Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria 2023/2024

Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria: If there’s one household appliance that’s an absolute necessity for managing the daily chore of laundry, it’s a washing machine. While there are numerous brands available in the market, one has been increasingly catching the eyes of discerning consumers — Qasa. Specifically, Qasa washing machines have been steadily carving a name for themselves in Nigeria, celebrated for their efficiency, durability, and more importantly, affordability.

In this blog post, we’ll go into the world of Qasa washing machines in Nigeria, exploring everything from the brand’s unique selling points, the different models available, and most significantly, the price range in the Nigerian market. Whether you’re a busy professional looking to save some time, a large family in need of an efficient laundry solution, or a first-time washing machine buyer, it’s important to understand what to expect from this important investment.

Stay with us as we take a deep dive into the world of Qasa washing machines. We’ll help you navigate this market segment, understand what Qasa has to offer, and most importantly, enable you to make an informed decision that’s sure to wash away all your laundry worries. Strap in, and let’s set this spin cycle in motion!

Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

This post will provide you with detailed information about the price of Qasa laundry machines in Nigeria. I’m sure you’ve arrived at this page because you want to know how much the Qasa washing Machine costs in Nigeria, the specifications of the Qasa washing Machine, and how much the latest Qasa washing Machine 2022/2023 costs in Nigeria. However, the current pricing of Qasa washing machines varies depending on where you live in Nigeria. There are numerous washing machines available in Nigeria, however this post will solely cover the Qasa washing machine price list. Other washing machines, such as the LG and Samsung, will be covered in a subsequent post. They will not be discussed on this page. We’ll instead focus on Qasa washing machine pricing in Nigeria. Nigerianprice will provide you with accurate and trustworthy information about this type of washing.

Moving on, as you are aware, laundry is one of those tedious household duties that you have no choice but to perform.

As a result, investing time in studying the best washing machine is important.

If you decide you want a washing machine, invest your money on a reputable manufacturer who creates machines with exceptional washing capabilities and the best care for your clothes.

Samsung Company, along with Haier thermocool, Hisense, and Scanfrost, is a terrific company to consider if you’re looking for an outstanding washing machine.

This essay will go through the Qasa washing Machine pricing in Nigeria in depth. You’ll learn more about the Qasa washing Machine price in Nigeria, the amount for the Qasa washing Machine price, and the characteristics, as well as other information.

Our research goes into great detail on the Qasa washing Machine pricing in Nigeria, especially if you’re looking for a bargain offer. But, before we get into the newest Qasa price in Nigeria, a quick recap is in order.

Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the price of a Qasa washing machine ranges from #70,000 to #200,000. There are numerous models of Qasa washing machines available, and you may choose between the lowest and maximum pricing. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the higher the price, the higher the machine’s quality.

The following Qasa washing machines in Nigeria are highlighted;

Qasa Washing Machine 5.5 Kg – G&W(single Tub)

The cost of Qasa Washing Machine 5.5 Kg – G&W(single Tub) in Nigeria ranges from #70,000 to ₦ 82,000.

Product information

Qasa is currently regarded as one of the appliance brands that is expanding at the quickest rate.
Having a diverse assortment is a fantastic concept given that customers have a variety of requirements and choose equipment according to their individual preferences. Qasa Appliances is giving its competitors a run for their money by rapidly emerging as one of the low cost manufacturers in the appliance industry with products that are not only low cost but also very durable. This gives Qasa a competitive advantage. In today’s world, appliances can be discovered in almost every home. They have evolved into the status of a prerequisite. Many individuals rely on these instruments in order to complete their tasks in the kitchen in the shortest amount of time feasible, with the fewest number of interruptions and as little effort as possible expended on the endeavor.


  • Pure copper motor
  • Rustless plastic body 
  • Over-load protection
  • Buzzer & timer
  • Capacity: 5.5 kg
  • Power Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria
Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

Qasa 8.2kg Semi-Automatic And 6kg Spin Double Tubs Washer

In Nigeria, the price of the Qasa 8.2kg Semi-Automatic And 6kg Spin Double Tubs Washer ranges from #90,000 to 139,999. You can effortlessly clean your laundry with the Qasa QWM-142DTBX double tub washing machine. This amazing washing machine features a stylish design and a capacity of 8.2 kg for washing and 6 kg for spinning and drying. Your clothing’s collar will be properly cared for with special features such as the collar scrubber.

This washing machine uses 3D jet pulsation to increase friction on the garment while also removing dust and mites. Because of its tiny size, it can easily fit into any home. A lint filter is also incorporated, which aids in the removal of residue and ensures that your clothes are cleaned more thoroughly. The transparent lids of this double tub washer allow you to observe the washing and spinning operations.


  • Washer type: Semi-Automatic
  • Rated washing power: 460W
  • Rated Spinning power: 180W
  • Washing capacity: 8.2 kg
  • Spinning capacity: 6 kg
  • Net weight: 21kg
  • Unit dimensions: 785 x 460 x 955mm
Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria
Qasa Washing Machine Price in Nigeria
  • Qasa Semi-Automatic 14.2( Washing8.2kg And Spinning 6kg) #110,000 to #150,000.
  • Qasa Double Tubs Washing Machine QWM–81DTBX-8.8KG #70,000 to ₦ 98,100.

Frequently Asked Customer Queries About Qasa washing machine price in Nigeria

Where can I find the best deals on a Qasa washing machine in Nigeria?

Are you trying to find a place to buy a Qasa washing machine? The most affordable Qasa washing machines can be found on Jumia.

Which Qasa washing machine model is the best?

Our analysis indicates that the best Qasa washer is the 16 kg Energy Saving Top Loader Twin Tub Washer. Try to remember that every Qasa washing machine is reliable.

How durable are Qasa washers typically?

If maintained properly, Qasa washing machines can last up to 10-15 years.

How much does a Qasa washing machine cost?

In Nigeria, a Qasa washing machine can cost anywhere between #70,000 and #200,000.

How reliable are Qasa washing machines?

We conducted a thorough research, and Qasa came out on top for both product and service quality in the American Customer Satisfaction Index rankings, making it one of the most trusted washer firms. You can also look at Nigeria’s Best Washing Machine and Price.

What is the best online store in Nigeria to buy Qasa washing machines?

Jumia Nigeria is the solution; there, you can easily get a Qasa washing machine on the global market for a very affordable price.

Is Jumia a Reputable Online Store to Purchase a Qasa Washing Machine?

Jumia is a reputable internet store that has been operating for a while. It is SSL-certified for security and uses HTTPS. Modern encryption techniques are used to fully secure the safety and security of our valuable client information and funds during the payment process. It is secure to purchase a Qasa washing machine on Jumia.

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Finalizing the cost of the Qasa washing machine in Nigeria?

You should be aware that the cost of a Qasa washing machine in Nigeria can vary slightly depending on the state or retailer.

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