Foldable Wardrobe Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Foldable Wardrobe Price in Nigeria: Welcome to PriceOfProducts, your go-to destination for accurate and up-to-date information on various products in Nigeria! Today, we turn our focus towards something that’s both trendy and functional – the foldable wardrobe. A must-have in modern homes, foldable wardrobes are making waves in Nigeria for their space-saving design and eye-catching appeal.

Whether you’re a student in a dormitory, a family moving into a new home, or simply someone looking to refresh your living space, a foldable wardrobe might just be the solution you need. But with so many options in the market, how do you decide what’s best for your budget and style? Worry not, as we’ll break down everything you need to know about the prices, features, and where to buy foldable wardrobes in Nigeria.

Stick with us as we unpack the intricacies of this wonderful addition to your living space, ensuring that you make an informed decision without breaking the bank. Let’s unfold the mystery of foldable wardrobe price in Nigeria together, only on PriceOfProducts!

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This post will provide you with detailed information about the price of an foldable wardrobe in Nigeria. I’m sure you’ve arrived at this page because you want to know how much the foldable wardrobe costs in Nigeria, what its characteristics are, and how much the latest foldable wardrobe 2023 costs in Nigeria. However, the current pricing of foldable wardrobes in Nigeria differs by location. There are numerous standing wardrobes available in Nigeria, but this page will only provide you with the foldable wardrobe pricing list. We’ll focus on the pricing of foldable wardrobe in Nigeria. Nigerianprice will provide you with accurate and trustworthy information about this sort of wardrobe.

Moving on, as you may know, a wardrobe is one of the most significant pieces of furniture you should have at home.

In regards to this, investing time in researching the best wardrobe is important. As a result, foldable wardrobe Price is described in detail in this page, especially if you live in Nigeria.

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How much is Foldable Wardrobe in Nigeria?

The cost of foldable wardrobe in Nigeria ranges from NGN5,000 to NGN100,000. Kindly note that price of foldable wardrobe will vary in different locations across Nigeria. This means that the price mentioned is just based on estimation not fixed. Check out the price list of foldable wardrobe in Nigeria below;

Double Size Non-Wooden Iron Steel Foldable Fabric Wardrobe

The price of Double Size Non-Wooden Iron Steel Foldable Fabric Wardrobe in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 45,300 to ₦ 47,300.

Are you looking for a simple yet efficient solution to your overflowing wardrobe? Look no further than a portable wardrobe. Not only does it provide excellent additional storage for your clothes, but its freestanding and mobile design makes it an absolute convenience for any home.

Built with firm and durable steel piping frames, these portable closets glide effortlessly on caster bases, allowing you to move them short distances with ease. Need to transport them even further, perhaps downstairs or on trips and vacations? No problem! They can be folded down or collapsed, offering a hassle-free solution for your ever-changing needs.

Not just practical, these wardrobes are designed to endure, too. With a durable Feva cover that provides dust and water resistance, you can rest easy knowing your garments are protected. What’s more, the 25MM plating steel tube and thickened Oxford cloth add an extra layer of resilience.

The aesthetically pleasing design includes a white rice reinforcement sleeve, a curtain and door curtain feature, and an elegant tassel design. It’s not just a clothing storage solution; it’s an addition to your home that brings both functionality and style to your bedroom, caravan, or wherever a quick and convenient clothing storage option is required.

So, why wait? Explore the world of portable wardrobes, and bring convenience and elegance right to your doorstep.


* Product Dimensions: 165x45x168cm.
* Frame: Φ25mm 
*Galvanized TubeAdaptor: PP Plastic for the connecting adaptor to ensure the firmness of the frame connection, which can be reused for many times.
*Fabric Cover: Oxford Fabric with Printing.
* The frame consists of 25 mm pipes to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the cloth wardrobe.* High Loading Capacity with strong shelves.* Perfect for storing clothes, books, toys, shoes, absolutely anything. * Dust-proof, Waterproof, Mildew Proofing,  Antibacterial * Free Combination, Easy To Assemble And Detach *Good size for different storage needs,with super bearing capacity. * Portable and movable

Foldable Wardrobe Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

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Strong Foldable Frame Mobile Wardrobe Closet

The cost of Strong Foldable Frame Mobile Wardrobe Closet in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 45,000 to ₦ 48,000.

Meet the lightweight portable wardrobe, a blend of style and functionality, perfect for those on-the-go moments. Whether you’re on a travel adventure, setting up for a photo shoot, or in need of temporary storage during short or long-term visits, this portable closet space has got you covered.

Designed with practicality in mind, it features both shelves and hanging spaces, providing a convenient storage solution for your clothing and accessories. Its hard plastic frame, coupled with a canvas cover, ensures durability, while the moisture-proof PEVA material keeps mold and mildew at bay.

But that’s not all; this portable wardrobe isn’t just about utility; it’s also environmentally friendly. With its lightweight design, it can effortlessly fit into your daily life, making storage a breeze no matter where you find yourself.

