Cold Room Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Cold Room Price in Nigeria ranges from N2,500,000 to N22,800,000. When we are talking about cold rooms, you know how vital they are, especially in our Naija climate where the sun can be scorching hot. If you’re into any business that requires storing goods at a particular temperature, be it frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, or even fresh produce, then you definitely understand the importance of a reliable cold room. Welcome to, your go-to platform for real, credible information on various products across Nigeria. Today, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of cold room prices in Nigeria. Stick around; this is one post you don’t want to miss!

First off, let’s get one thing clear: when we talk about the cost of a cold room in Nigeria, it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. There are several factors that play into the final amount you’ll cough up. From the size and type of the cold room to the brand and additional features it comes with, all these influence how much you’ll pay at the end of the day. We understand it can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with an extensive cold room price list that will guide you in making the best choice for your business or personal use.

Now, for those who are just starting or perhaps looking for something not too big, there’s always the option of a mini cold room. If you’ve found yourself wondering about the mini cold room price in Nigeria, you’re not alone. These smaller versions are perfect for businesses that are just kicking off or for personal use where you don’t need to store a whole warehouse of goods. The cost is also relatively more affordable compared to their larger counterparts, which is a win-win situation if you ask me.

So why is this topic so crucial? Well, investing in a cold room is not small change; it’s a serious financial commitment. Making the wrong choice can set you back a great deal, not just in terms of money but also the smooth running of your business. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the maze of options, ensuring that you get value for your hard-earned Naira.

There you have it, folks! Stay with us as we break down the costs, give you a comprehensive cold room price list, and even share some pro tips on how to get the best deals. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a newbie, this post aims to answer all your questions on cold room prices in Nigeria. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Cold Room Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

Cold Room Price List 2023-2024

Cold room prices in Nigeria ranges from N2,500,000 to N22,800,000. However, check out the price list of cold room in Nigeria below;

CATEGORY A:  10 Hours – Ice Block Machine Unit Prices

  • – 50 Blocks @ N 2, 500, 000 Generator Capacity: 12.5/15 KVA     Engine Capacity: 6HP
  • – 100 Blocks @ N 4, 800, 000 Generator Capacity: 20/25 KVA     Engine Capacity: 12HP
  • – 150 Blocks @ N 7, 200, 000 Generator Capacity: 27/30 KVA     Engine Capacity: 18HP
  • – 200 Blocks @ N 8, 900, 000 Generator Capacity: 45/47 KVA     Engine Capacity: 25HP
  • – 300 Blocks @ N 12, 800, 000 Generator Capacity: 60/65 KVA     Engine Capacity: 30HP
  • – 500 Blocks @ N 20, 800, 000 Generator Capacity: 100/120KVA     Engine Capacity: 50HP

CATEGORY B: 12-14 Hours – Ice Block Making Machine Unit Price Guide

  • – 50 Blocks @ N 2, 100, 000 Generator Capacity: 12.5 KVA     Engine Capacity: 5HP
  • – 100 Blocks @ N 3, 900, 000 Generator Capacity: 20KVA     Engine Capacity: 7.5HP
  • – 150 Blocks @ N 5, 600, 000 Generator Capacity: 27 KVA     Engine Capacity: 10HP
  • – 200 Blocks @ N 7, 200, 000 Generator Capacity: 40KVA     Engine Capacity: 15HP
  • – 300 Blocks @ N 10, 800, 000 Generator Capacity: 50 KVA     Engine Capacity: 20HP
  • – 500 Blocks @ N 17, 400, 000 Generator Capacity: 80KVA     Engine Capacity: 30HP

b. COMPACT/MULTIPURPOSE MODULE – Ice Block Making Machine Price Guide

1.100 Blocks in 8 Hours– N 10, 800, 00027/30KVA10/12 HP
2.150 Blocks in 8 Hours– N 18, 200, 00050KVA18/20HP
3.200 Blocks in 8 Hours– N 24, 800, 00080KVA30HP


