxygen flowing to your brain, which is always a good thing, right?
  • Your body gets to chill out, easing off stress and fighting against harmful free radicals.
  • And hey, they even give you an energy kick and take good care of your lungs.

Longrich Vintage Wine Fancy a glass of wine? Go for Longrich Vintage Wine. This isn’t just your typical wine for sipping on a Friday night; it’s got perks. Here’s the rundown:

  • Gents, it’s a game-changer for sperm production.
  • Increases the sexual mojo for both men and women. Yep, you heard that right.
  • You can kiss some of that belly fat goodbye.
  • Detox? Check. Immunity boost? Double-check.
  • Plus, it tackles issues like weak erection and impotency.

Militaris Coffee Now, if you’re a coffee lover like me, Longrich’s Militaris Coffee is the real deal. This isn’t just your regular morning pick-me-up; it’s packed with goodness. Here’s why you should take a sip:

  • It helps you shake off fatigue like it’s nothing.
  • If you’re bouncing back from an illness, this is your go-to for an energy boost.
  • Awesome for kiddos dealing with epilepsy and seizures.
  • Cuts down on your cholesterol levels.
  • Enhances sperm quality and cranks up your sex drive.
  • Also, it’s a lifesaver for respiratory issues like chronic bronchitis, asthma, and more.

How to Become Longrich Distributor

Thinking of turning this into a business opportunity? Well, you’re in luck. Becoming a Longrich distributor is as easy as pie. Just head over to any Longrich office or stockist center, fill out a registration form, and boom—you’re in. They’ll send over your membership number, and you can pick a package to kickstart your journey. Just make your payment, and you’re all set.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the benefits of Longrich products.

Longrich Price List

FAQs on Longrich Price List

What Products Are Included in the Longrich Price List?

The Longrich Price List covers a wide range of products. We’re talking about everything from skincare and healthcare items to homecare and even some lifestyle products. So whether you’re looking for a face cream or a fancy wine, you’ll find it on the list.

Is Longrich Expensive?

“Expensive” is a relative term, isn’t it? While Longrich products aren’t what you’d call dirt cheap, they offer solid quality for the price you pay. So, you’re essentially getting good value for your money, especially when you factor in all the health benefits.

Where Can I Find the Most Updated Longrich Price List?

Keep an eye on our website, Nigerianprice.ng. We do our best to update the Longrich Price List regularly, so you get the latest info on prices.

Do Prices Vary Depending on the Seller?

Well, they shouldn’t, but you know how it is. Some sellers might hike up the prices a bit. Always try to buy from an authorized distributor or directly from Longrich to ensure you’re getting the genuine product at the correct price.

How Often Do Longrich Prices Change?

Honestly, it varies. Price changes can depend on factors like changes in production costs, exchange rates, and even seasonal offers. So, don’t be too surprised if you see some fluctuations here and there.

Can I Trust the Quality Despite the Price?

Yes! Longrich has a reputation for quality. A lot of folks have tried and tested these products and have nothing but good things to say. So, even if you’re paying a bit more than usual, know that you’re investing in quality.

Is the Longrich Membership Worth It for Better Prices?

If you’re thinking about making Longrich products a regular part of your life, then yes, the membership can be a great way to get products at discounted rates. Plus, who doesn’t like to be part of an exclusive club, right?

Wrapping Up

Alright, we’ve had quite the deep dive into the Longrich Product Price List, haven’t we? From breaking down the costs to exploring the many benefits of products like Cordyceps Militaris Capsules and Longrich Vintage Wine, we’ve covered a lot of ground. We even addressed some of the frequently asked questions you guys have had, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. Until Next time!!

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