Literide Crocs Price in Nigeria 2023/2024

The price of Literide Crocs in Nigeria is within the range of ₦15,000 to ₦50,000, depending on the type and the current market condition.

Hey there! If you are conversant with us at Nigerianprice, you would have come across our recent posts on the price of Original Crocs in Nigeria and the Yeezy Crocs Price in Nigeria.

As we’ve done justice on those topics, we are going to do the same to this concept too – Literide Crocs Price in Nigeria.

In this post, we are going to talk about the cost of Crocs Literide Crocs in Nigeria, and the factors that determine the product’s price in Nigerian markets.

Literide Crocs Price in Nigeria

If you are looking for an alternative Crocs type that gives ultimate satisfaction like Yeezy Crocs and other types, Literide is the best option you can go for. One of the things you will find interesting about Literide Crocs is that they have a stylish appearance, and convenience in the fashion landscape.

As the Literide Crocs gain recognition in Nigeria, one common question that everyone has been asking is; “How much is Literide Crocs in Nigeria?” Well we are going to help you out of this puzzle with this article. Kindly read on!

Literide Crocs Price in Nigeria

We’ve already established in the previous section of this article that the cost of Literide Crocs in Nigeria depends on the current market condition and the type of Literide Crocs you opt for. However, the major price range for Literide Crocs in Nigeria is between ₦15,000 and ₦50,000.

Check some Crocs LiteRide Crocs that you can get in the market and their prices below:

Literide Crocs Clogs — ₦20,000

Crocs Literide Splash Sandals — ₦22,000

Literide Authentic Sandals — ₦24,000

Crocs Lite Ride 360 Clog Black Grey — ₦45,000

Crocs Literide Kids Crocs Clogs — ₦15,000

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Literide Crocs Price in Nigeria

What you will love about Crocs Literide Crocs

Worth meets Price

LiteRide Crocs are known with quality, and as the saying goes, quality comes at a price. The use of advanced materials and cutting-edge technology contributes to their comfort and durability. This makes LiteRide crocs an investment in foot health.

Choice meets comfortability

Crocs Literide Crocs come with a tempting feeling of convenience. This quality makes them undeniably more suitable for casual usage.

Literide Crocs are Waterproof

Crocs Literide Crocs’ efficiency can never be nullified by water easily. Literide Crocs can be used exactly like any other Crocs foot wears.

Just make sure you always let it dry whenever water enters the inner part to prevent an unpleasant odour. Don’t worry, no matter how often water is stuck in the inner part, it will not destroy it. Note that this doesn’t guarantee you to soak it inside water every day though.


If you know the rate at which Literide Crocs are trending now, nobody will remind you before you clear your doubt about their authenticity. Crocs are not only for ladies and they do not select financial status as they are so much affordable and easy to get.

Design and Customization

This is one of the important reasons why you should consider wearing Literide crocs. You will have the opportunity to choose which colour you want and designs that explains your personality.

Literide Crocs do not only fit you into the trend, they also give you an aesthetic customization that satisfies diverse preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crocs so expensive?

Crocs are very expensive products because of their durability, comfort, unique design, and brand power. Crocs have some features that can never be overemphasized.

What is the difference between Crocs and Crocs LiteRide?

The Crocs are lighter in weight, but the Crocs LiteRide clogs have the extra soft insoles, which might make sense for those standing on their feet all day. Crocs describes it as “sink-in softness”

What are the benefits of LiteRide Crocs?

LiteRide Clogs give chance to ventilation, but the ventilation holes are much smaller than normal Crocs, which just gives these clogs a different appearance.

Overall, LiteRide Clogs have a more athletic design, and feature the LiteRide foam insoles for extra cushioning under the foot.

What is the difference between croslite and LiteRide?

Equal parts science and magic. Crocs Literide is made of Crocs new Literide foam, which is 25% lighter and 40% softer than their traditional Croslite foam. This means Literide Crocs have all the classic charm and style of traditional Crocs, but are softer and lighter.

Wrapping Up on the cost of Literide Crocs in Nigeria

That is all there is to know about the price of Crocs Literide Crocs in Nigeria. In case you missed any part of this post, we implore you to go back and have a quick brush-through. If you do this, it will be easy for you to get the complete information that need.

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