Artificial Grass Price in Nigeria in 2023-2024

The Price of artificial grass in Nigeria is within the range of N3,500 and N20,000 depending on several factors, including the quality, brand, and size you choose.

Artificial Grass Price in Nigeria


Hello Reader, welcome back to! Today we will be looking at artificial grass carpet price and where you can get it in Nigeria.

If you’re considering buying artificial grass for your home or business in Nigeria, it’s essential to have a clear idea of the price range. Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing solution for landscaping and outdoor spaces.

Much like a durable and reliable option for transforming your outdoor areas, artificial grass provides a lush and green appearance all year round. But what’s artificial grass carpet price in Nigeria?

Whether you’re looking to enhance your garden, rooftop, or any outdoor space, we’re here to provide you with insights into the cost of artificial grass per square metre in Nigeria.

Join us as we explore the details and discover how much it takes to elevate your outdoor spaces with the beauty and convenience of synthetic grass.

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Cost of Artificial Grass Per Square Metre in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Synthetic grass comes in various varieties, making it challenging to provide a fixed price. Several factors come into play when determining the cost of artificial grass, including:

  • Grass quality
  • Brand reputation
  • Grass size
  • Location or Area
  • Choice of vendor

However, we’ve conducted a market survey to compile a list of the most sought-after products, along with their prices based on size. You can find these details in the list below for your convenience.

Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (50 mm): N8,500 –N10,000

Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (40 mm): N7,000 – N8,500

The Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (35 mm): N6,500 – N7,000

Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (30 mm): N5,500 – N6,300

Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (10 mm): N3,500 – N4,000

The Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (20 mm): N4,500 – N5,000

Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (15 mm): N4,000 – N4,500

Bahamas Artificial Grass Turf (25 mm): N5,000 – N5,500

Beautiful Artificial Grass (10 mm): N3,000 – N3,500

The Beautiful Artificial Grass (15 mm): N3,500 – N4,000

Beautiful Artificial Grass (20 mm): N4,500 – N4,800

Beautiful Artificial Grass (25 mm): N4,800 – N5,300

The Beautiful Artificial Grass (30 mm): N5,500 – N6,000

Beautiful Artificial Grass (35 mm): N6,500 – N7,000

Beautiful Artificial Grass (40 mm): N7,000 – N7,500

The Beautiful Artificial Grass (45 mm): N8,500 – N9,500

Child and Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass (50 mm): N8,500 – NN9,000

Child and Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass (25 mm): N4,800 – N5,000

The Child and Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass (20 mm): N4,500 – N4,800

Child and Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass (15 mm): N4,000 – N4,500

Child and Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass (10 mm): N3,500 – N4,000

Artificial Green Grass Area Rug (Perfect Color/Sizing for Indoor and Outdoor Use): N4,500 – N5,500

Artificial Lawn 3.3 inches x 5 inches Artificial Green Grass (Indoor/Outdoor Landscape Pet Area): N4,500 – N6,000

Tamera Artificial Solid Grass Design Turf: N10,000 – N10,000 – N12,000

Realistic Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass/Turf: N10,000 – N13,000

Artificial Grass Price in Nigeria

Advantages of Artificial Grass

Here are a few advantages of artificial grass placement:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Artificial grass closely resembles real grass, enhancing the appearance of gardens, outdoor spaces, and even indoor areas.
  • Versatile Usage: Widely used for both aesthetic and practical purposes, including landscaping and sports field surfacing.
  • Evolution: Artificial grass technology has advanced significantly over time, improving its quality and durability.
  • Water Conservation: Offers a sustainable solution to water management, reducing the need for extensive watering.
  • Environmental Protection: Shields individuals and the environment from the harmful effects of synthetic fertilizers and insecticides.
  • Year-Round Attractiveness: Maintains its vibrant appearance throughout the year, unlike natural grass that can wither in dry seasons.
  • Time and Effort Savings: Requires no watering, mowing, or extensive maintenance, saving both time and effort.
  • Eco-Friendly: Doesn’t rely on fertilizers or pesticides, promoting environmental well-being.
  • Consistent Appearance: Resists patchy spots caused by pests and wear and tear, maintaining a uniform look.
  • Efficient Installation: Quick and hassle-free installation process, requiring minimal effort.

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Disadvantages of Artificial Grass

While artificial grass offers several advantages, it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks. Let’s explore some of the cons associated with installing artificial grass:

  • Cost: Artificial grass can be relatively expensive, making it often associated with more affluent individuals in Nigeria.
  • Installation Expenses: The installation of artificial grass comes with additional costs that need to be factored in.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Over time, you may need to replace the anti-shock layer and infill material, incurring additional expenses.
  • Environmental Impact: Artificial grass contains non-biodegradable materials like polyethylene plastic, requiring replacement every 15 to 25 years, which is not environmentally friendly.
  • Maintenance Effort: While it doesn’t require mowing, artificial grass necessitates maintenance such as sanitizing and sweeping to prevent bacterial growth that can pose health risks to humans and pets.
  • Harmful Materials: Some components used in artificial grass, like crumb rubber for infill, can be harmful to both humans and the environment, raising concerns about safety.

Where can I Get Synthetic Grass in Nigeria

You can buy synthetic grass in Nigeria at stores, garden centers, or online. You can also ask local landscapers for help in finding the right type. Getting synthetic grass is easy, and it can make your outdoor spaces look great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does artificial grass last?

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last? – Forever Green Lawns

Artificial grass can last up to 20 years, depending on how it is being used. Artificial grass tends to be UV stabilized which ensures that your lawn will keep its color throughout the seasons, and if your grass is well-maintained it should last for around 20 years of light use – for example, in the back garden.

How do you calculate artificial grass?

How To Measure For Artificial Grass & Calculate Square Feet

To calculate the area of your rectangular or square artificial turf installation, multiply the length of the turf strip you need by the width. For example, if your lawn is 25 feet wide and 15 feet long, you’ll need 375 square feet of turf (25 x 15 = 375).

How do you install artificial grass in Nigeria?

To install artificial turf in Nigeria, you have to purchase the turf, get all the tools, pour crushed stones and sharp sand to prepare the base and lay the grass. Or, you can hire a turf installer to do the job for you.

Can you lay artificial grass on soil?

You must remove natural grass and all other organic matter, and lay a base before installing artificial turf on soil. 

Wrapping up on Synthetic Grass 

Finding synthetic grass in Nigeria is accessible through stores, online options, and local experts. Whether you shop in person or online, it’s a convenient way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor areas.

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