Great in form and function, the Lightweight Portable Wardrobe offers a modern approach to temporary storage. Invest in one today, and experience the ease and elegance it brings to your life.


  • Includes hanging space with  shelves
  • Hard plastic frame with  cover‎‎.‎‎
  • Durable‎‎,‎‎ moisture proof PEVA prevents mold and mildew
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It s moveable
Cost of Foldable Wardrobe in Nigeria

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Why Choosing a Foldable Wardrobe?

Ever found yourself overwhelmed with clothes and accessories but short on space? Or maybe you’re planning a short trip and need a temporary place to hang your outfits? Foldable wardrobes are quickly becoming a favorite, and here’s why you might want to consider getting one yourself.

1. Space-Saving Design

Let’s face it, not all of us have the luxury of large closets. Foldable wardrobes are like magic for small spaces. When you’re not using them, just fold them away. Easy, right?

2. Versatility and Portability

Whether you’re going on a vacation, heading to a photo shoot, or moving into a dorm, these foldable wardrobes are lightweight and easy to carry. Just pack it up and take it with you. Talk about convenient!

3. Affordability

We all love a good bargain, and foldable wardrobes are usually way more affordable than their bulky counterparts. Saving money and space at the same time? Yes, please!

4. Durability and Maintenance

You might think something foldable isn’t strong, but many of these wardrobes are built to last with materials like steel and hard plastic. Plus, they’re often moisture-proof, so no worries about mold or mildew.

5. Eco-Friendly Options

If you’re into making eco-friendly choices, some foldable wardrobes are made with the planet in mind. Feel good about your purchase while keeping your clothes neatly organized.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Who says practical can’t be pretty? These foldable wardrobes come in different designs to match your unique style. It’s more than just a storage solution; it’s a fashionable statement.


So, there you have it! Foldable wardrobes are more than just a trend; they’re a practical solution that fits into our busy, ever-changing lives. Whether you’re tight on space, on a budget, or just in need of a temporary storage fix, give foldable wardrobes a try. You might just wonder how you ever lived without one. Happy folding!

FAQs on Foldable Wardrobe Price in Nigeria

How much does a basic foldable wardrobe cost in Nigeria?

Great question! A basic foldable wardrobe can start as low as NGN 5,000. Of course, this price can vary depending on the design, size, and materials used. It’s an affordable solution for those in need of extra storage!

Are there any luxury or high-end foldable wardrobes available?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for something a bit more lavish, you can find premium foldable wardrobes ranging from NGN 20,000 to 50,000. These often come with additional features, unique designs, and high-quality materials.

Where can I purchase a foldable wardrobe in Nigeria?

You’re in luck! Foldable wardrobes are widely available both in physical stores and online. Places like local furniture stores, online marketplaces, and even some large supermarkets might have what you’re looking for.

Do foldable wardrobe prices vary between cities in Nigeria?

Yes, they might. Costs can vary depending on the location, availability, and local demand. It’s always a good idea to shop around or ask a local friend for advice to find the best deal in your area.

Are there any extra costs I should be aware of, like assembly or delivery?

Good thinking! Some sellers might charge for delivery or assembly. Be sure to ask about any additional fees when making your purchase, so there are no surprises when the bill comes.

Is it possible to find discounts or sales on foldable wardrobes?

Definitely! Keep an eye on seasonal sales, promotional offers, or online discounts. Sometimes, you can score a fantastic deal on a foldable wardrobe that fits your budget even better.

How do I know if I’m getting a good quality foldable wardrobe for the price?

It’s all about research and knowing what you need. Look for reviews, ask for recommendations, or even check the product in-store if possible. Quality often aligns with price, but smart shopping can lead you to a valuable find that suits your needs and wallet.

We hope this FAQ has answered some of the questions you might have about foldable wardrobe prices in Nigeria. If you still have questions or need personalized advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to local sellers or online forums. Happy wardrobe hunting, and may you find the perfect foldable solution for your space.

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Wrapping Up Foldable Wardrobe Price in Nigeria

Foldable wardrobes are more than just a trend; they’re an intelligent response to modern living. From saving space in compact apartments to providing convenient storage for travelers and budget-conscious individuals, foldable wardrobes offer a solution that’s both practical and stylish.

We’ve explored the world of these innovative wardrobes, diving into their key features, price ranges, and even some handy FAQs specifically tailored to the Nigerian market. Whether you’re drawn to their affordability, portability, or the sheer convenience they offer, it’s clear that foldable wardrobes have a place in many homes and lives.

Choosing a foldable wardrobe isn’t just about adding another piece of furniture to your room; it’s about embracing flexibility and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of our busy lives. And with options available for every budget and style preference, there’s likely a foldable wardrobe out there just waiting to make your life a little bit easier.

So why wait? Whether you’re in Lagos, Abuja, or anywhere in between, there’s a foldable wardrobe solution waiting for you. Explore the possibilities, shop around, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You might just find the perfect piece that adds convenience, style, and functionality to your life.

Happy exploring, and here’s to finding the foldable wardrobe that unfolds just the right amount of joy and practicality in your world!

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