Mug Cup Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Mug Cup Price in Nigeria 2023-2024: When it comes to enjoying a steaming cup of tea, coffee, or any beverage, the first thing that often comes to mind is the mug cup. It’s not just a vessel to hold your drink; it’s a part of your daily routine, your comfort in the early morning, or a companion during a late-night work session. But “how much is Mug Cup in Nigeria?” This question pops up in our minds, especially when we’re looking to buy a new one or gift it to someone special. If you’ve ever wondered about the cost of Mug Cup in Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Nigerianprice, we understand the importance of finding the perfect mug cup without breaking the bank. The cost of a mug cup can vary widely in Nigeria, depending on the brand, quality, and design. We know that whether it’s for personal use or a thoughtful present, a mug cup’s price can significantly impact your decision-making.

In Nigeria, the bustling markets and online stores offer a plethora of options for mug cups, ranging from luxurious designer brands to budget-friendly choices. Finding the exact price can be a bit daunting with so many alternatives, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How much is Mug Cup in Nigeria? Is it within your budget, or do you need to stretch a bit? What factors determine the cost of Mug Cup in Nigeria? These are some of the questions that might be hovering in your mind. Whether you’re a college student looking for something economical or someone who wishes to splurge on a high-end piece, the vast Nigerian market caters to all needs and preferences.

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Understanding the cost of Mug Cup in Nigeria is not just about numbers. It’s about knowing the quality, the aesthetics, and even the sentimental value attached to this everyday object. At Nigerianprice, we believe in providing information that is not only factual but also relatable. We delve into the intricacies of the products and present them in a way that resonates with our readers.

From the classic ceramic mug cups that remind you of your grandmother’s kitchen to the sleek and modern designs that suit the urban lifestyle, the options are endless. And each comes with its unique price tag in Nigeria.

In the following sections, we will explore the factors that influence the cost of Mug Cup in Nigeria, the popular brands, the different materials, and much more. Stay with us as we guide you through the exciting world of mug cups in Nigeria, ensuring that you find the one that fits both your taste and your budget.

Mug Cup Price in Nigeria

The cost of Mug in Nigeria ranges from NGN2000 to NGN8000. The price can vary depending on the size, and quality of cup. It is also worth noting that Mug cup in will be slightly different in price across all state in Nigeria.

Self Stirring Mug/Cup

The cost of Self Stirring Mug/Cup in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 3,000 to ₦ 3,800.

Have you ever wished your mug could stir itself? Well, the Self Stirring Mug can do just that, all thanks to 2x AAA batteries that power it. Imagine this – you pour your coffee or tea into the cup, and with a quick press on a button right on the handle, it stirs itself. The liquid at the bottom of the cup starts to spin, slowly at first, then faster, turning your hot drink into a mesmerizing, steaming whirlpool.

But don’t think of the Self Stirring Mug as just a gadget for the kitchen. It’s super handy for home use, of course, but it’s also your buddy for camping and traveling. Picture yourself on a camping trip, waking up to the sounds of nature, and having a perfectly stirred cup of coffee without lifting a finger. That’s the kind of convenience and joy this mug brings. Whether at home or on the road, this mug’s got your back. Great, right?


  • Press the button on the handle and cup will stir itself
  •  350ml
  • Includes travel lid with drinking hole
  • Durable
Mug Cup Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

3 Pieces Plain Coffee Tea Ceramic Mug Cup

The price of 3 Pieces Plain Coffee Tea Ceramic Mug Cup in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 6,000 to ₦ 6,888.

Mug Cup Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Best Mom Ever Custom Branded Ceramic Mug

The cost of Best Mom Ever Custom Branded Ceramic Mug in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 2,000 to ₦ 3,000. These mugs are something special, I must say. Drenched in vibrant colors, they’ll make you stand out wherever you are. You won’t be just another face in the crowd with one of these in your hand. And the designs? Oh, they’re rare, printed in limited numbers. You won’t find these everywhere you go, so you can be sure you’re holding something unique. It’s not just a mug; it’s a statement!


  • 11oz Mug
  • Sublimation Branding
  • Comes in a carrying Box
  • Very beautiful and colorfully branded
  • Print Non Toxic 
How much is Mug in Nigeria

FAQs on How much is Mug Cup in Nigeria

In this section, we will be presenting the frequently asked question on the price of Mug in Nigeria. Without any further ado, let’s get started!!!

Price of Mugs in Lagos?

The cost of Mug in Lagos ranges from NGN2000 to NGN8000. Kindly note that price can vary from different sellers across Lagos.

Glass Mug Cup Price in Nigeria?

The cost of Glass Mug in Nigeria ranges from NGN2,000 to NGN10,000.

What Factors Influence the Price of Mug Cups in Nigeria?

Oh, the price of a mug cup isn’t just a random number. It depends on what it’s made of, how it looks, the brand name, and even where you buy it. Fancy brands and unique designs usually cost a bit more, while the straightforward ones won’t break the bank.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for a Mug Cup in Nigeria?

You’ve got plenty of options here. If you want something simple, you might pay as low as ₦500. But if you’re going for something a bit more stylish or a well-known brand, it might go up to ₦5,000 or even more. It’s all about what you like!

Where Can I Buy Mug Cups in Nigeria?

Mug cups are everywhere! You can grab one at local markets, shopping malls, or even from the comfort of your home through online stores. Whatever fits your style and pocket, there’s a place to find it.

Are There Any Unique or Rare Mug Cup Designs Available in Nigeria?

Absolutely! If you want something that stands out, Nigeria has plenty of unique mug designs. Vibrant colors, limited edition prints, traditional patterns – we’ve got it all.

Can I Get Customized Mug Cups in Nigeria?

Oh yes! Want your name on it? A special logo or design? Plenty of vendors will be happy to customize a mug just for you. It adds a personal touch and makes for a fantastic gift.

What Are the Most Popular Mug Cup Brands in Nigeria?

From luxury to affordable, Nigeria’s got a mug cup for everyone. Whether it’s international brands or local folks crafting beautiful mugs, you won’t run out of options.

Is the Self Stirring Mug Available in Nigeria?

You bet! That cool mug that stirs itself at the push of a button? You can find it in Nigeria. It’s great for adding a little fun to your morning routine or impressing your friends.

How Can I Take Care of My Mug Cup to Ensure Longevity?

Taking care of your mug is pretty simple. Just check the instructions – they’ll usually tell you if it’s dishwasher safe or needs some gentle hand washing. And stay away from harsh cleaners if you want to keep the color and design looking fresh.

Wrapping Up Mug Cup Price in Nigeria

And that is it, we have journeyed through the cost of mug cup in Nigeria. again, kindly note that price of Mug can vary across all locations in Nigeria.

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