ABC Transport Price List 2023-2024

ABC Transport Price List: Hey there, travelers! If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the best deals on transportation, especially when it comes to road travel in Nigeria. Well, you’re in the right place, because today we’re diving deep into the ABC Transport Price List. Yup, that’s right! Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a business trip, or just visiting family, it’s crucial to know what you’re going to pay for that journey.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, why ABC Transport, right? It’s simple: they’ve been around for years, and they’re one of the most trusted names in the Nigerian transportation sector. From luxury buses to sprinter services, they have options for every traveler and every budget. But hey, let’s cut to the chase. How much is it going to cost you?

Stick around as we break down all the nitty-gritty details, including routes, types of buses, and, of course, prices! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this valuable info. ABC Transport operates a fleet of buses that cruise to various regions across Nigeria.

These buses hit the road from multiple terminals, which are smartly situated to accommodate their diverse customer base. We know it can be a real hassle trying to dig up ABC Transport’s price list, right? No worries, we’ve got your back! We’ve rolled up our sleeves and done the legwork to gather all the pricing details for you, and they’re listed right below. So, keep reading!

ABC Transport Price List

ABC Transport Price List

The following are the list of ABC transport prices;

  • Abuja – Calabar: From ₦21,950
  • Lagos – to Ghana: From ₦40,000
  • Lokoja – Calabar: From ₦17,050
  • Abuja – Lagos: From ₦24,400
  • Aba– Enugu: From ₦5,000
  • Umuahia – Enugu: From ₦4,500
  • Calabar – Abuja: From ₦23,350
  • Calabar – Benin: From ₦21,500
  • Calabar– Enugu: From ₦7,500
  • Calabar – Owerri: From ₦8,550
  • Calabar – Umuahia: From ₦7,550
  • Enugu – Aba: From ₦5,000
  • Enugu – Umuahia: From ₦4,500
  • Enugu – Calabar: From ₦7,800
  • Enugu – Portharcourt: From ₦3,800
  • Portharcourt – Calabar: From ₦7,000
  • Portharcourt – Uyo: From ₦5,800
  • Portharcourt – Enugu: From ₦6,000
  • Warri – Calabar: From ₦12,500
  • Warri – Uyo: From ₦11,500
  • Owerri – Abuja: From ₦ 23600
  •  Umuahia – Warri: From  ₦ 7800
  •  Owerri to Warri: From ₦ 7650
  •  Enugu to Calabar: From ₦ 7800
  •  Port Harcourt to Lagos Jibowu: From ₦ 21600
  •  Port Harcourt to Lagos Amuwo: From ₦ 21600
  •  Abuja to Ibadan: From ₦ 16700
  •  Gwagwalada to Ibadan: From ₦ 15700
  •  Lokoja to Ibadan: From ₦ 14700
  •  Calabar to Warri: From ₦ 11200
  •  Uyo to Warri: From ₦ 11000
  •  Enugu to Port Harcourt: From ₦ 5700
  •  Lagos Ajah to Calabar: From ₦ 22400
  •  IjebuOde to Calabar:  From ₦ 20400
  •  Benin to Calabar: From ₦ 7250
  •  Calabar to Enugu: From ₦ 4500
  •  Port Harcourt to Calabar: From ₦ 7500
  •  Calabar to Owerri : From ₦ 4950
  •  Calabar to Umuahia: From ₦ 8150
  •  Abuja to Enugu: From ₦ 25750
  •  Lokoja to Enugu: From ₦ 23250
  •  Gwagwalada to Enugu: From  ₦ 24250
  •  Ibadan to Abuja: From ₦ 12000
  •  Lagos Jibowu to Abuja: From ₦ 13000
  •  Umuahia to Lagos Bolade Oshodi: From ₦ 17600
  •  Mbaise to Lagos Bolade Oshodi: From ₦ 16600
  •  Onitsha to Lagos Bolade Oshodi: From ₦ 16500
  •  Benin to Lagos Bolade Oshodi: From ₦ 19400
  •  Umuahia to Warri: From ₦ 4100
  •  Owerri to Warri:  From ₦ 11000
  •  Enugu to Calabar: From ₦ 9750
  •  Calabar to Enugu: From ₦ 9300
  •   Owerri to Calabar: From  ₦ 11000
  •  Calabar to Owerri: From ₦ 10500
  •  Lagos Ajah to Owerri: From ₦ 25050
  •  IjebuOde to Owerri: From ₦ 23000
  •  Lagos Ajah to Umuahia: From ₦ 25050
  •  Lagos Ajah to Onitsha: From ₦ 22750
  •  Lagos Ajah to Mbaise: From ₦ 25050

Heads up! It’s important to remember that these prices can fluctuate due to a variety of reasons. Things like festive seasons, spikes in demand, government regulations, and even changes in ABC Transport’s own policies can impact the rates. So, always be prepared for some variation. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s dive into the various ABC Transport terminals across Nigeria. Stay tuned!

ABC Transport Price List

After discussing the ABC transport price list, let’s check out the ABC Transport Terminals and their Addresses below;

ABC Transport Terminals and their Addresses

As we’ve already touched on, ABC Transport is quite the expansive network, stretching not only across Nigeria but also reaching other parts of West Africa. So, if you’re wondering where you can hop on or off one of their buses, look no further. Below, we’re spilling all the tea on their terminal addresses and how you can get in touch with them.


