Palm oil Price in Nigeria [2023/2024 UPDATED]

Palm oil Price in Nigeria: You’re here because you’re interested in the price of palm oil in Nigeria, right? It is, indeed. This page will satisfy your search intent for the cost of Palm oil. However, you will not only learn how much Palm oil costs in Nigeria, but you will also be shown the best places to acquire Palm oil, the market price for Palm oil, specs, ingredients, benefits of Palm oil, and other related information regarding Palm oil costs in Nigeria. The Nigerian market is almost certainly saturated with palm oil products. This post will go over everything you need to know about the pricing of palm oil in Nigeria. So, to begin, let’s break down all of the information concerning Palm oil. If you’re looking for the price of 25 litres of palm oil in Nigeria, you’ll find it down below.

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Hello and welcome to our latest blog post! Today, we delve into a topic close to our hearts and our kitchens – palm oil, a quintessential component of Nigerian cuisine and an important economic staple.

In Nigeria, the vibrant red color of palm oil is not just a symbol of the rich flavors it brings to our meals but also a testament to its economic significance. Extracted from the fruit of the oil palms native to our beautiful country, palm oil has a central role in our cultural and culinary traditions and is a primary source of income for many of our countrymen.

However, palm oil prices can fluctuate, driven by factors ranging from seasonal variations, agricultural conditions, to market trends. This dynamic pricing can often make it challenging to plan your household budget or to decide when to invest in the palm oil business.

That’s where we come in. In this blog post, we aim to provide you with a detailed exploration of the current state of palm oil prices in Nigeria. We’ll be looking at why these prices change, what influences them, and how you can navigate these fluctuations effectively. Whether you’re a consumer trying to manage your kitchen expenses, a trader looking to maximize profit, or simply curious about the intricacies of this commodity market, this guide is for you.

So, come along on this journey as we delve into the fascinating world of palm oil pricing in Nigeria. Stay with us as we turn the spotlight on this red gold and its place in our economy and our lives. Let’s get started!

Now, let’s move to the real topic which is the Palm oil price in Nigeria.

What is the Palm oil price in Nigeria in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the price of palm oil varies widely depending on the quantity and quality. For instance, prices can range from as low as #1,000 to as high as #30,000. These figures are closely tied to the volume of oil you’re looking to purchase – the more liters you buy, the higher the price.

However, quantity is not the only factor at play. The quality of the palm oil is another essential element that affects its pricing. The higher the quality of the oil – which can be determined by factors like purity, freshness, and processing method – the more expensive it tends to be. As such, when you’re budgeting for or considering investing in palm oil, it’s crucial to keep both these factors – quantity and quality – in mind.

25 Liters Pure Palm Oil

The price if 25 Liters Pure Palm Oil in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 24,000 to #30,000.

Palm oil Price in Nigeria

4 Liters Pure Palm Oil

The price of 4 Liters Pure Palm Oil in Nigeria is #4,000.

Palm oil Price in Nigeria

20 Liters Pure Palm Oil

The price of 20 Liters Palm Oil in Nigeria is #23,000.

500 Milligram palm oil

The price of 500M palm oil is #700.

10 Liters of Palm oil

The cost of 10 Liters of Palm oil in Nigeria is #14,000.

Common Queries about Palm Oil in Nigeria

Now that we’ve given you a general idea about the prevailing prices of palm oil in Nigeria, let’s tackle some of the frequently raised questions around this essential cooking oil.

Where can I buy palm oil online in Nigeria at competitive prices?

For those wondering where to procure quality palm oil online, Konga offers a vast selection of palm cooking oil at competitive prices. Additionally, local markets in your region host numerous sellers showcasing their products.

What’s the best online store to purchase palm oil in Nigeria?

Look no further than Konga or JIJI Nigeria. These platforms offer a diverse range of cooking oils, including those derived from palm oil seeds, at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Can Konga be trusted for palm oil shopping?

Absolutely. Jumia, a similar platform to Konga, is a long-established and reputable e-commerce website. It utilizes HTTPS and SSL certification to ensure a secure shopping experience. Their payment process is protected with advanced encryption methods, safeguarding your personal data and finances.

What’s the current cost of 25 litres of palm oil in Nigeria?

Presently, the price for 25 litres of pure palm oil in Nigeria varies between ₦24,000 and #30,000.

What’s the latest palm oil price in Nigeria?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of palm oil in Nigeria ranges from #1,000 to #30,000. The pricing depends on the volume and quality of the oil.

Which Nigerian state is the biggest producer of palm oil?

Akwa Ibom takes the crown as the largest and most significant producer of palm oil in Nigeria.

Is palm oil a healthy choice?

Palm oil is abundant in healthy fats, specific vitamins, and antioxidants. However, due to environmental and human rights concerns tied to the industry, some people prefer to consume only responsibly-produced palm oil.

Is Nigeria among the leading palm oil-producing nations?

As of 2018, Nigeria, with over 2.3 million hectares under palm oil cultivation, ranked as the third-largest producer. Nigeria held the leading position until 1934, with both small and large-scale producers contributing to the sector.

Why does the price of palm oil dance around so much in Nigeria?

Well, it’s a bit like the weather, constantly changing! Prices can go up and down depending on a bunch of factors – think production costs, whether it’s the season for oil palm fruits, the balance between demand and supply, and even what’s happening in the global market.

Where’s the best place to grab some quality palm oil in Nigeria?

Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of local markets, the air-conditioned comfort of supermarkets, or the convenience of shopping from your couch online, there’s a vendor for you. Just remember to find a seller who’s as committed to quality and responsible sourcing as you are.

Does the quality of palm oil affect its price?

You hit the nail on the head! Quality doesn’t come cheap. The more pure and well-extracted the palm oil is, the richer its color, aroma, and taste, and yes, the higher the price tag.

Is palm oil more expensive in certain regions of Nigeria?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s all about location, location, location! Regions closer to oil palm plantations often have better deals than places where the oil needs to travel a country mile to reach.

Is the price of palm oil in Nigeria affected by the global market?

You bet! Even though we’re talking about local prices here, Nigeria isn’t an island (economically speaking). A surge in demand or a drop in production globally can send ripples all the way to the Nigerian market.

Does the price of palm oil affect local cuisine and food production?

I’m afraid so. Palm oil is like the secret sauce in many Nigerian recipes. When its price climbs, the cost of whipping up these delicacies, be it in our home kitchens or restaurant cookhouses, can also go up.

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In Conclusion: Palm Oil Pricing in Nigeria

Now that you have a clear understanding of the current palm oil pricing in Nigeria, it’s crucial to remember that prices can differ across various stores and regions.

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