1.8 * 8 * 8 ft Cold room– N4, 860, 00010KVA3 HP5 Tonnes 
2.10 * 8 * 8 ft Cold room– N5, 410, 00010KVA3.2 HP6 Tonnes 
3.16 * 8 * 8 ft Cold room– N7, 410, 00012.5 KVA4 HP10 Tonnes 
4.20 * 8 * 8 ft Cold room– N8, 360, 00012.5 KVA5.2 HP12 Tonnes
5.20 * 10 * 8 ft Cold room– N9, 400, 00015 KVA6.2 HP15 Tonnes
6.25 * 10 * 8 ft Cold room– N11, 020, 00020 KVA7.5 HP20 Tonnes
7.28 * 12 * 8 ft Cold room– N12, 630, 00025KVA10 HP25 Tonnes
8.20 * 20 * 8 ft Cold room– N15, 650, 00030KVA12.5 HP30 Tonnes
9.32 * 16 * 8 ft Cold room– N20, 200, 00040KVA15 HP40 tonnes
10.26 * 20 * 10 ft Cold room– N26, 400, 00040KVA15 HP50 Tonnes
11.35 * 20 * 10 ft Cold room– N36, 300, 00055KVA20 HP70 Tonnes
12.54 * 20 * 10 ft Cold room– N45, 700, 00080KVA30 HP100 Tonnes
13.64 * 20 * 12 ft Cold room– N54, 000, 000100KVA45 HP150 Tonnes
14.42 * 40 * 12 ft Cold room– N69, 400, 000150KVA60 HP200 Tonnes
15.80 * 40 * 16 ft Cold room– N115, 600, 000N/SDepends on Design500 Tonnes



1.5 * 5 * 5 ft Blast Freezer– N2, 400, 0005 HP12.5 KVA150kg
2.6 * 4 * 7 ft Blast Freezer– N4, 520, 0007.5 HP20 KVA300kg
3.7 * 7 * 7 ft Blast Freezer– N7, 400, 00010 HP27 KVA500kg
4.10 * 7 * 7 ft Blast Freezer– N9, 800, 00015 HP40 KVA700kg
5.15 * 8 * 8 ft Blast Freezer– N13, 500, 00020 HP50 KVA1000kg
6.20 * 8 * 8 ft Blast Freezer– N22, 800, 00030 HP80 KVA1500kg
Cold Room Price in Nigeria 2023-2024

FAQs on Cold Room Price in Nigeria

What Factors Affect the Cost of Cold Rooms in Nigeria?

Oh, there’s a lot to unpack there! Think of buying a cold room like buying a car. You got different sizes, brands, and features, right? Same thing here. A bigger cold room will set you back more. And if you’re going for top-tier brands with all the bells and whistles like advanced temperature control, be ready to dig deeper into your pocket.

Are Mini Cold Rooms Cheaper than Regular Cold Rooms?

You bet! Mini cold rooms are like the starter pack of the cold room world. They’re perfect for small businesses or even for home use. They don’t take up much space and won’t empty your wallet as much as a regular-sized one would. But don’t forget, you get what you pay for. Make sure it fits your needs before jumping in.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Cold Room Price List?

Look no further, you’re already here! At, we keep our lists up-to-date. Plus, we sprinkle in some reviews and tips to help you make the smart choice. We’ve done the homework, so you don’t have to stress about it.

Is It Cheaper to Build My Own Cold Room?

Ah, the DIY route! It might save you some cash upfront, but keep in mind, it’s not just about stacking blocks and installing a cooling unit. You’ll need to get the right materials, maybe hire some skilled hands, and you’ll need to know a thing or two about how cooling systems work. If that sounds like a headache, maybe just go for a ready-made one.

Do Cold Rooms Consume a Lot of Electricity?

Well, they’re not exactly energy sippers. Cold rooms can be power-hungry, especially the big ones. But good news: newer models are more energy-efficient. They might cost you more at first, but they can help you save on those pesky electricity bills over time.

What About Maintenance? Is It Expensive?

Ah, maintenance, the necessary evil. Basic stuff like cleaning you can do yourself, no big deal. But if something goes wrong with the cooling system or the electrics, you’ll probably have to call in the pros. So, yeah, it’s a good idea to keep some cash set aside for those rainy days.

Are Cold Rooms Only for Business Use?

Nope! While businesses are the big players, you can totally have a cold room for personal use. Maybe you’re really into farming, or you just love hosting big family gatherings. If you’ve got the space and you think you’ll use it, why not, right?

Wrapping Up Cold Room Price in Nigeria

And that is it we are done with cold room price in Nigeria, however, if you have any questions regarding this drop it in the comment section.

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