Ekeson Night Bus from Abuja to Lagos: See the Price

Ekeson Motors night bus from Abuja to Lagos ranges from ₦18,300 to ₦19,500, considering different factors like the situation of the Nigeria Petroleum sector; the exorbitant price of petrol and all. We are going to elaborate more in this article.

Are you a resident of Lagos or Abuja? Are you are a regular commuter that travels often from Lagos to Abuja? Whichever you may be, there is definitely nothing you can do without craving a very reliable transportation firm with which you can travel without hiccups.

Amazing friend! Ekeson Motors is one of the best choices. The transportation company offers different vehicles for different destination and each of these vehicles has air conditioners installed. Massive right!

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However, the cost of transportation through Ekeson motors night bus from Abuja to Lagos plays a significant role in deciding whether you are financially ready to patronize the firm or not. Don’t get scared, the cost is so pocket-friendly.

In this report, we will go on journey to explore the transport charges that you will be required to pay while traveling with the Ekeson night bus from Abuja to Lagos.

We will also go in-depth into the various Ekeson Motors bus terminals situated in Lagos and Abuja, to give you a straight head-on on where to go to if you want to travel with the company. Sit up, put on your seatbelts, lets zoom off!

Ekeson Night Bus from Abuja to Lagos

How much is Ekeson Night Bus from Abuja to Lagos?

The cost of transportation from Abuja to Lagos through the Ekeson Motors night bus is within the range of ₦18,300 to ₦19,500, with the current price of petrol in Nigeria. This price is expected to be reduced as soon as the cost of petrol rug-pull.

In the next part of this article, we will let you know the Ekesons Motors bus terminals in Lagos and Abuja. Be informed that this company focuses mostly on Lagos and Abuja. However, they also have terminals in other states which will be included in this section too.

Lagos State TerminalsAddress
Okota TerminalTeleolukoya Shopping Complex, 121, Okota Road, Opposite UBA PLC, Okota, Lagos State.
Ikotun TerminalA step Plus Plaza, 3, Idimu Ikotun Road, Ikotun, Opp Conoil Filling Station Ikotun, Lagos State.
Iddo TerminalNigeria Railway Terminal Yard, Iddo, Lagos State.
Oyingbo TerminalNo. 12, Apapa Road Oyingbo, Lagos state.
Ikeja Terminal11 Olayeni Street off Medical Road Ikeja Computer village Lagos.
Maza Maza27, Old Ojo Road, Lagos- Badagry Exp. Way, Lagos.
Trade Fair TerminalZone A, Block 10, Shop 21 Aspamda Plaza, Trade Fair Complex, Lagos State.
Iba TerminalIyana School B/stop, LASU Isheri Road, Unity Estate, Iba, Lagos State.


Ekeson Motors Terminals in Abuja

Zone 5 TerminalSuite 19, Nandu Plaza Ndola Crescent,  Wuse Zone 5,  Abuja.
Maitama TerminalAbuja Corporate Affairs Commission, 1403, Aguiyi Ironsi Street Off Tigris Crescent, Maitama Abuja
Utako TerminalAbuja EPS Courier Centre, Ekesons Premises by Berger Junction Utako District, Abuja
Kubwa TerminalMercy Plaza, Phase 4, By Chicken and Side, Kubwa, Abuja
Benin Terminal No. 48 Airport Road (ABUMA BUILDING) Opp. Omegatron/Mall of America, Benin City
Aba Terminal12 Milverton Street, Aba
Calabar Terminal76, Ndidem Usang Iso Rd, Calabar
Asaba TerminalRich & Richy Plaza, Opposite Agofure Pack By Koka Junction, Ibuso Road,  Asaba
Ibadan Terminal42, MKO Abiola Road, Ring Road Chemist Bustop Damien Plaza, Ibadan, Oyo State.
Kaduna TerminalNo. 1, Constitution Road, by Stadium R/About, Kaduna
Enugu Terminal164, Ogui Road, Enugu
Port Harcourt Terminal159 Aba Road, by Waterline Bus Stop Port- Harcourt, Rivers State.
Uyo Terminal123 Abak Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom
Kano TerminalSuite J11, Opp Akintola Williams, Kano.
Warri Terminal1, WaterResources Road, Warri
Jos Terminal41, Rwan Pam Street, JOS
Minna Terminal118, Kasuwa Gwari Road, Minna
Onitsha TerminalE.Ekesons Park, Upper Iweka
Owerri Terminal8, Mbaise Road, Owerri 23, Onitsha Road, Near Rochas Okorochas Foundation, Owerri.

FAQs about the cost of Ekeson Night Bus from Abuja to Lagos

How much is bus fare from Abuja to Lagos?

The transport fare from Abuja to Lagos depends on the company and transportation condition. However, on the Ekeson Motors side, the cost from Abuja to Lagos ranges from N18,000 to N21,000.

How many hours is the bus from Lagos to Abuja?

The distance between Lagos and Abuja is 707 km if you take a car. But If you take a bus from Abuja to Lagos, it will take you up to 8hour, 30minutes. It depends on the velocity with which your car moves per hour.

Can I travel by train from Abuja to Lagos?

There is no direct connection from Abuja to Lagos. However, you can take the train to Abuja Airport, take the walk to Abuja airport, fly to Faro, take the walk to Faro Airport, take the line 16 bus to Faro – Estação CP, take the walk to Faro, then take the train to Lagos.

Which road is best from Lagos to Abuja?

Lagos – Akure – Owo – Ibilo – Okene – Lokoja – Abuja route is the most popular because public transport companies operating between Lagos and Abuja often use it.

Ekeson Night Bus from Abuja to Lagos: Conclusion

This post mainly lays emphasis on the transportation fee for traveling with the Ekesons Motors night bus from Abuja to Lagos.

Note that if you want to patronize the Ekesons Motors, you have to book a ticket via their website. On the website, you will be asked to provide all the details about your itinerary. Click HERE to book your ticket.

However, if you feel we’ve missed a fact about this topic, kindly put it in the comments. We will glad to get your feedback.

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