Address: 2, Ikot Ekpene Road, Aba

Phone numbers: 07029116651, 08229116651, 08142552421



Address: 8, Mission Hill Umuahia

Phone numbers: 07038571144, 08035448821



Address: 36, Ekukinam Street, Utako District (off Berger Junction), Abuja

Phone numbers: 095242020, 092634148, 08142552437



Address: Jibeco Nigeria Limited, Gwagwalada, Abuja FCT

Phone number: 07030890239



Address: Plot 1850 Cadastral Zone B07, Near Mabushi Modern Market, Abuja

Phone number: 08142552447


UYO 1  

Address: Long Distance Bus Terminal, Park Road, Itam, Uyo

Phone number: 08067060526


UYO 2 

Address: 60 Ikot Ekpene Road, opposite MTN Office, Uyo

Phone number: 07038894946



Address: Aroma Junction by Ozoagu Bus Stop, Awka

Phone numbers: 08064834870, 08064699718



Address: Onitsha-Asaba Expressway, Opposite Ogbaru Main Market, after Upper Iweka Flyover, Onitsha.

Phone numbers: 046482784, 07038570482



Address: Emperor Tour Sarl, Stade de L’amite Kouhounou, Cotonou

Phone numbers: +22897035013, 93699554, 97387842



Address: 75, IBB Way, Calabar

Phone number: 08069189038



Address: INE oil Ltd off KM 8 Benin – Lagos Expressway, Euboumore Village, Benin.

Phone numbers: 08036788464, 08062968337



Address: 194, PTI Road, Effurun, Warri

Phone number: 07066221578


ENUGU (9th Mile)      

Address: Beemartz Hotel, 38 Enugu Road, 9th Mile Corner, Ngwo

Phone number: 08142552424



Address: 122, Ogui Road, Enugu

Phone number: 042255069



Address: 75, Nsawam Road, R5 Bus Stop (Caprice), opposite Price Way Hotel, Avenor, Accra.

Phone numbers: 0244739143, 0208765930, 021227236, 009233243708737



Address: Alpha Paradise Hotel by Ahiara Junction Ahiazu Mbaise, Mbaise

Phone number: 08063786378



Address: Plot 9 Egbu Road, Owerri

Email: 08064327270


Address: 3, Kachia Road by Railway Station Market, Kaduna

Phone numbers: 08034910292, 08139083445, 08037791010



Address: 178 Hammed Bello Way, Opposite New Market, adjacent Texaco Petrol Station, Lokoja

Phone numbers: 07038570375, 0809597096, 08038808013


Special cargo service, LAGOS

Address: 52C Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi

Phone numbers: 018793070, 08101312485



Address: Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way by Festac Bypass, Lagos

Phone numbers: 01-8793076, 08053001000, 08142552436



Address: 129 Agege Motor Road

Phone numbers: 01-7911365, 8793078, 8793070, 07038570556, 08033722122



Address: 2, Simbiat Abiola Way, Computer Village, Ikeja

Phone number: 08023422666



Address: 22, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba

Phone numbers: 01-7741320, 8793072


LEKKI Ticketing Outlet            

Address: Opposite Jakande 1st Gate beside FCMB, Lekki Expressway, Lekki

Phone number: 08138273133



Address: 60, Jos Road, beside NYSC Zonal Office, Akwanga

Phone number: 07038571256



Address: Opposite Nigerian Breweries by Acorn Filling Station, New Ife Road, Ibadan

Phone number: 08142552449



Address: Hallmark Home Plaza, 7/9 Lugard Road, (Former UTC Motors), Jos

Phone number: 09034910292


Rivers, PORT-HARCOURT     

Address: Eliozu Junction, East/West Road, Port Harcourt

Phone numbers: 0806591043, 08140066940



Address: 7, Rue Sylvanus Olympio Presse de la Station Total Plage, Sur route de Restaurant Marox, Lome

Phone numbers: +2289076956, 9171741, 9255998


Here is ABC Transport from Lagos to Ghana

FAQs on ABC Transport Price List

What is ABC Transport Known For?

ABC Transport is like the go-to for comfy and reliable travel within Nigeria and some other parts of West Africa. They’re not just about moving people; they also handle cargo and can even set you up if you’ve got a group trip in mind.

Is the ABC Transport Price List Fixed?

No, It does not. Lots of things can shake up the rates, like holiday seasons, sudden high demand, or even a new policy from the government or the company itself. Always good to double-check the latest prices before you hit the road.

Can I Book My Ticket Online?

Yes! ABC Transport has made life easy with online booking. Just hop onto their website and you can book your seat from the comfort of your home. No need to stand in any long lines.

Do They Offer Cargo Services?

Yep, they sure do. If you’ve got some stuff you need to move, ABC’s got a whole division just for cargo. Just remember, what you pay will depend on what you’re shipping and how far it’s gotta go.

How Do I Contact ABC Transport?

Each terminal’s got its own contact info, like phone numbers and emails. We’ve got all that listed above, so you can reach out to the terminal closest to you.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

Besides the regular bus rides, they’ve got some extra services up their sleeves. Think VIP travel, Sprinter services for a quicker journey, and even big-time haulage services if you’ve got a heavy load to move.

Wrapping Up ABC Transport Price List

Hope this clears up any questions you’ve got regarding the ABC transport price list. If you’re still wondering about something, don’t hesitate to ask!

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