Canola Oil price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Canola Oil price in Nigeria 2023: Hello and welcome to another enlightening post on Nigerianprice, your reliable source for tracking and understanding the pricing trends of various commodities. Today, we’re shifting our focus to an integral part of our kitchens and food industries: Canola Oil, and the focus will be on its price trends in the Nigerian market.

The journey of Canola oil, a versatile and heart-friendly product, is fascinating, having evolved from a modest cooking essential to an indispensable component in the food production sector. It has emerged as one of the top choices among oils, widely recognized for its rich nutritional content, health benefits, and comparatively lesser saturated fats. These attributes contribute to the growing popularity of Canola oil, which has resulted in dynamic pricing structures globally. However, the situation in Nigeria presents a unique set of factors influencing the pricing mechanisms.

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Nigeria, as a rapidly developing country, has seen a significant shift in dietary patterns, and the demand for Canola oil has been steadily increasing over the years. From local households to large-scale food industries, Canola oil has found widespread acceptance in Nigeria, partly due to its culinary versatility and the increasing health consciousness among consumers. But what does this demand mean for its price? How are global market fluctuations affecting local pricing? What role does the Nigerian naira’s performance play in the equation?

In this post, we aim to dissect these crucial questions. We’ll delve into the intriguing world of Canola oil pricing in Nigeria, tracing its journey from international markets to local Nigerian shops. We will attempt to understand the various factors impacting the cost of Canola oil, ranging from international trade policies, currency exchange rates, supply-chain challenges, local market conditions, and the changing preferences of Nigerian consumers.

Stay with us as we embark on this enlightening journey, breaking down the complexities of Canola oil pricing, and providing valuable insights that could potentially guide your purchasing decisions. Understanding the price of products is more than just a number game – it’s about comprehending the socio-economic undercurrents that shape our everyday lives. Let’s unravel this mystery together.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s dive into the ever-evolving world of Canola oil prices in Nigeria.

What is Canola Oil Price in Nigeria 2023

In Nigeria, the pricing structure for Canola Oil is highly diverse, with costs typically spanning between #3,800 to #55,000. This price variance is primarily contingent upon the volume of the oil being purchased. However, this isn’t the sole factor influencing the cost of Canola Oil.

Quality, too, plays a crucial role in determining the price, meaning that the cost of Canola Oil is not solely quantity-based. This highlights that the pricing strategy employed in Nigeria for Canola Oil extends beyond the basic supply-demand dynamic, incorporating the product’s quality as a key determinant. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the price of Canola Oil in Nigeria is an amalgamation of factors, with both quantity and quality serving as pivotal price-setting elements.

Wesson Pure & 100 Percent Natural Canola Oil – 4.73L

Wesson Pure & 100 Percent Natural Canola Oil – 4.73L costs #11,250 in Nigeria. Pure Wesson 100% Natural Canola Oil is the most flexible and nutritionally balanced of all commonly used cooking oils, making it heart-healthy. Every dish benefits from its light, delicate flavor, making it an excellent side dish. This all-purpose cooking oil minimizes the risk of developing cardiovascular disease due to its lack of cholesterol. Prepare delectable dishes such as pasta, vegetables, sauce, and Jollof rice. Canola oil from Wesson can also be used to fry beef, chicken, fish, and gizzards. Canola oil is a source of a healthy fat that is essential to everyone’s diet and allows the natural flavor of your food to come to life for your family and friends to appreciate because there are no additional preservatives. It delivers the best nutritional balance for your meals. Because it allows the tastes of the herbs and spices to come through, vegetable oil is great for sautéing lean meat and fresh vegetables. This Wesson canola oil can be used in place of melted butter, margarine, or other cooking oils.


  • 100% Natural Canola Oil
  • Source of healthy fat (monounsaturated fat)
  • Light delicate taste
  • Allows spices and herbs to shine through
  • Perfect for sauteing fresh vegetables & lean meats


  • Product Line: nonso_29
  • Production Country: United States
  • Weight (kg): 4.73
Canola Oil price in Nigeria
Canola Oil price in Nigeria

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Kirkland Signature Canola Oil 2.84L – 2 Units

Kirkland Signature Canola Oil 2.84L – 2 Units costs between £14,000 and £15,500 in Nigeria. Pure Kirkland 100% Natural Canola Oil is the most versatile vegetable oil and has the highest nutritional balance of any commonly used cooking oil. It is also beneficial to your heart. Kirkland’s mild, delicate flavor makes it excellent for use in any recipe that calls for vegetable oil.

Canola Oil price in Nigeria

Wesson Pure & 100% Natural Canola Oil – 4.73L

In Nigeria, Wesson’s Pure & 100% Natural Canola Oil, available in 4.73L, is priced at #23,500. This oil, renowned among various cooking oil options, provides exceptional nutritional balance and versatility. Every dish is enhanced with its light, delicate flavor, turning it into a perfect culinary companion. This all-purpose oil is cholesterol-free, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is ideal for cooking a range of dishes like spaghetti, vegetables, sauce, and the popular Jollof rice. You can also use Wesson Canola oil for frying beef, chicken, fish, and gizzards. As it contains no added preservatives, this canola oil becomes a source of healthy fats essential for our diet and allows the true flavor of your meals to shine. It ensures the right nutritional balance in your meals. This vegetable oil is a top choice for sautéing lean meat and fresh vegetables as it allows the flavors of herbs and spices to be prominent. Wesson Canola oil can be an alternative to melted butter, margarine, or other cooking oils.

FAQs about the Canola Oil price in Nigeria

Common Queries Regarding Canola oil Cooking Oil Now that we’re familiar with the projected Canola Oil prices in Nigeria, let’s address some of the frequently asked questions.

Where Can I Buy Canola Oil Cooking Oil Online in Nigeria at Competitive Prices?

Are you seeking Canola oil cooking oil in Nigeria? Look no further than Jumia, where you can find Canola oil cooking oil at highly competitive prices.

Which Online Store is Best for Purchasing Canola Oil Cooking Oil in Nigeria?

Jumia Nigeria is the ideal platform to buy Canola oil cooking oil at reasonable prices from a global market range.

Can I Trust Jumia to Purchase Canola Oil Cooking Oil?

Jumia, an established e-commerce platform that has been serving for a long time, is indeed trustworthy. It ensures security with its HTTPS protocol and SSL certification. Our payment procedure is further safeguarded with advanced encryption techniques, thus providing comprehensive protection for our valued customers’ data and finances.”

What are the Specifications of Canola Oil


  2. Product Line: Bliss Concepts
  3. Production Country: United Kingdom
  4. Weight (kg): 5
  5. Color: Golden Yellow

Advantages of Canola Oil Promotes

Heart Health Offers similar health benefits as olive oil, but without overpowering flavors, ensuring your meal’s taste remains prominent. Provides monounsaturated fat, a type of beneficial fat that is essential in every diet. Due to its high unsaturated fat content, it helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Perfect for frying lean meats and fresh vegetables. Allows the flavors of herbs and spices to be more pronounced. Can serve as a substitute for melted butter, margarine, or shortening.

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In Conclusion: Canola Oil Pricing in Nigeria for 2023/2024

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that Canola Oil prices in Nigeria can vary across different states.”

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