How Much is Ekeson Night Bus

How Much is Ekeson Night Bus: Ekeson night bus pricelist ranges from N15,000 and N24,000. The amount you will be required to pay depends on your desired destination. We will explain the cost for different destinations later in this post.

Hi friend! Are you planning to travel at night and you don’t know which transportation firm to trust with your journey life or the fee you will have to pay? Well, we’ve made our researches on your behalf and we want to recommend Ekeson Motors for you.

Ekesons Motors operates bus transportation services according to the accepted international standards of road transportation. The company’s services are specially designed for distinguished travelers within Nigeria.

Ekeson Motors offers enough vehicles that satisfy different transportation requests. We’ve written about the Ekesons Motors major price list, where we made clear, the fee for different destinations within Nigeria.

However today, we want to emphasize on the cost of transportation for those that want to travel at night through the Ekeson night bus.

How Much is Ekeson Night Bus

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It is understandable that it is more tempting to travel at night because of the swift movement on the road and less traffic delays. But on the other hand, traveling at night seems to be somewhat risky at times because of the day-in-day-out public unrests.

Nonetheless, Ekeson Motors always try its possible best to protect all the passengers that travel through the company’s transportation service against any harm whatsoever. Not the question is; “how much is Ekeson Night Bus?”

In this post, we will shed more lights on the transport fare that is required to travel with Ekeson Motors night bus service for different locations. Read as we explain!

How Much is Ekeson Night Bus?

The cost of transportation for Ekeson Motors night bus varies on the destination you book for. However, the transport charges for Ekeson Motors night bus is between N15,000 and N24,000. See the full list below.

From Abuja to Lagos ₦18, 300 to ₦19, 500
From Lagos to Ibadan₦5,000
From Onitsha to Lagos (Jibowu)₦17, 400
Owerri (Egbu Road) to Lagos (Jibowu)₦15,500
From Alaakia, Ibadan to Gwagwalada, Abuja₦24, 000
From Port Harcourt to Lagos (Jibowu)₦17, 000
From Lokoja to Ibadan₦20, 500

Dangers with Night Travels

As is often said, everything in life carries some degree of risk, but some things carry risk more so than others. Traveling at night is generally riskier than traveling during the day, especially given the current situation in Nigeria. Traveling at night could come with the following dangers;

  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Health Risk
  • Accidents

Prevent Been Affected By Doing These;

  • Keep the valuable stuffs you cherish close to you.
  • Don’t bring too much cash on your trip. Keep the ATM secure.
  • To stay awake on a night trip, avoid drinking.
  • To prevent stomach distress, avoid overeating.
  • Tell someone you know about your vacation.
  • Pick a place to sit that is comfortable so you can take a nap whenever you need to.

Ekeson Motors Contacts:


Phone: +(234) 09099900911


How Much is Ekeson Night Bus: Frequently Asked Questions

Which transport company travels at night?

Below is the list of transportation companies that travel at night

  • Ekeson Motors
  • ABC Transport
  • GIG Mobility
  • Peace Mass Transit
  • Libra Motors Transport

How much is transport from Lagos to Ibadan?

Ekeson Motors charge N5,000 from Lagos to Ibadan. This price is expected to be reduced as soon as the fuel cost reduces.

Does London have night buses?

The night bus network extends across the whole city operating seven days a week and over half of all journeys made on night buses are for commuting. London’s bus network is affordable.

How many hours drive from ph to Abuja?

The distance is 663 km. The total driving time is 10 hours, 28 minutes.

Wrapping Up on Ekeson Motors Night Bus Price List

Ekeson Motors have different bus terminals across the country. You can click HERE to read about the Ekesons Bus terminals in Nigeria and other facts that you need to know about the Ekesons.

This post lays emphasis on the transportation charges for Ekeson Motors Night bus service. If there is anything else you want us to review, kingly put it in the comment section.

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